bloody halloween makeup

Tutorial On A Bloody Halloween Makeup Idea

Another quick and simple Halloween makeup tutorial! But this time, a bloody Halloween makeup idea. Halloween outfits don’t have to be difficult to pull off. This simple look only requires your usual makeup and a little fake blood to complete it. The most significant aspect of this look is the use of warm red hues to complement the artificial blood tears.

Step-by-step bloody Halloween makeup idea: Blood tears

bloody halloween makeup idea
Bloody Halloween Makeup Idea (Image Source: Pinterest)

So here we are with fairly simple bloody makeup, yet powerful. It’s called “Blood Tears.” This style appeals to me since you can still wear great makeup, and your entire face does not have to scream Halloween. All you have to do now is apply your makeup and add some blood tears. I’m sure I’ll be wearing this look to this year’s Halloween events.

Step 1

An even solid base is crucial because there’s so much going on with the eyes and the red lips. Make use of a foundation that provides adequate coverage. The foundation I used was expensive but astonishingly effective. The By Terry Éclat Opulent foundation.

Step 2

I made my brows a little darker than normal. In keeping with the red theme, here’s another one. My eyes were sculpted in a really dramatic way. This sad/dramatic appearance was achieved by applying some eyeshadow to the beginning of my brow and upwards from there. It’s the perfect time to use the BOBBI BROWN palette with warm tones. In addition, it’s a fantastic palette.

Step 3

In terms of blush, I used a lot and made sure to apply it all the way to my temples. The fact that I had a red blush on hand came in handy in this case!

In addition, I used a lot of pink highlighters to draw attention to my eyes. The more people that participate, the better! The Bobbi Brown Highlighting palette was the obvious choice when the chance presented itself.

Step 4

Using blood, fake, of course, I created the appearance of blood splatters beneath my lower lash line and on my cheeks before applying the fake blood.

On the other hand, red lipstick is considerably more difficult to apply all the way to the lash line than fake blood. In the absence of suitable red eye makeup, I applied the same red color to the insides of my eyes as I had done on the outsides (but I patted some golden shimmer color on top of it).

Step 5

The final step is adding the red lenses, and yes this is optional. But I preferred them because they gave the bloody makeup look pop.

And your bloody Halloween makeup idea has been completed. Be sure to read “18 scary SFX makeup ideas,” for such content. Until then bye!