can you dye your hair after a perm

Can You Dye Your Hair After A Perm?

Can you dye your hair after a perm? If you have a perm and then want to color your hair, you will have to wait some time before you can do so. You must wait a minimum of one week and wash your hair at least once. However, experts advise having to wait 14 days before coloring hair. 

Don’t be in a hurry if you have fine hair that has a history of having a negative reaction to mixed perms or colors. You can put off coloring and perm even longer. In this way, your hair is given the opportunity to recover from the chemical treatment.

can you dye your hair after a perm
Can You Dye Your Hair After A Perm (Image Source: Pinterest)

Why must you wait 15 days after a perm to color your hair?

If you do not wait at least fifteen days before dyeing your hair after a perm, there is a great risk that your hair will be damaged. The harsh chemicals used during a perm guarantee that little moisture is retained in the hair. Even the hair’s elasticity is somewhat affected.

You can assume that if you then color your hair, which is also a chemical procedure, very little hair remains. Suppose you are ill on the same day that you run for 30 minutes. Does this improve your physical comfort? No, it won’t. You must first allow your body to heal before indulging in intense exercise.

The same can be said of your hair. You must allow your hair to recover before doing anything more to it. Both treatments remove moisture from the hair. And when there is little moisture remaining, the ends of your hair will break and split. Because of this, you must probably wait 15 days before dying your hair after a perm. You must make your hair the time it requires to recover its health.

Should I Color Your Hair Before or After Getting a Perm?

Experts recommend perming first to ensure that this procedure will not affect your newly acquired color. If you use permanent hair color, you should wait 7 to 10 days and wash at least once. Permanent hair color lasts until it is reapplied or the hair grows out. 

Deposit-only color is safe since it is semi-permanent. It contains neither peroxide nor ammonia. Thus, it’s non-damaging. You may color permed hair safely using a semipermanent dye. It typically lasts four to eight shampoos, although chemically treated hair tends to stay color longer.

should i color my hair before or after a perm
Should I Color my hair Before or After a Perm (Image Source: Pinterest)

How Long Should You Wait After Dying Your Hair Before Perming It?

Professionals recommend that you begin the coloring procedure by perming your hair first and then go on to coloring it. You can color and perm your hair on the same day if it is in good health.

After dyeing your hair, you should wait at least two to three weeks before getting a perm if you have damaged hair. If you don’t take this care, the new color you got might cause the perm to break and ruin your hair beyond repair.

When using chemical treatments, you should avoid handling hair that is severely damaged, brittle, or falling out. Additionally, if your scalp is sensitive or itching, you should avoid perming or coloring your hair.

Should You Perm, Then Color, or Color, Then Perm?