are naturally curly eyelashes rare

Why Are My Eyelashes Curling Up?

Nothing else quite resembles the effect so much as it does curl lashes. If you haven’t yet mastered this aspect of beauty, you may wish to invest in an eyelash curler. Do the curlers make a difference? Please share your thoughts. That’s it exactly! You just need to learn the proper approach to employ one.

However, if you’ve never used an eye curler before, you may be uncertain how it will fit into your regular makeup routine. The good news is that curling your eyelashes doesn’t require effort. Find out in the upcoming sections how to better your eye-making regimen and learn how to curl your eyelashes.

It’s like comparing eyelash curlers to cilantro (stay with us!). The world is divided into two distinct communities. Those who are fond of eyelash curlers and the haters. We’d like to think that the latter group is in the dark about something important since they’ve either watched too many laugh curls on YouTube or are just plain ignorant of lava curlers, of which we are huge admirers. If they knew how to curl their eyelashes, we know they were swapping sides as soon as possible.

Are Naturally Curly Eyelashes Rare?

Why do some people have long eyelashes and others don’t? Do you ever ponder whether or not long eyelashes are a result of genetics? Genetics does seem to play a role. How? Here, you’ll learn some fascinating information about the hereditary factors that affect the length of your eyelashes.

Although everyone has their view on what does and does not qualify as long eyelashes, there is a standard length that is universally agreed upon. Eyelash trichomegaly is a common condition in which a person has abnormally long eyelashes, measuring 12 mm in length. That’s why it’s the ideal starting point. Lets’ begin; what’s Tricomegaly;

What Is Eyelash Trichomegaly?

Eyelashes that are more than 8mm long from the outside and 12mm long in the middle are considered to have trichomegaly. Eyelash trichomegaly has many potential reasons, including the environment and heredity.

Congenital Trichomegaly

The term “congenital trichomegaly” refers to the condition in which an individual is born with abnormally long eyelashes due to a genetic or developmental disorder.

Why are my eyelashes curling up? Cornelia de Lange syndrome and Oliver-McFarlane syndrome are two conditions that cause abnormally long eyelashes. However, having lengthy eyelashes is not necessarily indicative of having any of these disorders. In addition to lengthy eyelashes, they exhibit several additional symptoms.

It’s unusual to have very long eyelashes but no other symptoms. But it does happen!

What About Familial Trichomegaly?

Very rarely, extremely long eyelashes occur as a hereditary feature shared by members of the same family. The history of long eyelashes is a topic of great interest to scientists, as it is to many of us who are reading this.

The researchers collected DNA from persons with trichomegaly eyelashes and compared it to their relatives who had shorter eyelashes to better understand the underlying causes.

So, what did the researchers find out? Long-lashed persons carried variants of the FGF5 gene.

So, How Does The FGF5 Gene Play A Role In Eyelash Growth?

A growth factor produces the protein that prevents excessive hair growth called fibroblast growth factor 5, or FGF5. Be careful not to confuse the protein with the gene, as they share the same name. Do you ever feel that science is just too complicated?

The longer hair, especially the eyelashes, is considered to result from the inability of the mutant gene to make the protein.


Each of us has inherited two separate copies of the gene from our parents. Both copies are involved in the protein synthesis process in most cases. But what happens if both gene copies are broken or mutated (faulty)? What we have here is a condition known as trichomegaly.

But what if two FGF5 genes exist, one normal and one mutated? At least one normal gene must work properly to prevent abnormal hair development. Because two copies of the mutant gene are required for the body to produce long eyelashes, this is considered a recessive characteristic.

Is It Possible To Inherit FGF5 Gene From Both Parents?

It is thought to be extremely rare for a person to inherit a mutant copy of the FGF5 gene from both parents, which is the only way two mutations can be acquired.

How Drugs Cause Trichomegaly?

We said before that trichomegaly could be inherited or brought on by medication to refresh your memory. Now, the question becomes what drugs trigger trichome-rich eyelashes. Latanoprost drug is prescribed for patients with glaucoma; one of its side effects is trichomegaly.

Glaucoma is a dangerous condition that affects the eye’s optic nerve, destroying it through increasing pressure, also known as intraocular pressure. Since the optic nerve transmits visual information from the eye to the brain, glaucoma’s progression leads to impaired vision.

Latanoprost is used to treat glaucoma but also activates cells in hair follicles, lengthening their growth cycle and producing longer lashes. Erlotinib, a medication used to treat lung cancer, appears to produce eyelash trichomegaly via stimulating hair follicles.

Are naturally curly eyelashes rare? Therefore, you are now informed. Suppose someone has unusually long eyelashes that aren’t fakes. In that case, it could be due to a medical problem, a medication they’re taking, or even the fact that their parents also had long eyelashes.

Is It Bad To Curl Your Eyelashes Every Day?

Curled, thick, and beautifully styled eyelashes can attract your eyes. Really, who wouldn’t want that? Although many of us would love to have your flawless curls, it takes a bit of practice and practiced talent to get there. Whether or not it is bad to curl your eyelashes every day is a question many individuals ask themselves.

Does curling your eyelashes make them fall out? It’s not a good idea to curl your eyelashes daily. Eyelashes are extremely delicate, and using the incorrect technique or having dried mascara on your curler can damage and cause them to fall out, as has been proven by numerous scientific studies.

Eyelash curlers can be harmful to your eyelashes. However, this depends on several factors. They only become a hazard if misused or overused, leading to injuries or premature breakdown and disposal. Proper care and maintenance are required to stop lashes from tugging, sticking, and breaking. Modern eyelash curlers are reliable enough to use daily.

Expertise is available, and many women have done this for years with meticulous care, but those new to the method should proceed cautiously.

Curling your eyelashes at the ideal angle for a flawless finish is a challenging beauty task. That’s why it’s important to keep your eyelashes from curling daily.

Moreover, females typically employ ineffective curling tools. There’s also the fact that doing so can put undue stress on your hair follicles, which is a major issue. Whenever this occurs, they usually shatter and fall off.

How To Straighten Eyelashes Without An Eyelash Curler?

Curling your eyelashes with an eyelash curler can cause them to break or become brittle, so that you may be ready for an alternative. Fortunately, a fancy tool isn’t required to achieve a lasting curl that makes your eyes stand out. You can curl your eyelashes with a spoon, mascara, or aloe vera gel for a natural alternative. Applying heat to the curl in any of these ways makes it last longer.

Method #1 (By Using Spoon)

  • Make sure you’re using a normal-sized teaspoon rather than a huge one. It should rest comfortably over your eye, with the spoon’s curve matching your eyelid’s shape.
  • How do I curl my eyelashes? A better curl can be achieved by warming the metal and transferring heat to your eyelash strands. Your eyelashes will look like they were curled with an actual curling iron. Clean and dry the spoon after heating it.
  • Set the spoon flat against your lid and give it a gentle push. The spoon’s bowl should be pointing outward, with the bottom of the spoon on your eyelid. Place the spoon, so the edge is parallel to your top lash line.
  • Put the lashes into the bowl by pressing them with your fingertip over the rim of the spoon. Keep the lashes pressed to the warm spoon for 30 seconds.
  • In the same way, curl the lashes of your second eye. The spoon may need to be warmed up again before use.
  • To maintain the curl throughout the day, use clear or black mascara.
  • If your eyelashes are clumping together, use an eyelash comb to detangle them and define their shape. Avoid excessive combing if you want to keep the curl.

Method #2 (By Using Cotton Swab And Mascara)

  • You can apply as little as one coat or as many as three. Make sure to keep working while the mascara is still wet, so the curl stays in place.
  • How do I curl my eyelashes? Curl your eyelashes with the help of a cotton stick by holding it horizontally along your lash line and pressing firmly. You can also curl your eyelashes upward with a cuticle pusher, an orange wood stick, or a similar long, thin device.
  • Mascara takes a while to dry, but once it does, it helps your lashes stay in their curled position all day.
  • Move the dryer up and down slowly while keeping it at least six inches away from your face and using the warm or low heat setting. The curl will last longer if you warm and dry the mascara gently.
  • Don’t burn your hair with the hair dryer’s highest heat setting. The intense heat may damage the eyes. (If you prefer your natural curl and don’t want to use a hair dryer, you can skip this step).
  • It will take some time for the cotton swab to take effect, so please be patient. Ensure the mascara has dried completely and the curl is set before releasing the lashes.

Method #3 (By Using Fingers)

  • Remember that this technique is not particularly effective and usually loses shape once mascara has been applied.
  • To warm your fingers, you can either submerge them in lukewarm water for a few minutes or rub them together.
  • How do I curl my eyelashes? Put some water on your eyelashes and lift them toward your eyebrow with your index finger. Ideally, you should maintain the position for thirty seconds. Do the same with the opposite eye and the lower lashes.
  • Apply mascara once your lashes have dried, then use the wand to curl them upward until the mascara is completely set. You may achieve an even more pronounced upward curl by positioning the wand at the upper lash line and twisting the spoolie. Carefully comb your lashes if you must, but don’t tug, or you’ll lose the curl you worked so hard to achieve.

Method #4 (By Using Toothbrush)

How do I curl my eyelashes? You can manually lift the eyelashes with a cotton swab or a toothbrush when applying mascara. After applying your mascara, brush through the hairs with the toothbrush and hold the lash tips upwards for a few moments to let the product dry. The lashes should remain in place after about a minute.

You should always use a new toothbrush. When Patinkin Actress says, “I wouldn’t want to put all those germs next to my eyes,” we agree heartily.

Method #5 (Use Castor Oil)

Now imagine that you don’t feel like putting on makeup but would still like your lashes to be curled and lifted. You may thank castor oil for saving your eyelashes. Hold the tip of the lashes up with the spoolie, a cotton swab, or a new toothbrush while the oil seeps into the base, and then brush the oil through the lashes from base to tip using a clean spoolie until they are covered.

How do I curl my eyelashes? Whether you’re using oil or mascara, the hairs are easier to work with while damp. You’ll get a curl that lasts because castor oil is loaded with fatty acids that efficiently moisturize the lash strands, and moisturized eyelashes stay full and lifted over time.

Method #6 (By Using Aloe Vera Gel)

  • Put a dab of aloe vera gel on your middle finger by pumping it out. Rub your thumb and finger together to warm the gel and spread it evenly.
  • Gently close your eye over your thumb while holding it under your eyelashes. Holding your lashes lightly, run your fingers gently through them. Repeating the process a few times ensures the gel is evenly distributed.
  • Get your finger and press it horizontally under your upper eyelid to lift your lashes. While the aloe vera gel dries, maintain the position for at least 30 seconds. It’s important to do the same thing with the bottom lashes and the other eye.
  • You can make the curl linger longer if, while holding your lashes in place, you pass a heated hair dryer over them. Make sure the temperature is set to medium, not hot.
  • The use of mascara is optional after the aloe has dried.

Method #7 (Get A Eyelash Perm)

Going to a beauty parlor to have an eyelash perm done by a trained expert is an alternative to curling your eyelashes at home without a curler. A good quality eyelash perm can keep your super curly eyelashes for up to three months.

How To Naturally Curl Eyelashes?

The eyes look brighter and more awake after a little curl of the eyelashes. But not every set of eyelashes is the same. One’s eyelids may be naturally curved or straight, depending on one’s genetic makeup. Yes, your cloves can be curled even if they fall into the second type. There may not be a standard size, shape, or personality for eyelashes, but any lace may be taught to bend properly.

  • Get dressed in clean clothes. Curling sensitivity is increased when starting with a blank slate. Never use an eyelash curling cream, as this will make your lashes tougher to curl.
  • Position a flat or horizontal mirror under your chin.
  • Make three downwards curls in the mirror using an eyelash curler. The finest curl may be achieved by utilizing the angle produced during a look. Strap the bottom and hold for three seconds. Bring the clamps down low. Once you’ve finished with the center and the tip of the eyelid, take out the cloves and repeat the process to the middle.
  • Run a clean spoolie over your eyelashes.

Women in Korea, a country known for its milky, poreless complexion, have abandoned curlers in favor of a more natural method (although slightly scary). According to Insider Beauty CEO Angela Kim, Korean ladies are known to “raise” their laughs by chopping off the two ends of a cotton swab, heating the remaining stick over a fire, and then using the swab to poke themselves in the eye. Which is the result? Maintaining a curl all day long. If you’ve ever used an electric eyelash curler, you might want to think about using it as a do-it-yourself option.

Are naturally curly eyelashes rare? Yes, they are, but you can achieve a curl lash look with several methods I mentioned above, like a cotton swab, castor oil, aloe vera gel, etc. Also, Check out what things to use Instead of an eyelash curler.