can you use kitchen foil for highlights?

Can You Use Kitchen Foil For Highlights?

In this article, we will discuss kitchen foil for highlights. Kitchen foil may be used for tinting hair. In fact, you don’t have to use foil if you don’t want to. The idea is to utilize SOMETHING that allows you to distinguish between untreated and colored or bleached sections of hair. This ensures that the color or bleach does not transfer to other hair, allowing you to precisely target the area you want to color or lighten.

Of course, there are products intended specifically for use with hair for this purpose like hair foil, and these specialty products are often produced at an appropriate size and thickness to make them simpler to work with when applying focused color effects. 

However, for the ordinary home user seeking to save money while making their hair look nice, these professionally developed tools are frequently a little expensive. As a result, it makes sense for many home users to purchase their own roll of light aluminum foil and cut their own hair foils.

can you use kitchen foil for highlights
Can You Use Kitchen Foil For Highlights (Image Source: Pinterest)

 Why Do You Use Foil When Bleaching Hair?

When trying to dye your hair, you will likely require a bleaching chemical. Especially if your hair is naturally dark and you want to lighten it.

  • The bleach penetrates the cuticle and enters the hair cortex.
  • Foil removes the melanin from your hair, allowing the color to take its place.
  • When professionals bleach hair, they wrap the portion that has been bleached with aluminum foil.
  • This generates a heated environment that enables the bleach (and toner, if applied) to penetrate the hair cortex much faster.
  • It also increases the chances that the bleach will be distributed evenly.

How Should You Cut Foil For Highlights?

foil for highlights
Foil For Highlights (Image Source: Pinterest)

Aluminum foil’s thickness and strength vary inevitably based on the manufacturer. Home bleaching requires a moderately strong and thick foil that is both malleable and resistant to harsh chemicals.

  • If the kitchen foil looks too thin, it may simply be doubled.
  • Depending on where you buy, sandwich-sized aluminum foil wraps may be available.
  • These are inexpensive and simple to operate, and they may simplify strip-cutting.

Size Of The Foil

Depending on the length of your hair, you may need foil strips of various lengths. Longer hair requires more foil, whereas shorter hair requires less.

  • Remember that you will wrap the foil over the hair to seal it in the bleach.
  • Cutting pieces that are double the length of the hair to be colored is a good idea.
  • A good rule of thumb for the length of foil strips is 4 to 5 inches wide by 8 to 12 inches long.
  • You may adjust this according to the length of your hair.

If your hair is really long, you may always use 2 strips of foil sandwiched together, one covering the hair from the roots to the midpoint and the other from the midpoint to the ends.

Keep in mind that you must avoid generating a crease in the bleach when you wrap the foil over the hair part. Otherwise, you may have uneven bleaching, resulting in uneven color. It is important to take your time to ensure correctness.

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