can i straighten my hair with a perm

Can You Straighten Your Hair With A Perm?

Straightening your hair with a perm is an excellent method to update your curly hairdo. Some went to a professional, but getting a smooth, stretched hairstyle at a salon may be costly. How can I straighten my hair with a perm? So If you want to straighten your perm at home, you have a few possibilities.

If you want to straighten perm hair temporarily while leaving it permed, you may only use traditional hairstyle techniques like tugging it straight with a round brush hair drier. Permissive permission makes it challenging to style your hair, whether straight or curly. If your hair is straight, you can use a perm to keep it in place. If your hair is curly, it will be straightened (at least in specific ways) and will not change with the weather.

How Can You Straighten Permed Hair?

A chemical procedure that straightens natural curls, similar to how a perm generates curls in naturally straight hair but without the rollers,” Hampton adds. “The therapy commonly applies heat to a lock with a flat iron.”

Can I straighten my hair with a perm? You can straighten your hair after a perm, but not right away. Relaxed hair is incredibly fragile and can easily break if not handled properly.

Straightening is characterized by heat and pulling; please do not do this to your hair. In the long run, this could be more harmful than beneficial. I recommend waiting at least two weeks before placing your hair under extreme heat or similar techniques.

I wouldn’t use a straightening hair with a perm solution. You lose the integrity of your hair, and it’s not just about how you feel. I used Paul Brown products created exclusively for hair straightening in the 1990s. It’s a permanent wave restructuring method that eliminates perms you don’t desire. I’ve gone from long permed hair to long shining hair.

Can You Use Flat Iron On A Perm?

Flat Iron With Clips
Flat Iron With Clips (Image Source: Pinterest)

In brief, relaxers alter the wave pattern of hair by breaking stronger chemical links (disulfide) and rearranging them in a new wave pattern. By breaking up and rebuilding the weaker physical bonds of the hair, ironing, and other heat styling equipment, simply change the physical pattern of the wave (hydrogen and salt).

You need to shampoo and section your hair, then straighten it with a blow dryer and smooth it out with a flat iron to avoid spoiling the permit. Your curls will bounce after your next shampoo (or if your hair gets wet).

The only concern with flat-ironing permed hair is that chemical procedures like perms might make the hair drier and more porous. Your hair will also be prone to heat damage. Use moisture-rich shampoos and packaging and protective styling products meant to flat-iron your hair straight.

Several new products on the market are designed to prevent your hair from excessive iron damage, and several older products add final brightness to your hair (for example, shine enhancers and spray lacquers).

Ensure your hair is dehydrated before utilizing heat-styling equipment like a flat iron or a curling iron. This is especially critical for chemically processed hair. When a heated instrument is used on wet hair, it can cause the hair to boil, expand, and lose its structure.

However, take the necessary measures and keep your hair moisturized and conditioned. You should be able to make gorgeous straight hairstyles and enjoy curls, which is why you had the perm in the first place.

Physical styling techniques should still enable you to straighten your hair without any adverse effects, given that you protect your hair from damage because perm services change the chemical side links in your hairs, and these changes are only influenced by chemicals that can undo the process (similar to those that created the curl).

Dryness is the first issue with permed hair. The process causes the hair to become more porous, allowing moisture to escape easily. So, if you want your hair to be as hydrated and conditioned as possible, make sure you’re hydrated first.

Humidity-rich shampoos and conditioners are essential, as is deep conditioning every few days. Apply leave-in conditioners and protective treatments to protect your hair from heat styling damage.

The tools are then brought in. If you don’t already have one, invest in a flat iron with multiple heat settings (something more than high-medium-low). The iron’s heat must be appropriately controlled. To use the little heat, you must first achieve your desired outcomes. A ceramic iron is also recommended. Iron is something I advocate. It smoothes the hair better than metal plates, even ones covered.

Start with the least heat setting possible (no more than 1/4 of the heat) and test your hair. Gradually raise the temperature until you achieve the desired heat level for smoothing the hair. A few passes at a lesser temperature are preferable to one with too much heat.

What Are The Different Ways Straightening Perm?

Straightening your perm without causing damage to your hair is impossible. It makes no difference if you use keratin, a flat iron, or any other method to lift your hair. Whatever way you take, the results will be visible in your hair. You’ve worked hard on your hair to get these lovely curls, and now you want to straighten it out. It’s also possible that you’re insane.

If that’s the case, a curling iron would have been preferable, and you’re going there. Now we’re all human beings. And we make mistakes or fail to consider the consequences of our actions.

Perhaps you believed a perm would add volume to your hair, but you can’t anticipate the times when it needed to be trendy, or perhaps the hairdresser made a mistake and gave you ringlet curls instead of the gentle loose waves, or maybe you miss your straight hair.

Fixing a perm and skipping the long, sometimes fruitless path of hair loss are two less aggressive options.

Method #1 (For Temporary Effect)

Wash Your Hair

Schedule Your Hair Wash
Schedule Your Hair Wash Routine (Image Source: Pinterest)

Choose a mild shampoo and a smoothing conditioner. Parabens and sulfates should be avoided in beauty products. Make sure that your shampoo plus conditioner are both moisturizing. Because you’ll be styling your hair with heat, the technique may cause your hair to dry out.

  • Heat is harsh on your hair, so be gentle with it while washing it.
  • Apply a heat protectant after shampooing and conditioning your hair.
  • You can apply hair care oil for added moisture. There’s no need to use more than a drop. Ensure the oil doesn’t get too close to your scalp, or your hair will seem greasy. Keep the oil at a distance of 2.5 to 3 inches from the scalp.

Use Straightening Product

Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening Product
Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening Product (Image Source: Pinterest)

Select a product that is appropriate for your hair type. For example, you could opt for a straightening gel, mousse, or balm. This will give you greater control and assist you in achieving your desired look.

  • You might be able to discover a product that serves as both a straightener and a heat protector. Request a recommendation from your hairstylist.

Give A Blowout Look

Maintain Bouncy Blown-Out Look
Maintain Bouncy Blown-Out Look (Image Source: Pinterest)

Using a diffuser, blow-dry your hair. Start drying your hair at the roots and work your way up until it’s totally dry. Start straightening your hair by brushing it with a paddle brush or combing it through with your fingers as you dry it.

  • You can let your hair air dry if you have fine hair that dries rapidly. However, to achieve a straight look, you’ll have to use the flat iron afterward.
  • After drying your hair, smooth it with a flat iron for a smoother look.
  • Before using a flat iron, make sure your hair is fully dry. If your hair is still damp, the flat iron could cause it to boil, causing damage; omitting some portions while blow-drying can also result in frizz.

Find Best Flat Iron

A flat iron is the most incredible option if you only want to get rid of your perm for a short time. It will not permanently eliminate the perm but temporarily allow the hair to straighten. Ensure the flat iron you use is suitable for your hair type. Find it at Amazon.

  • Look for an iron with small plates if you have short, thick, or fine hair. The plates in your straightener should ideally be half an inch to one inch in length.
  • Look for an iron with wider plates if you have long hair. Choose an iron with plates that are between 1.5 and 2 inches wide.
  • Make sure your flat iron isn’t too heavy, regardless of your hair type. If it weighs more than a few pounds, you’ll feel sore while using it.

Ensure Your Best Heat Setting

It’s crucial to choose the right heat setting for your flat iron. It may be useless or even harmful if excessively hot or cold.

You can’t control the heat on all flat irons. Using a flat iron without variable heat should be okay if your hair is healthy and of ordinary density. If you have specific hair needs, though, invest in a more premium flat iron that allows you to customize the heat.

  • Maintain a 250 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit temperature if your hair is fine or damaged.
  • If your hair is medium thickness, set the temperature to 300-350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Set the heat around 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit if you have thick hair.

Straighten Your Hair

How Can I Straighten My Hair Without Damaging
How Can I Straighten My Hair Without Damaging (Image Source: Pinterest)

You can start straightening your hair once the flat iron has warmed up. Be patient as this process may take some time.

Note: Try not to straighten more than 0.5 inches (1.3 cm) of hair in a single pass. Thicker hair will require more sections than thinner hair.

  • Before you start straightening your hair, divide it into sections. Separate your hair into four portions and work with each one separately. 5 inch (1.3 cm) pieces until each section is complete.
  • Begin with the area near the nape of the neck. After combing the portion of hair, run your flat iron over it. After it’s straightened, comb it again.
  • One section at a time, run the flat iron through your hair. Slow down and maintain a steady pace. The hair portions should flatten out on the first try, ideally. Repetition of the same portion can cause hair to dry out and get harmed.
  • Pull the flattener across your hair with tension. Although you don’t want to hurt yourself, a little pressure can help you make your hair smooth & flat on the first attempt. 

Method #2

Find The Best Gel For Your Hair Type

Hair Gel
Hair Gel Level 3 (Image Source: Pinterest)

Certain gels can aid in hair straightening. They only will work temporarily to eliminate curls, similar to flat iron. Spend some time deciding on the best gel for you.

  • Remember that gels may not work for everyone and may not deliver the results you want. Curl is frequently not removed by gels on its own.
  • Request a straightening gel recommendation from your stylist. Given the type and length of your hair, they will have the greatest idea of what will work.
  • You can also read gel reviews on the internet. Users can submit reviews on websites like Amazon. The advantage of hair care websites is that they frequently include product reviews.
  • Before you buy anything, ensure you read the product’s cautions. Hair that has been permed, colored, or otherwise treated may not be suitable for some gels.

Deep Conditioning Your Hair

To assist in the straightening process, use a gentle shampoo & smoothing conditioner. Straightening can damage hair, so use high-quality products to keep the damage minimum. When you’re finished, use a towel to pat dry your hair.

Use Little Gel On Your Hair

Apply a dime-size amount of gel to your hair once it has dried. Apply the lotion evenly throughout your hair, from root to tip. If you apply too much gel, your hair will become weak.

Brushing Your Hair During Blowout

Blow Dry Look
Blow Dry Look (Image Source; Pinterest)

It’s ready to blow dry your hair after you’ve applied the gel. To improve the straightening process, brush your hair while blow-drying.

  • Use a brush with a circular bristle. Blow-dry your hair straight while combing it through it.
  • Rotate between hot and cold temperatures on your hairdryer if your hair is thick and requires a long time to dry. This can help you avoid hair damage.

Clip up Your Long Hair

If your hair is very thick or long, you will need to section it with clips while drying. Take the top part of your hair and place it in a bun or a hair clip on top of it. First, dry the bottom of your hair. Unclip the top section of hair and dry that portion when you’re finished.

Method #3 (For Permanent Effect)

Deep Conditioning The Hair Before Using Perming Kit

You can use a perming kit to straighten hair if you want to remove it permanently. Make sure to keep your hair in good condition before using a perming kit. Do it just before you want to use the kit, if possible.

  • Shampoo your hair and then allow it to dry with a towel. Separate your hair into 4 to 6 parts using a comb. You’ll need more sections if your hair is thicker.
  • One section at a time, apply the conditioner to your hair. Begin at the root and work your way down to the tip. Place your hair in a shower cap once you’ve completed all of the parts. Use heat on your hair for 20 minutes; you can use a hood dryer set to medium heat. If you don’t have a hood dryer, you can put a towel in the dryer for 20 minutes and wrap it around your head.
  • Remove the shower cap, then rinse your hair with cool water once you’ve finished applying heat. After towel drying your hair, brush and style it as usual.

Wash & Apply Wave Lotion On Your Hair

Wash your hair when you’re set to use the perm kit. Then, apply it to your hair using the wave lotion included in the perm package.

  • Even if your hair is wet, style it the way you typically would. Make a side part with your hair, or brush your bangs forward if you have them. To keep the lotion off your face, use a towel if required.
  • Apply the lotion to your hair and comb it through. To complete the process, use a wide-tooth comb. Comb your hair for about 10 minutes, or until it is completely saturated with the lotion.
  • In the mirror, examine your hair. Hopefully, the curls will start loosening up a little. If this doesn’t work, comb your hair for a further 5 minutes or until you see the desired result.

Rinse Lotion

Rinse your hair once your curls have begun to release. For this procedure, use very warm water and wash your hair for a minimum of 3 minutes. Make certain that all of the lotions have been removed from your hair.

Apply Neutralizer To Your Dry Hair

Using blotting paper, remove any extra water from your hair. Squeeze your hair with a towel if required. However, avoid rubbing your hair as this can harm it. Spray the neutralizer from the kit once your hair has dried. Replace the waving lotion and repeat the process. Rinse the neutralizer with extremely warm water once you’re through. It takes longer to rinse the neutralizer than the waving lotion. At least five minutes of rinsing is required.

Take Aftercare

Let your hair dry when you’ve finished with the neutralizer. If successful, the procedure should result in straighter hair and eliminate some perm.

  • Hair can be damaged by the ingredients used in perming kits. When you shower after utilizing this procedure, ensure to use a conditioner. This will replenish any moisture your hair has lost and protect it from additional harm. Use conditioner every day for about a week, even if you don’t require shampoo.

Top FAQs About Straighten permed Hair

How Long After A Perm Can You Straighten Your Hair?

Within 72 hours of getting your perm, shampoo with clarifying shampoo. The earlier you shampoo, the looser the perm will be. Apply a strong conditioner to give weight to the hair and relax the curls even more. Rinse off the conditioner, but leave a small amount in your hair for extra weight.

How To Straighten Permed Hair Without Damaging It?

You would shampoo and shape your hair, straighten it with a blow dryer and smooth it out with a flat iron to avoid spoiling the permit. Your curls will bounce after your next shampoo (or if your hair gets wet).

What Happens If You Straighten A Perm?

Applying a flat iron on your perm on a regular schedule will not permanently remove your curls. It can, however, harm your style over time. You risk ruining your perm, and the flat iron’s heat might lead to hair damage.

Is It Okay To Straighten Permed Hair?

Yes, you can reverse the perm to straighten hair, but not right away. That’s because relaxed hair is highly fragile and can quickly break if not handled with care. Straightening is characterized by heat and pulling; do not, please, do this to the hair.

Can You Undo A Perm Result?

Can you reverse a perm? Yes, you can straighten hair with a perm solution. Because most perm products take 28 hours to neutralize, stylists usually advise waiting 48 hours before washing. You should rinse your hair with a color-protecting conditioner and shampoo to cleanse and nourish your hair while also helping to relax your curls if you want to remove the effects of a perm or relax a perm. Give your curls deep conditioning or hot oil treatment, then cover them with a shower cap and leave them on for a few hours.