Best Twist And Lock Gel

Best Twist And Lock Gel |Guide 2023

Generally speaking, you’ll need to retwist your locs every four weeks after the lovely effort of starting them. To successfully retwist your locs at home, you’ll need the best twist and lock gel plus these three essentials. I consider “successful” as a retwist lasting more than a few weeks.

What Are The Accessories You’ll Need For Retwisting Your Locs At Home?

Before twisting your locs again, you’ll need to ensure that your hair is thoroughly cleaned, conditioned, and moisturized.


Flat Double Prong Clips
Flat Double Prong Clips (Image Source: Pinterest)

Flat Double Prong Clips are the ideal clips for retwisting locs. However, there are many more options. Because wider or more open clips are too loose and enable the retwist to unravel when drying, twin prong clips are used because they keep locs firmly in place.

Locking Gel

There are a plethora of companies claiming to provide the best hair locking gel. However, many hair locking gels sold at beauty supply stores contain ingredients that should be avoided when using them on locs. Making your natural hair locking gel is a superior (and less expensive) alternative. When you make your own locs gel, you prevent the buildup of product in your locs, flaking, and the addition of unneeded substances. The recipe is in the video.

Hair Dryer

Soft Bonnet Dryer
Soft Bonnet Dryer (Image Source: Pinterest)

To keep your retwist from unraveling and the mildew smell out of your locs, you must thoroughly dry your locs. To ensure that your locs are dry, you should sit under a focused heat source. Because there is no guarantee that your locs will be completely dry, air drying is not the ideal method for drying them.

Sitting under the dryer is much more bearable with a soft bonnet dryer. Since all of your locs are enclosed in the bonnet, they will dry evenly and in substantially less time with the soft bonnet hair dryer.

4 Best Twist And Lock Gel

 Knotty Boy LockStead Tropical Tightening Gel

With the palm roll method, you only need a pea-sized amount of this gel to keep your locs in place. It’s made with shine-promoting aloe vera, Xanthan gum, sucrose for hold, hemp seed, vitamin E, and lime oils for ultra hydration and scalp care. Hydrogen bonds are formed within the cuticles thanks to Xanthan gum, making silkiest roots free of flaky residue.

Jamaican Mango & Lime Resistant Formula Locking Gel

It has the grip of wax without the sticky, oily buildup. Adding mango and cocoa butter seals moisture and provides a variety of minerals, flavonoids, fiber, and vitamins essential for healthy locs. The antioxidant and antibacterial properties of the lime and green tea extracts help to keep the scalp clean and free of microorganisms while twisting.

Murray’s Gel-Loc Lock

Twisting gel made from water-based vegetable, nut, and fruit extract oils is a great way to keep your hair and scalp healthy. The elements can damage loose hair, and olive oil acts as a natural weatherproofing agent.

Carol’s Daughter Loc Butter

If you’re looking for a pomade that keeps your hair hydrated, look no further than the first four ingredients. Soybean oil is well-known for penetrating deeply into the hair shaft, acting as a moisture sealer and shielding from the elements, allowing you to go longer between washings with your locs. People with eczema or a sensitive scalp can also benefit from it.

I hope you loved this article on the best twist and lock gel and find it helpful. Also, you may be interested to read about how to keep your dreadlocks healthy?