christmas elf makeup tutorial

Christmas Elf Makeup Tutorial – Step by Step Guide

Pumpkin Spice, we’ll miss you a lot. Now that Thanksgiving has been done, it’s time to look forward and move to the next holiday, which will have its own special taste with some Christmas elf makeup tutorials. The season of the Peppermint Mocha and putting up the tree is here.

There are peppermint mocha beverages on the table, minty cookies to prepare and consume, and lots of candles to light to immerse yourself in a candy cane-scented mist to get the holiday vibe we’ve all been waiting for the whole year. 

X- Mas Elf Makeup Tutorial
X- Mas Elf Makeup Tutorial (Image Source: Pinterest)

So it’s no surprise that white and red stripy clothing and makeup would be popular throughout the holiday season. What can be better than one of Santa’s elves to take on the role of personified candy cane? 

Candy Cane Elf
Candy Cane Elf (Image Source: Pinterest)

Perhaps you work as a Christmas elf at your local mall during the festive season, or you serve as an elf with Santa at a Xmas fair, or maybe at a children’s hospital. Christmas gatherings are another opportunity to wear festive makeup, such as a candy cane elf look. Glossy skin, glitter, and sparkles abound in classic elf makeup styles. 

Elf Makeup
Elf Makeup (Image Source: Pinterest)

Christmas Elf Makeup Tutorial

So let us introduce you to an amazing tutorial on candy cane elf makeup. We’ve even set out the stages so you can follow along with Candy Cane Elf Makeup Tutorial:

Step 1: Apply Contour 

Step number 1 is to apply contour, red contour on your upper cheekbones to get started with the Christmas elf makeup tutorial. By doing this your cheekbones will be defined and give you a festive vibe.

Cheekbones Red Contour
Cheekbones Red Contour (Image source: Pinterest)

After doing the cheeks contour, do the nose with the same color and now gently blend in with a fluffy brush. Then add a fine shadow to the jawline.

Colorful Jawline
Colorful Jawline (Image Source: Pinterest)

Step 2: Creating Eyes & Brows Look

Get the same fluffy brush and from the outer edge of your eyes and crease paint the color with full creativity. 

Eyes and Brows
Eyes and Brows (Image Source: Pinterest)

Time for the concealer, apply the concealer similar to your skin tone. 

Concealer (Image Source: Pinterest)

Take the same shade of shadow you used for the contour on an angled brush and then fill your brows to keep the color pattern the same.

Red Eyebrow
Red Eyebrow (Image Source: Pinterest)

With a red lip liner go over your red shadow eyebrows and focus on the sharps and edges of the brows. 

Red Eye Brows Look
Red Eye Brows Look (Image Source: Pinterest

Now apply silver glitter on the inner sides of the red eyebrows using eyelash glue to give the shimmer according to the Christmas elf makeup tutorial.

Candy Cane Look
Candy Cane Look (Image Source: Pinterest

Now draw the striped pattern or draw little squares in the alternate of red and white or in other words Candy cane pattern on the area of the liner on the lids and fill the white with a white liner to expose the color.

Red and White
Red and White (Image Source: Pinterest)

An optional apply is to add green glitter sequences to give it a little shimmer which is not compulsory in the Christmas elf makeup tutorial Lastly, add a beautiful winged liner to finish the eyes. 

Christmas Candy Cane Elf Look
Christmas Cane Eyes (Image Source: Pinterest)

This will help to clarify your eyes while maintaining a focus on the dramatic red and white liner. Make a small wing in the inner corners of the eyes as well. Apply white eyeliner to your waterline. Only use black mascara on your upper lashes. Glide the brush over your bottom lash line with the same white eyeliner to give your lashes a frosty effect!

Competed Cane Eyes
Competed Cane Eyes (Image Source: Pinterest)

Step 3: Apply Lip Liner

Apply a strong red lip liner on the upper lip in this Christmas elf makeup tutorial. To offer your lips a bigger impression, section them off. Apply any of the silver glitters from your brows to the middle of your lips with your finger.

Christmas Elf Makeup Tutorial
Christmas Elf Makeup Tutorial (Image Source: Pinterest)

Extras for The Christmas Elf Makeup Tutorial

For the extras in this look, you can top off the look by wearing a white wig, Christmas elf-themed accessories such as snowflake rings, earrings, Tiaras, elf ears, and so on to make your look pop out as much as possible. 

The following video shows you the Christmas elf makeup tutorial:

Christmas Candy Cane Elf Look
Christmas Candy Cane Elf Look (Image source: Pinterest)

We believe that this Christmas elf makeup tutorial will assist you in attracting everyone’s attention at this year’s Christmas gatherings and celebrations. We wish you a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year in 2021, as well as many warm wishes from our side.

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