can i wet my eyelash extensions in the shower

Things to Consider When Taking A Shower With Eyelash Extensions

Can I wet my eyelash extensions in the shower? Eyelash extensions are a form of semi-permanent makeup that gives the impression that the wearer always has mascara or is wearing false eyelashes.

Individually, using a specialized adhesive, they are adhered to each natural eyelash by an eyelash technician who has been trained and qualified. Suppose you are thinking about getting eyelash extensions but are concerned that you will ruin them in the shower.

In that case, you should refrain from showering for at least two days after getting your extensions applied, wash your face in the sink, and stay away from cleansers and removers that contain oil in order to keep your eyelash extensions looking good for a longer time.

Can I Wet My Eyelash Extensions In The Shower: Step By Step Guide

eyelash extensions in the shower
Eyelash Extensions In The Shower (Image Source: Pinterest)

Step 1: Taking Responsibility for Expansions Surrounding Water

After getting your extensions done, you should wait at least 48 hours before showering. When getting eyelash extensions, a specific adhesive is used to adhere the extensions to the eyelids. It may take this glue up to two days to completely cure after being applied.

After getting your extensions put in, you should wait at least 48 hours before taking a shower or getting them wet in any other manner. During your session, the technician will provide you with specific instructions for how long you should refrain from having a shower.

Step 2: Maintain a low temperature in the shower to prevent producing an excessive amount of steam

Steam has the potential to break the bond that the glue has formed with your eyelids. If you have a habit of taking showers that are really hot and steamy, you might want to consider lowering the temperature so that you are not constantly undermining the strength of the extension glue.

If you want the steam from your shower to dissipate more quickly, you should run the fan in your bathroom. When you have eyelash extensions, you should avoid using saunas and steam rooms.

Step 3: Instead of doing so in the shower, you should wash your face in the sink

The pressure from your showerhead may be too severe for eyelash extensions to be successfully applied. It would be best if you cleaned your face in the sink instead. You can drench your face in water by sprinkling it with your hands. Rinse the cleanser off your face, taking care to avoid getting it in your eyes.

Tip: Washing your face in the shower can also cause your skin to become dry because the water in the shower is heated to a higher temperature than the water you would use to wash your face.

Step 4: To remove moisture from your eyelashes, dab above and below them

It is important to remember to keep the towel away from your eyelashes when you are drying your face. This may cause your extensions to fall off.

Instead, use the towel to dab the region both above and below your eyes in order to dry it. Before you apply any eye makeup, give your eyelashes some time to dry naturally.

In the event that you feel the need to moisturize your face, you should avoid getting any moisturizer on your eyelids or under your eyes. The oil contained in moisturizer has the potential to dissolve the adhesive used in eyelash extensions.

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