can you use eyeliner as lip liner

Can You Use Eyeliner As Lip Liner?

The latest trend is to use one product for several applications. It offers a plethora of opportunities and advantages at the same time. You don’t need to buy so many goods with the same color and texture. One eyeshadow palette can be used as a highlight, blusher, and eyeshade all at the same time. In the same way, you can use eyeliner as lipstick when necessary. It’s incredible, yet this one item can serve both objectives as eyeliner and lipliner.

An eyeliner pencil or liquid can save the day when you require a specific lip color but don’t have it. It is safe and reliable to use these goods for various reasons. All you need to do is use eyeliner to get the proper lip tone.

Can you use eyeliner as lip liner? Eyeliners come in a wide range of hues and finishes, whereas lip liners have generally remained in the usual nude, pink, and red shades. As a result, if you want to try out more adventurous lip hues without breaking the bank, utilizing eyeliner as lip liner is a great option. Furthermore, many eyeliners feature a waterproof component that may help your lip color last longer!

What’s A Lipliner?

Before applying lipstick, a lip liner is typically a lip pencil used to outline the outer margins of the lips and perhaps to file the entire lip (like a base or primer). Lip liners prolong the life of your lipstick and often complement it, making it pop out.

It gives your lips a more prominent appearance by highlighting the boundaries and giving them a plump response. This guide will show how you can use your eyeliner as lip liner. So keep scrolling down to find the possible options to wear eyeliner as lipstick.

Importance of Lip Liners

Apart from the fact that they prevent thinning and bleeding and level out your lips, there are several compelling reasons to use lip liners. These are some of the reasons that we are going to mention.

Lip Liner Define Your lips

Defined Lips
Defined Lips (Image Source: Pinterest)

Lip liners are the route to a cupid bow that is perfectly defined. Lip liners can help describe and define your lips, giving them a more prominent appearance and accentuating your lovely lips.

Protect Lipstick Gloss

There’s a danger that glossy lipsticks will leak or smudge if you use them. Lip liners can be used to prevent your lip hues from drifting and reaching the edges of your mouth.

Give Prolonged Effect

Lip liners could be the answer if you want to get the most out of your lipsticks. The rim of the lip liner that lines the outer edges of your lips can be used as a hack to give your lip tints more coverage. Lip liners contain waxy alternatives that assist keep lip colors in place for a more extended period.

Substitute Of Lipsticks

Lip liners can provide additional support for your lipsticks and be used as a powerful alternative to lipstick. You may learn how to apply lip liner-like lipstick by watching the video below.

How To Use Eyeliner As Lipstick?

It may not be too difficult for those who have used eyeliner as lipstick before. If this is your first time, you will require assistance. Here are some things to think about if you want to simultaneously use eyeliner and lip color. All you have to do is concentrate on minor, logical details mentioned below.

Always Moisturize Your Lips

Lip Moisturizer
Lip Moisturizer (Image Source: Pinterest)

First, you have to moisturize your lip if you want to use your eyeliner as lipstick. The texture of the eyeliner is maybe a touch drier. The majority of eyeliners are matte and dry to the touch. Even if you prefer matte lip colors, you must moisturize your lips to prevent them from becoming dry and scratchy. Make sure to hydrate your lips with a decent moisturizer. It will undoubtedly make them soft and fluffy. It will be simple to use anything on your lips now.

Draw Outline For Lipstick

Draw Outline For Lipstick
Draw Outline For Lipstick (Image Source: Pinterest)

After you’ve finished moisturizing, grab the eyeliner and draw the shape. Cross your lip line with the pencil or line to give it better saturation from the outside. It is easy to outline with the help of a liner. It only takes a smidgeon and leaves you with a smooth pigment layer. You’ll finish up with a neatly drawn lip line because the liner is supposed to be in one specified place. Concentrate on the edges & make them as smooth as possible. Before using eyeliner as lip liner, sharpen it to make it easier to outline.

Inner Fills

Inner Fills
Inner Fills (Image Source: Pinterest)

Fill in the inner areas of the lips once the shape is complete. Apply the lighter shade on the inner side to make it more natural. On the other hand, it is reasonable to use the inside to fill the interior of the lip. It gives your lips a unique definition and prominence.

Contrast Shades (Optional)

Use a lighter tone of eyeliner for the inner filling if desired. You can sometimes create a new hue by mixing two distinct liner colors. Even soft eyeliner pencils are great for mixing and giving lips a beautiful color. You can also use one color for the outline and spread it on the inside for a bit of shade texture instead of blending two colors.

Again Apply Lip Moisturizer

Your lips may find the liner pencils to be overly dry and matte. You have a lip balm on hand if you want to keep your lipstick smooth and moist. Simply rub the lip balm on top of the lipstick once applied, and the magic is complete. The balm will soften, glossy, and smoothen the lip color. 

You can use the balm before applying the eye pencil to your lips in rare cases. In this situation, you’ll obtain a lighter tone of color on your lips, and it’ll be easy to remove later. The procedure will eventually give you a unique look.

Benefits Of Using Eyeliner As Lipstick

Using eyeliner as lip liner has a variety of advantages. They include the following:

Gives A Glamorous Look

The first benefit of the eyeliner as lipstick is that it makes your lips appear fuller and more packed. Our lips lose their plumpness and flexibility as we age. Our lip line begins to deteriorate, and the color of our lips begins to fade. Lip Liner and eyeliner are non-invasive and straightforward ways to combat this.

Many Versatile Options

Another benefit is the diversity that comes with them. Numerous brands produce various types of brands. As a result, the individual or consumer must choose which brand to use. Different color varieties of eye pencils are available, allowing customers to select the hue to produce specific effects.

Gives Extra Beautiful Effect

When it comes to producing and preparing your lips for lip colors, eyeliner is more effective than the conventional lip liner. Seriously, using the pencil, you usually use to fix the eyes works better than the crafted crayons you presumably have in various colors.

Reasonable Choices

It is the most cost-effective of them all. You don’t have to buy all the different shades of lip liners or eyeliners individually; instead, you can buy any color you like, whether for lip liners or eyeliners, and use it for both. Change your two-in-one option eyeliner as lipstick or eyeliner as lip liner.

Is It Safe To Put Eyeliner On Your Lips?

People who are cautious about their cleanliness or concerned about their complexion and appearance have concerns about switching from one product to another. We can’t use the same product for everything. It is not intended to assist, but there is one particular thing that you can influence on a more serious note. Determining the alternate uses of specific products based on their nature or composition might assist you in dealing with the situation. All you need is a thorough understanding of how something affects your skin.

If you’re concerned about the reactions or troubles, you should consider some safety precautions. These are a few different types of care to consider. Eventually, you’ll be able to avoid any unwelcome responses. After that, feel free to use your eyeliner as lipstick.

Always Use Sharp Eyeliner As Lip Lipstick

Different Shades Of Eyeliner
Different Shades Of Eyeliner (Image Source: Pinterest)

You must refresh the top of the eye pencil when using it for the lips or the eyes. With the pencils, you just have one advantage: sharpening. Everything can be refreshed and cleaned by rubbing off a small amount of the pencil’s tip. 

It provides you with two advantages. It will serve as an excellent reference for drawing the most delicate line with the most significant amount of coverage. Second, it will wipe up the end, removing any bacteria or debris accumulated. It is the best approach that allows it to be used safely.

Keep It Personal

Another thing to remember is to keep your eye pencils personalized. Sharing is caring in certain circumstances, but not all. When it comes to cosmetics and items you apply directly on your eyes and lips, don’t take any chances and leave it to others. You can’t compromise on hygiene when assessing how someone else will utilize it. One of the most important things to remember is to keep it safe or to yourself only.

Sharpen Carefully

Sharpening the eye pencils regularly will place a strain on the sharpener. Another duty of care is to clean the sharpener thoroughly. One of the routines you should develop is keeping your cosmetic items clean and organized. 

Clean it with a tissue, wipe it down, or even wash it once in a while. It maintains the blade’s condition while also assisting with removing germs and bacteria. To avoid anything terrible with your skin and products, it’s all in your hands to clean.

How Can I Apply Lip Liner Like A Pro?

Lip lining is a straightforward process that requires some expertise and knowledge to achieve the desired result. Here’s how to apply lip liner step by step:

Hydrate & Exfoliate Your Lips

Before applying lipstick, make sure your lips are moisturized and free of dead skin. You won’t obtain a smooth finish otherwise. Apply lip balm all over your lips to keep them hydrated. Brush away dead skin with a gentle toothbrush. After that, dab your lips with tissue paper to remove any debris and excess balm.

Outline The Lines Carefully

There are various ways to contour your lips, but it’s better to keep things basic for beginners. Begin with your cupid bows located in the center of your upper lip. Slowly and carefully, draw an ‘M’ shape over your natural lip line. Make sure you don’t overdraw!

Repeat The Procedure For The Bottom Lip

Now continue to the lower lip and begin drawing from the center, working your way out to the sides. Keep your mouth wide open and your lips tightened while outlining to attain the perfect finish.

Fill Properly

Once you’ve completed the outline, use tiny strokes to fill in the upper and lower lip lines. Then, using the same lip liner, fill in the lips. Carry it out with ease.

Blend Smoothly

Simply apply some lip gloss to achieve a matte finish. If you want a bolder look, use the same lipstick color all over your lips! Use a lip brush to blend the color properly for an even finish.

Clean The Edges

To finish the application, neaten the edges with cotton buds or the corner of a tissue. For a more defined effect, add a foundation around the edges. Now you have done your job!

Can A Lip Liner Be Used As Eyeliner?

Can A Lip Liner Be Used As Eyeliner

You can use a lip pencil as an eyeliner when you have the option to use the eyeliner as a lipstick. It is possible to swipe through the items and their applications swiftly. The sensitive parts of your face are your eyes and lips. These are delicate, and you must handle them with care. As a result, the products destined for both are susceptible. These will not hurt you in any way.

When interacting with eye products, always perform a patch test first. Even if you use the lip pencil regularly, remember to check if it is safe for your eyes. All you need to do first is draw a simple line in the corner of your eye. You may proceed if no one else joins you on board.

Never use a liner with gloss or liquid lip lotion. These contain several agents & thinners that could harm your eyes. Lip pencils are the most secure solution—these function in the same way that your liner pencil does. As a result, utilizing these pencils for quirky and stylish liners is not a problem.


Can You Put Liquid Eyeliner On Your Lips?

Yes, you can use liquid eyeliners on the lips if they don’t include any harsh chemicals. You should also be aware that liquid eyeliners could have an unpleasant taste.

If you’ve applied liquid eyeliners on the lips, avoid licking them. If you use eyeliners as lipsticks, they may appear dry; a layer of lip balm or Vaseline on top can help keep your lips soft and hydrated.

When & How Can You Use Eyeliner As Lipstick?

You could even do it without a lip liner if you’re on the move and don’t have one on hand. Consider eyeliner as lip liner and use them to line your lips for an immediate pout-ready effect.

For a perfect finish, use a lipstick brush and swipe some lipstick over it while tracing the outline of your lips. If you apply it correctly, it makes a big difference; therefore, utilize tiny strokes for those natural-looking lips.

Can You Use Black Eyeliner On Your Lips?

Black Eyeliner On Your Lips

Yes, you certainly can. Most of us have the standard blacks or browns in our closets. They work well for amplifying the drama of your lippies, as dark and menacing as they may appear. Don’t use the dark shade on your lips. Simply use a black liner to outline and bright color to fill. If black is too strong, brown is a more relaxed alternative.

Can You Use Blue Eyeliner As Lipsticks?

Can You Use Blue Eyeliner As Lipsticks

Blue eyeliner is a fun, easier-to-apply alternative to blue lipstick, and if you’re looking for a way to match your lips, this is a great way! However, if you’re looking for a blue that can shine on its own, look no further. Check out the L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Eyeliner Pencil, Cobalt Blue 960. As the name implies, it’s a dark blue with glitter that applies easily without grit. 

So, finally! Can eyeliner be used as lip liner? As others have stated, eyeliner can be used as a lip liner. Choosing a creamy shadow eyeliner that matches your lipstick hue or is close to your natural skin tone is preferable. It’s perfectly acceptable to use a single cosmetic for several purposes. Using one product for an entire makeup look appears quite a skill. It decreases your reliance on multiple goods at the same time. 

With this approach, you can achieve the best outcomes, budget protection, and product usage. Colored eyeliner as lipstick is a rare choice to utilize. It appears simple to make the best use of these items and devour them quickly when using them as a lip color. Just ensure you choose the best of these possibilities and put them to good use. Read about How to Match Colors to Your Olive Undertone Skin?.