alternative to foil for highlights

2 Alternatives To Foil For Highlights

We are here to give ideas about alternatives to foil for highlights to make your life easy. A beautiful head of hair may boost your confidence and make you feel ready to take on any challenge. Aluminum hair foils are one of the best options for dyeing or highlighting procedures.

But, if you don’t have aluminum foil, then some alternatives are available as you can use paper not foil, or plastic wraps as an alternative to foil for hair highlights.

What is paper not foil? Paper Not Foil is an entirely eco-friendly alternative to foil. Paper Not Foil is manufactured from construction waste (calcium carbonate) and degradable food resin. It is fully biodegradable, turning to dust when you throw it away, causing no harm to the environment.

Use Paper Not Foil As An Alternative To Foil For Highlights

Paper Not Foil has no negative impact on the environment, air, animals, or humans from manufacturing to disposal. It is available in two sizes: a sizeable pre-cut size (13cm wide by 40cm long) and a mini pre-cut size (10cm wide by 40cm long) that may be cut to any length or shape.

How To Use Paper Not Foil

Why Do We Use Paper Not Foil?

The benefits of using paper not foil, as an alternative to foil for highlights, are listed below.

  • Paper not foil reusable, biodegradable, and recyclable.
  • It is easy to use and reasonable, which enhances client comfort.

Use Plastic Wrap As An Aluminum Foil Alternative

Alternatives To Foil For Highlights
Alternatives To Foil For Highlights (Image Source: Pinterest)

Plastic wrap works similarly to aluminum foil. However, an essential feature of plastic wrap is that it lets you cover as much of your hair as possible, making it ideal for dramatic color changes.

Why Do You Use Plastic Wrap?

The following are the main reasons to use plastic wrap as an alternative to foil for highlights.

  • It gives more natural results because more excellent scalp coverage is achieved with plastic wrap.
  • It’s easier to deliver heat with a hairdryer if necessary.
  • It is more reasonable than aluminum foil because of less product wastage during the process.

3 Hair Dye Techniques

If you don’t have any of these like aluminum foil, paper not foil, or plastic wraps, you can dye your hair with the three techniques mentioned below like a pro at home.

Balayage No Foil Technique

Balayage is a hair treatment in which dyes are directly applied to the hair without foils. In other words, balayage is no foil technique to give a modern look to your hair. You may take the idea of doing Balayage your hair at home through the video tutorial.


Ombre Or Dip Dye Technique

Ombre or dip dye is another technique in which a lightener is applied lower down the hair for a two-tone look. If you are interested in giving an ombre look to your hair, watch the tutorial on how you can do ombre dye at home.

Root Touch-Ups

In root touch-ups, procedure dye is only applied to the root to hide the regrowth of the hair. Watch the video tutorial on how you can give root touch-ups at home.

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