30 volume developer to lighten hair

does 30 volume developer lighten hair?

Do you wish you had lighter hair desperately? Are you someone who enjoys using bleaches or dyes on their hair but does not want to spend the money to go to a high-priced hair product store? The use of a 30 volume developer will allow you to easily lighten your hair at home without spending a lot of money. 

As a professional, the only thing I can suggest is that you avoid playing with your hair. Despite the fact that the phrase “it will grow” is constantly in trend, I can assure you that I have seen ladies on the brink of tears and even having a panic attack after having dyed their hair according to their own needs without consultation of any professional.

Even while your hair will eventually grow back following the impacts of bad bleaching treatment, you will have to deal with the damages for the rest of your life. Dry hair, hair loss, burning on the scalp, split ends, and other unpleasant side effects of improper bleaching are only a few of the terrible results of improper bleaching.

However, I am well sure that, despite the fact that I am saying this, my advice will be ignored by many, much as when moms spend hours and hours talking about how things should be done, but in the end, their children do whatever they want.

30 volume developer to lighten hair
30 Volume Developer (Image Source: Pinterest)

What is a 30 Volume Developer?

To lighten your hair, you will most likely need to buy a hair developer. Hair developers are often available in cream or liquid form, and they are used to bleach, color, or lighten the hair. The ingredient of the hair developer is hydrogen peroxide, which works to open the cuticles of your hair. 

The chemicals will therefore have a greater ability to enter osmotic hair more effectively. When looking for a hair developer, you can note that they are available in four different levels of intensity. Each level grows in increments of ten; thus, there are options for 10 volume, 20 volume, 30 volume, and 40 volume. 

If you wish to lighten your hair with a developer but have darker hair, professionals advise the 30 volume and 40 volume formulas. On lighter hair colors, ten and twenty-volume products are commonly used. In this article, we will also discuss the steps to apply hair color.

30 volume developer
30 Volume developer (Image Source: Pinterest)

Steps to lighten hair

Before you begin, you should be aware of the techniques for lightening hair without bleach. Can a 30 volume developer lighten hair by itself? 30 volume developer has a high concentration of harsh chemicals and should normally only be used on hair that is very dark in color. If you want to use a 30 volume developer, applying a deep conditioner to your hair the day before is highly recommended.

applying 30 volume developer
Applying 30 Volume Developer (Image Source: Pinterest)

As a result, you will be less likely to cause damage to your hair, which may occur when you use powerful developers. Always remember to use gloves to keep your skin safe when doing this process.


Prepare the mixture by combining the bleach powder with the 30 volume developer in a bowl and mixing it. The ratio can be anything from 1:1 to 1:2 to 1:3 or anything in between. A 1:1 ratio creates a combination that is thick and ideal for lightening your hair. The other alternatives are more liquid and simpler to apply to the hair.


After that, you’ll need to divide your hair into two sections. Separate your hair into hair tip and hair root portions using hair clips.


With the help of a brush, the mixture of bleach powder and 30 volume developer apply to the tips of your hair. After you’ve covered the tip of your hair, move up the segment to the root of the hair. Continue this procedure until all of the desired hair has been covered.


For the mixture to properly activate, it must be allowed to sit in your hair for some time. Take a thick towel and wrap it over your head. How long to leave 30 volume developers on roots? Waiting anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on how darker your hair is.


After the allowed period is up, wash your hair with warm water. When washing your hair, you can use a mild shampoo to clean the products from your hair more completely if you want. After you have completed this step, use a hair toner to hydrate and strengthen your hair.

Warning: When dealing with hair chemicals, gloves should always be used. Try to avoid brushing the developer and bleach mixture over your scalp, as this may cause skin irritation, burning, and discoloration.

30 Volume Developer Lighten Black And Dark Hair? 

One of the greatest options for lightening dark hair is a 30 volume developer, which is a stronger developer. If you use a developer with a volume of more than 40, there is a higher probability that your hair will be damaged.

However, despite the fact that 10 volume developers and 20 volume developers are both excellent products, they will simply not do the job when coloring black or dark hair.

The fact that if your hair is not naturally dark (or has been dyed black) should be noted is that it may take more than one run through this procedure to acquire the results you want. If, on the other hand, you have naturally black hair, the outcome will be stunning. 30 volume developers will lighten your hair by up to four shades in only one application.

30 volume developer before and after
30 volume developer before and after (Image Source: Pinterest)

How to Choose a Volume Developer?

To get the color you choose, it is critical to use a suitable developer for your intended results. The developer’s force/concentration is given as a percentage (percentage) or as units of volume (Vol.). The greater the number, the stronger the developer is and, as a result, the greater the amount of lightning achieved.

how to choose a volume developer
How to Choose a Volume Developer (Image Source: Pinterest)

By Color Type

  • Temporary colors are mixed with weaker developers (3 Vol to 20 Vol) or no developers to create temporary colors. 
  • Permanent colors – these colors are used with moderate developers, usually between 20 to 30 Volumes.
  • Lighteners – it is required to use stronger developers in conjunction with the bleaching powders. Usually between 30 to 40 volumes.

By Degree of Lightening/Darkening

The developer concentration should be chosen according to how distinct you want your hair to be lightened. In most cases, each 3 percent of developers results in a 1-degree lightning effect. Use the 3 percent developer if you want to maintain your level of color.

10 volume developer (3% peroxide)

  • Hair is darkened by one level.
  • Adds a shade or tint to hair that is the same lightness as the rest of the hair.

20 volume developer (6% peroxide)

  • Provides a lift of 1-2 levels.
  • The most common driving force among developers. It is often used in combination with both temporary color and permanent dye.
  • Also good for covering hair that is completely white.

30 volume developer (9% peroxide)

  • Lightens up to three levels.
  • Used for coloring and lightening hair. It is good for dyeing grey hair.
  • It is most often used in combination with permanent color and lightning cream or powder.

40 volume developer (12% peroxide)

  • This product is ideal for achieving a very platinum blonde color.
  • It should be used in combination with a lightening cream or powder.
  • A risk exists in the form of hair burns. At home, you should never utilize a developer with a 40 volume.

By Hair Type

The type of hair you have might also have an impact on the color result. Dyed hair has a variety of reactions depending on the type of hair. For example, fine hair is easily lightened, and color penetrates the hair fiber more quickly. While thicker hair may be more resistant to damage during the coloring process. Keep in mind the following guides:

Fine hair

  • This hair can easily be transformed into a brighter or deeper shade.
  • When dyeing your hair a deeper hue, it may be darker than necessary. Opt for a lighter shade of hair dye.
  • You are allowed to use a lower volume developer than that recommended.

Normal hair

  • The color reaction in this hair is normal.
  • Make use of the developer’s recommended volume.

Thick hair

  • This kind of hair is more difficult to lighten and darken.
  • When dyeing your hair to a deeper shade, the final color may seem somewhat lighter.
  • You have the option of using a higher volume developer than what is suggested.
  • Gray and white hair, in particular, is very resistant.

By Hair Quality

The quality of the hair might also impact the result of the coloring process. It’s also fairly common for us to have various types of hair on our heads (e.g., normal hair with dry and split ends).

Porous hair

  • Porous hair is quickly brightened and absorbs the color extremely well. However, the color fades soon.
  • It is possible to lighten the color by using a smaller volume developer or a shorter dyeing processing time.
  • Darkening: You may use a greater volume developer to assure that color pigments are penetrated more deeply.
  • Apply the color to the ends of your hair during the final 5-15 minutes.

Healthy hair

  • The hair’s coloring reaction is normal. Color is extremely well absorbed.
  • To use this product, follow the directions on the package.