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Alice In Wonderland Cheshire Cat Makeup Tutorial | How To Paint My Face Like A Cat

If you were asked, “What is that one animal that you would like to paint or do your makeup on?” I do not know about you, but I answer you would be a Cheshire cat face paint look. While painting face like a cat is excellent for that Instagram post, there are many face paint cat ideas on the internet, but my favorite cat makeup of all time would be the Alice in Wonderland Cheshire cat makeup.

I came across a completely fabulous Cheshire cat face paint tutorial that was so cool that I had to try it myself. I thought this was an entirely excellent makeup because the Cheshire cat face painting resembles McGee’s Alice in the nastiest looking rendition of Cheshire face paint.

cheshire cat face paint
Cheshire Cat Face Paint (Image Source: Pinterest)

I know there are hundreds of Cheshire cat makeup tutorials on how to paint my face like a cat on the internet. But there is a rare number of goth Alice in Wonderland Cheshire cat makeup tutorials and looks compared to the typical Alice in Wonderland Cheshire cat makeup tutorials. 

Therefore, I decided to look for a goth-themed Cheshire cat face painting. So let’s get started with our Cheshire cat face paint tutorial!

Cheshire Cat Face Paint Tutorial

Step 1: The Start-Up

To start our Cheshire face paint with the standard process, I blocked out my eyebrows. Then I used a glue stick to coat them, let them dry, powdered them, and repeated the process 2 to 3 times further. Brushing them upwards and spreading them out with my hair helps disguise them more.

I drew a fast drawing on my neck and collarbone of the Cheshire Cat’s long bony neck for the base of my Cheshire cat body paint. I used a creamy-skinned eyeliner pencil to delineate where my mouth would be. I was only able to use a metallic gray because I was still using my face paint cat kit created exclusively for princess and robot face paints. I simply accepted it and prayed for the best.

Step 2: Creating Cat Whiskers Painted Face And Teeth

I, unfortunately, didn’t have such cream-colored face paint, so I made a mixture of white and yellow and filled in the region around my mouth where my teeth and my whisker face paint would stay. I used white paint to create my whisker face paint and my brows to my Cheshire cat face paint so that different colored patches of fur could be seen in specific locations.

Except for two pointed bottom teeth, I used black face paint to outline the separate teeth, resulting in round teeth across the mouth. I used a little extra black color to fill in a gap between the top and bottom teeth and give the upper and lower lips more contour, attempting to provide them with a face paint cat-like appearance. For creating the cat whiskers’ painted faces I used a black line to draw them in.

Step 3: Cheshire Cat Face Painting (The Eyes)

I used black liquid eyeliner to create the eye and facial patterns of the Cheshire cat face paint. The ultra-narrow brush was far more exact than any of my previous brushes, and the black liner went on considerably darker than the black face paint.

I’m not going to tell you how many times I had to erase and rework areas of these facial designs. We’ll leave it at that. It was a process. I discovered that sketching swirls or lengthy lines in one fluid stroke were more straightforward than smaller motions.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

In the places where the Cheshire cat body paint would, I painted my neck and chest gray and filled in the blank space on my neck and shoulders with black. I used gray paint to add details to the throat, ribs, and collarbones, then went over the borders with a deeper black color to enhance depth.

I shaded and highlighted where the bones should be protruding or sunken with more gray and white Cheshire cat face paint. To enhance the face paint cat appearance, I went over my cat whiskers painted face to darken the whisker face paint.

And there you have it, your question about how to paint my face like a cat but goth has been answered. I very much enjoyed this unique idea of Cheshire cat face paint but goth.

I got to experience an awesome makeup out more face paint cat look. I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did. For more unique ideas like this or any updates on makeup, and skincare related come again and give a visit to BS Makeup Kits we hope to meet you soon!

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