Can you mix blue and purple shampoo

Can I Mix Blue And Purple Shampoo Together?

Few have a firm grasp on the difference between blue and purple shampoo. People are keen to try them out after learning their positive effects on hair. The most frequent question is whether I can mix blue and purple shampoo. There’s also the never-ending debate about which color shampoo is better, blue or purple.

Can you mix blue and purple shampoo? If you want to use both a blue and a purple shampoo, that’s fine. Here, you’ll learn the simple procedures for combining blue and purple shampoo. Put some in your hair, wait a set amount of time, and then comb it. These shampoos may be used interchangeably, yet each has its unique range of effects. 

Both share a lot of the same elements. Other than that, there is no comparison between the two shampoos. Both shampoos have a pleasant aroma, despite their pigment and ingredient variations.

Comparison Between Blue And Purple Shampoo?

There are several key distinctions between blue and purple shampoos. So, can you mix blue and purple shampoo? Consider the differences between blue and purple shampoo if you want an analogy.


The blue and purple colors in these shampoos are achieved through special pigments. For the blue shampoo bottles, a blue-violet dye is used. If your hair is naturally warm, this pigment will help bond your strands together and tone them down. The opposite is true of purple shampoos, which contain purple pigments. The yellow pigment of hair can be neutralized using this dye.


Each color of shampoo, from blue to purple, has a unique purpose. It is suggested that those with dark or brunette hair use a blue shampoo. On the flip side, blondes might benefit greatly from purple shampoos. In addition, it works well for those with blonde or gray highlights.


Aside from color, blue and purple shampoos have very similar formulas. In contrast to the polyquaternium-7 found in the purple shampoo, the blue shampoo contains polyquaternium-47. Each shampoo contains a unique blend of chemicals to account for the variety of colors it can wash out. Aqua, sodium Laureth sulfate and comparable substances are used in both.


The effectiveness of blue and purple shampoos differs. Based on scientific tests, purple shampoo is more durable than blue. The average use time of blue shampoo is between three and five minutes. Contrarily, studies show that the purple shampoo is effective for anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

How Can You Mix Blue And Purple Shampoo?

How can I mix blue and purple shampoo together? It’s not exactly rocket science to combine blue and purple shampoo. The key is to use it on your hair while adhering to certain rules. See here for the precise method of mixing purple and blue shampoo.

Put Blue Shampoo First

Wash your hair with the blue shampoo. Applying it straight to the hair is preferable to blending it in a bowl. Allow the shampoo to sit in your hair for up to 5 minutes.

Put Purple Shampoo Over Blue Shampoo

Apply the purple shampoo to your hair now. Combing the hair after shampooing is the greatest way to ensure even distribution. Allow the shampoo some time to penetrate thoroughly into the hair shaft.

Massage Your Hair

You’ll need to rub the two shampoos together until they combine. If you want perfectly consistent results from your combination, follow the circular rubbing recommendations.

Water can be added to the hair to help it blend. Repeated scrubbing will result in a thoroughly blended mixture.

Should I Use Purple Or Blue Shampoo?

There are significant distinctions between the uses of blue and purple shampoo. Let’s check the regulations to determine when you can use these shampoos.

  • Using a blue or purple shampoo will help neutralize the brassiness in your blonde hair.
  • Both the blue and purple shampoos work well to restore the natural color of bleached or dyed hair.
  • It’s important to use either blue or purple shampoo when the color and sheen of your hair begin to fade.

Tell me! Can you mix blue and purple shampoo? Many differences exist between blue shampoo and purple shampoo. Most noticeably, their production and the pigment they employ are both different. Despite these differences, blue and purple shampoo make a beautiful combination.

It’s not hard to make a mixture of blue or purple shampoo and apply it. They will begin functioning on your hair once you learn to mix them appropriately. Blue or purple shampoo contains a naturally occurring pigment that helps return hair to its original color.

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