Can you flat iron a perm

Can you flat iron a perm? | Guide 2023

Curly hair can be transformed by straightening it for a short period. However, professional hair straightening services can be pricey, so some people prefer to straighten their hair at home. Can you flat iron a perm at home? Yes, you can! Straightening permed hair at home is possible with a variety of methods. Straightening a perm with a flat iron is one such method.

How Can You Flat Iron A Perm With Less Harmful Effects?

Step #1

Choose a mild shampoo and a soothing conditioner. Parabens and sulfates are harsh chemicals that should be avoided at all costs. Use a shampoo and conditioner that have hydrating characteristics to prevent hair from drying out. Because when styling your hair with heat, you run the risk of your hair becoming overly dry.

  • Apply a heat protectant after shampooing and conditioning your hair.

Step #2

Consider your hair type before purchasing a product. For example, if you want to straighten your hair, you could use a gel, mousse, or balm. Having more control will allow you to get the look you want.

  • Straightening and heat safety may be found in the same product. Ask your hairdresser for a recommendation.

Step #3

Use a diffuser to dry your hair. Begin at the top and work your way down until your hair is totally dry. Brush your hair with a paddle brush or comb it with your fingers while you dry it to begin the straightening process.

  • If you have fine hair that dries rapidly, you can just let it air dry instead of using a hair dryer. You’ll need to use a flat iron to achieve a straight hairstyle.
  • Once your hair is dry, use a flat iron to make it look smoother.
  • Always let hair air dry before using a flat iron. Using a flat iron when your hair is still wet can damage your hair. When blow-drying, omitting parts of hair might result in undesirable frizz.

Step #4

Flat irons are great for temporarily removing perms. A temporary straightening of your hair will not completely eradicate the perm. Choose a flat iron that’s appropriate for your hair type.

  • Look for a narrow-plate iron if you have short, thick, or fine hair. Your flat iron plates should have a length of half an inch to an inch at the very least.
  • Choose an iron with lengthy plates if you have long hair. Pick an iron with plates that measure between one and a half and two inches in diameter.
  • Your flat iron should not be too heavy, regardless of the hair type. Using something too heavy will leave you with a hurting back.

Step #5

Your flat iron’s heat setting is critical. It can be ineffective or even harmful if it’s too hot or cold.

  • Some flat irons don’t allow you to change the setting. If your hair is healthy and of average density, you can use a flat iron without heat control as long as your hair is not damaged. Invest in a more costly flat iron with heat control if you have unique hair needs.
  • Keep the temperature between 250 and 300 ° F if you have fine or damaged hair. The temperature should adjust between 300 and 350 ° F for medium-thick hair. Set the temperature between 350 and 400 ° F if your hair is thick.

Step #6

You can start straightening your hair once the flat iron has reached the desired temperature. Be patient; this procedure may take some time.

If you take adequate precautions and care for your hair correctly, you should be able to enjoy both the curls and the straight hairstyles that were the driving force behind your perm.

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