should i use vaseline under foundation

Should I Use Vaseline Under Foundation?

Can I use Vaseline under the foundation? Yes, you can. You’ll love this trick if you’ve ever had an issue with dry skin appearing scaly through your foundation. This happens to me around my T-zone and around the mouth, and Vaseline has once again saved the day. 

So, how to apply Vaseline under your foundation? Smooth a little Vaseline over particularly dry places before applying your foundation. Apply a small layer of foundation or powder to such areas and blend thoroughly. No more scales of dry skin!

Vaseline may be used as a cosmetic primer to lock in moisture on your face. As a consequence, your skin will be silky smooth. It will also aid in the lowering of aging symptoms. Other skincare routines to lower the aging symptoms.

How Can I Use Vaseline Under The Foundation?

Can I Use Vaseline Under The Foundation
Can I Use Vaseline Under The Foundation (Image Source: Pinterest)

The type of foundation you aim to use will determine how you use Vaseline under the foundation. If you want to wear a mineral powder foundation, use Vaseline after your moisturizer. Apply the makeup after the Vaseline. Following this, the foundation will stay to your face effectively.

On the other hand, if you’re using a liquid foundation, combine Vaseline and a face moisturizer. Apply the mixture to your face after combining the two ingredients and wait 5 minutes before applying your foundation.

Dust the foundation with a setting powder after it has been applied. This will assist in preventing your foundation from smudging. Other considerations when using Vaseline as a cosmetic primer are listed below.

  • Focus on the dry parts of your face when applying Vaseline, like T-zone or around the mouth.
  • If you have dry skin, evenly apply Vaseline all over your face.
  • Use only a little coating of Vaseline before using your foundation if your skin is oily.

How Can You Use Vaseline In Your Makeup Routine?

Besides using Vaseline as a primer for foundation, you may also use it in your makeup routine that is:

  • You can use Vaseline as an eyeshadow primer.
  • Although it is colorless, it creates a dewy shine when used as an eyeshadow primer. However, you should avoid over-applying it to prevent making your eyelids seem oily.
  • It also serves as lip gloss.
  • You can use Vaseline as a highlighter instead of a genuine highlighter.
  • Vaseline makes eyebrows look fuller and thicker, so you can use it as an eyebrow gel.
  • Last but not least, you can use Vaseline as a makeup remover.

Several other Vaseline hacks are possible that make your life easy. Discover the hacks in the video tutorial mentioned below and reasonably make your makeup look more effortless and lovely.

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Can I use Vaseline under the foundation? Yes, Vaseline is a versatile and multipurpose product. It may also be used as a beauty primer. If you want to utilize it in this manner, use it after your moisturizer but before your foundation. If you’re using a liquid foundation, you may also combine it with your moisturizers and apply it to your face.