10 volume developer to lighten hair

10 Volume Developer To Lighten Hair

Generally, 10 volume developer is often used to deposit hair dye, not to lighten the color of the hair to a lighter shade. Because it contains just 3 percent peroxide, a 10 volume developer simply does not have the strength to significantly lighten hair color in a single session, especially when used in combination without bleach. This article is about a 10 volume developer to lighten the hair.

People have claimed success using a 10 volume developer, or a bottle of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, every day for a week or more to get a 1-2 shades lighter color. Use a 10 volume developer if you’re using a hair dye that is the same level as your present color or darker. 

Overall, it is a safe product to use, particularly on fine or quickly lifting hair at the roots, although it is not very effective.

10 Volume Developer with Permanent Color

The use of 10 volumes will somewhat open the cuticle and allow for modest penetration of color molecules. 10 volume is similar to 5 volume in that it may be used with permanent color lines for depositing color, although it will not provide as much grey coverage or lift.

10 volume developer to lighten hair
10 volume developer to lighten hair (Image Source: Pinterest)

What Is A Developer?

Hair Developer is a hydrogen peroxide-based hair dye and bleach lifting agent that is used to lift hair dye and bleach. The developer’s role is critical because It opens up the cuticle, the outermost layer of the hair, allowing the chemicals in hair color or bleach to enter deeply into the hair to oxidize.

How Does a Developer Work?

Bleach powder will not lighten the color of your hair if it is not mixed with the developer. But what about using a developer instead of bleach to lighten hair? Using just developer and no bleach, you may lighten your hair as long as it has the appropriate strength and volume. This is because the developer includes hydrogen peroxide, and peroxide oxidizes the melanin pigments already present in the hair, resulting in a lighter shade of hair color.

If you’ve ever used a color removal product on your hair and noticed that the hair below was a bit lighter than your natural color, it was likely due to the subtle lightening (oxidizing) effects of the hydrogen peroxide in the color remover.

volume developer
Volume developer (Image Source: Pinterest)

Which Volume Of Developer Lightens Hair?

If you want to lighten your hair without using bleach, you’ll need to know what developer volume to use and how much to use. The most often used developer volumes are 10, 20, 30, and 40. However, using either a 20 or a 30 volume developer to lighten your hair will give you the most effective results.

The developer is available in a variety of strengths and volumes, which indicates the amount of hydrogen peroxide they contain. Stylists will determine the developer volume you’ll need for traditional hair dye and bleach applications depending on the dye or bleach being used, your intended result, and your hair type.

  • 10 volume equals 3% peroxide
  • 20 volume equals 6% peroxide
  • 30 volume equals 9% peroxide
  • 40 volume equals 12% peroxide

Will a 10-Volume Developer Lighten Hair by Itself?

Yes, a 10-volume developer to lighten hair by half a tone. To create minor color changes to one’s hair, a 10-volume developer is used. This is referred to as “illumination” by colorists.

Does 10 Volume Developer Damage Hair?

A 10-volume developer is not powerful enough to open the hair cuticle; instead, it merely weakens it enough to lighten your hair by one-half tone, giving it a naturally lightened appearance. It does not cause major hair damage, in contrast to bleach, which may do so.

When to Use 10 Volume Developer?

The 10 volume developer contains a standard amount of oxidizing agent for permanent, no-lift hair color. It is intended for usage when you wish to add a color tone or tint to hair that is the same lightness level as the rest of your hair. 10 volume developer on black hair or 10 volume developer on dark brown hair will not work.

10 volume developer
10 Volume Developer (Image Source: Pinterest)

4 Pros and Cons of Lightening Hair With Developer

Now that you understand how a developer works, let’s speak about the pros and cons of using just a developer to lighten hair color.


Here are some of the reasons why you may want to consider using a developer instead of bleach to lighten your hair.

Less damaging to hair: 

Using a developer with a 10 or 20 volume will do less damage to your hair than if you use a higher-volume developer. Lower-volume developers do not open the cuticle layer as much as higher-volume developers, limiting the amount of damage to the hair strands.

Get 1-2 Levels of Lift: 

If you want to create a lighter hair color, using a developer will help you in achieving 1-2 levels of lift in your hair. So, if you’re already a dark blonde, the developer alone might transform you from a dark blonde (level 6) to medium (level 7) or light blonde (level 8).

Noticeable Results:

Lifting your hair color with the developer is a safer option if you’ve ever disliked making a big change to your hair color. The color you get could be one or two shades lighter than the color you already have. As a result, it is noticeable but not significantly different.

Works Fastly:

If you’re using a volume developer of 20 to 30 volume, you’ll be able to get lighter results in 20 to 30 minutes. Avoid leaving the developer on your hair for a long period of time since this may cause significant damage to your hair, scalp, and skin.


This article will discuss the many issues that may occur while using developers to lighten your hair color.

Serious damages are possible:

If you don’t clearly understand the chemistry involved in lightening hair color, you run the risk of causing permanent damage to your hair, scalp, and skin. In the best-case scenario, developer damage results in hair that is prone to breakage feeling rough, porous, frizzy, and dry. The worst-case situation is that you’ll get chemical burns on your skin and scalp. Before you use this method, be sure you are aware of the problems.

The results are permanent: 

Because the peroxide in the developer oxidizes the natural melanin pigments in the hair, the color of the hair will be permanently altered as a result of the developer. As a result, the hair will remain the color that a developer has raised it to until you cut it, bleach it, or color it over it again. If you don’t like the results, the fact that they are permanent is a major downside.

Only get 1-2 levels of lift: 

The developer will not work if you have dark hair and want to get blonde. When using a developer without bleach to lighten your hair, you can only achieve a lift of up to two levels in a safe manner. Many people find that 1-2 levels are insufficient for achieving the results they want.

Timing is Important: 

If you lose track of time when the developer is resting on your hair, you’re going to do some serious damage. Experts suggest that you should not leave the developer on your hair for more than 30 minutes, although 20 minutes is a safer period to wash it off.

How to Lighten Hair With 10 Volume Developer

apply 10 volume developer to lighten hair
Apply developer to lighten hair (Image Source: Pinterest)

We’ve included detailed, step-by-step directions to do 10 volume developer to lighten the hair. If you want to lighten your hair just by using a developer (i.e., without the use of bleach), you must first locate a creme developer. Creme developers have a consistency that is similar to that of conditioner or lotion. This makes it simple to apply the developer simply to the hair, rather than having to deal with messy liquid developers. Make sure your hair is clean and dry before you start.


  • Bottle of creme developer (10 volume)
  • Mixing bowl
  • Dye brush 
  • Hair clips
Requirements (Image Source: Pinterest)

Directions To Use:

So first, divide your hair into 4 or 5 equal portions using hair clips and pin them in place. This will ensure that you are able to cover all of the hair evenly and that no areas are left out. Next, put enough developer into the bowl to completely cover your head. Start by dipping your dye brush into the developer and applying it almost 2 inches down from the roots. 

A natural, low-maintenance shadow root effect can be achieved by using this method. To use the brush, apply the developer equally to every area of your hair that you need to lighten. Make sure that each part is completely saturated but that you don’t leave a lot of extra developer on your hair. Once you’ve finished applying the product, cover your hair with a shower cap.

How long does to leave a 10 volume developer on hair? Leave it for 20 to 30 minutes. Check the condition of the hair to see how it is going. After that, wash out the remaining developer and follow with shampoo and conditioner. 

If it isn’t quite ready yet, you may wait up to an additional 10 minutes. Make certain that you properly rinse it off. Then dry your hair and see the final result; it should be 1-2 shades lighter than the original hue, depending on the volume of developer you used.