20 volume developer to lighten hair

20 Volume Developer To Lighten Hair

Can a 20 volume developer lighten hair by itself? You can! The developer actually has some type of lightning effect, and hence you can brighten your hair with it. 20 Volume developers can lighten your hair in one shade. If you wish to go more than one shade lighter, you should mix the bleaching with 20 volume developers before applying it.

Using a 20 volume developer to lighten hair is an excellent choice for ladies who have damaged hair and wish to gradually lighten it in a method that is safe for their hair. In this tutorial, we will give info about 20 volume developer to lighten hair.

What is a 20 volume developer?

The 20 volume developer opens the cuticle of the hair, allowing the hair to be lifted by one to two levels due to the opening. 20 volume developer to lighten hair by four shades and is particularly excellent for blondes, especially those with a high lift color.

20 volume developer lighten hair
20 volume developer to lighten hair (Image Source: Pinterest)

Will 20 Volume Developers Lighten Hair Without Bleach?

The most simple answer to this question is exactly what you read in the section above. Yes, it is possible to lighten your hair using a developer. You may be surprised to learn that the developer is made up of various amounts of hydrogen peroxide. This is the chemical that will cause your hair to “bleach.”

However, there are a few things about developers that you should be aware of. It’s not that simple to use to lighten your hair. The developer must be applied with heat and must be wet in the hair for a period of time. As you would imagine, using heat while working to keep something wet is quite difficult to do.

I believe it is more accurate to suggest that although you can use a 20 volume developer to lighten hair, you should definitely avoid doing that. To get the best results, you’ll need a lot of heat and wetness over a long period of time. This method might result in a brassy color and make your hair feel like straw when it has been completed. However, if you are determined to give it a go, here is an advice:

  • Condition your hair in the way of a mad person! The moisture in your hair will be depleted as a result of the heating element that you will be using for a long period of time. The use of deep conditioning masks before the treatment might help you in keeping your hair in good condition.
will 20 volume developer lighten hair
Will 20 volume developer lighten hair (Image Source: Pinterest)

What happens if you only put the developer in your hair?

Only a developer can be used to lighten your hair, which is entirely acceptable. Additionally, it has the potential to be less harmful to your hair than combining developer and bleach together. However, it should be warned that using a developer alone will not be as powerful as combining it with bleach, and the color result may be disappointing.

If you use a 20 volume developer to lighten hair, the color will lighten by a shade or two. However, only if you maintain the developer moist and apply heat to it during the process will it work. As you can see from the above section, this is a complicated procedure that is not always easy.

How much does 20 Volume lighten your hair?

You already know that 20 volume developers lighten hair by a shade, as we talked about it. The question is, what about the other volumes of the developer? This depends on the volume developer you use; if you use a 10 volume developer, your hair will have less of a lightning impact. If you increase the number of developers, your hair will lighten more.

It entirely depends on the quantity of peroxide included in the developer. The more volume you have, the more light it will do to your hair. Although peroxide alone can lighten your hair, it is not as efficient as a combination of peroxide and bleaching your hair.

Because peroxide is acidic, it does not cause the hair to swell. As a result, all of the commercial hair lighteners available for purchase include alkaline peroxide. By combining alkaline hair color with peroxide, the oxidation process is triggered, which results in your hair being lighter in a more efficient manner than before.

Can you use 20 volume developers on black hair or 20 volume developer on dark brown hair?

No, for dark brown and black hair colors, always use 30 or 40 volume developers.

20 volume lighten your hair
20 Volume lighten your hair (Image Source: Pinterest)

What Is A Volume Developer?

Developers are activators. And they’re named that because hair dye will have no impact on your hair if you don’t use a developer to apply it to it. It helps in the penetration of the hair dye into the hair shaft, allowing the hair coloring to become permanent.

The cuticle layer of your hair will be lifted by the hydrogen peroxide developer, and then, depending on the intensity of the developer you apply (10, 20, 30, 40), the cuticle layer will be lifted more or less.

volume developers
Volume Developers (Image Source: Pinterest)

As I said previously in this post, the numbers that appear after the term developer indicate something about the developer’s strength. Here’s a quick recap of the overview:

20 volume equals 6 percent peroxide

30 volume equals 9 percent peroxide

40 volume equals 12 percent peroxide

How do you use Volume Developer?

The level of developer you need to get is determined by the kind of results you want to achieve. Here’s a high-level overview to make it easier for you. You’ll be able to see precisely when you’ll need what.

10 volume developer

When applying permanent, no-lift hair color to your hair, you can use a 10 volume developer. Because it will not significantly lift your base hair color, you should only use it when you wish to add a tone or tint to your hair.

20 volume developer

You can use this developer strength when you wish to elevate your hair one to two levels in terms of hair color intensity. One thing to keep in mind is that if you have 50 percent or more grey hair, you should use a 20 volume developer to lighten hair to ensure that the grey hairs are completely covered with permanent hair color. If you really want to bleach your hair from its natural blonde color to something a bit more, you may also use a 20 volume developer to lighten hair.

30 volume developer

When you wish to color your hair, you can use this level of development and let it lighten it upto two to three shades. It is possible to embed more pigment into the hair when using a developer with 30 volumes.

Using a 30 volume developer is the best option if you have healthy hair and want a lighter and long-lasting hair color that will not fade.

40 volume developer

When you want to add highlights to your hair without bleaching it, you should use a volume of 40. It will increase the color of your hair by four shades. A 40 volume developer is recommended if you want to bleach your black or dark brown hair while still maintaining the color’s natural shine.

You must remember that this 40 volume developer is the one that does the most damage to your hair; therefore you must take extra precautions to protect your freshly bleached hair!

How long can you leave 20 developers on your hair?

If you are using a 20 volume developer in your hair, you can leave it in for around 20 to 30 minutes. Using a 20 volume developer with hair color, a lightener, or a bleaching agent is the same as doing so with a bleaching agent. The developer just needs 20 to 30 minutes to complete its work.

If you’re going to follow the “only developer” route, as I like to refer to it, you should probably be aware of how long you can keep 20 volume developers in the hair (here for example, the 20 volume).

Can you use the developer to remove hair color?

Yes, it is possible! However, it is not in the way that you could expect. If you dip your hair in a developer and assume that all of the colors have been removed from your hair (or was I the only one who thought this for a short moment?), you are mistaken.

To remove hair color, you will need:

  • Mixing bowl
  • Gloves
  • The demi-permanent dye in clear
  • 20 volume creme developer
requirements for removing hair color
Requirements for removing hair color (Image Source: Pinterest)

How To Remove Hair Color With Developer

remove hair color
Remove hair color (Image Source: Pinterest)

Here’s how to use a developer to remove hair color from your hair. This technique is most effective for removing permanent hair coloring (unnatural shades such as blue, purple, pink, and so on). Actually, it is pretty simple:

Follow the directions on the package of hair color that you get when you purchase it (so, mix everything together). After rinsing it out of your hair, condition your hair with a deep conditioner. Your hair could seem slightly lighter as a result of the developer that was applied. Keep a watch out for any bleaching effects.

Benefits of Hair Developer


Hair dye is activated when it has been mixed with the hair developer.


The color that has been combined with the cream developer is thicker and will remain in place longer without the risk of dripping. In addition, the developer helps to provide consistent coverage.

Color Delivery

The developer deposits color by raising the cuticle layers only enough to allow the color pigment to slip within the layers.

Color Removal

The developer opens the cuticle layer overlap enough to allow for the removal of natural color pigment from the hair.

Better color

The final color shades will be more intense and long-lasting as a result of the process.


  • To avoid blowing the cuticle, we recommend using a lower-volume peroxide and working with patience and little controlled heat rather than a greater peroxide and trying to proceed fast. A slow lift is always preferable to a high lift.
  • Do not mix the color formula until you are ready to use it. To achieve greater color penetration, apply the tint mixture as soon as it is prepared. This combination is only active for 60 minutes after being mixed.
  • Remember to keep in mind! Always use a developer that is specifically designed for the hair color you are mixing.
  • Due to the high frequency of application, the hair shaft causes significant damage. During and after dyeing, don’t forget to apply plex care (such as Olaplex, Fibreplex, or Smartbond).

While it is possible to use a 20 volume developer to lighten hair, I am not sure if this is a very effective way. My colleagues and I had a little argument over this, but I believe that it is preferable to go through the whole process of lightening your hair rather than “half-ass” it.

The developer is intended to be used in combination with other products (In the section above, I explain how to determine which volume of a developer to use when). Absolutely, it is possible to get results with it, and if the outcomes you want are comparable with what I have outlined in this article, you should go.

For those of you who want to color or lighten your hair and want to do it in a method that you are certain will provide long-lasting and satisfactory results, I recommend that you either use a developer in the regular hair dye mix (or bleaching mix) or go to a professional hairdresser who can do it for you. Although a 20 volume developer to lighten hair is possible, it is only suggested for those who wish to lighten their hair quickly and in just one shade.