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20 Best Christmas Eye Makeup Looks to Make You Look Pretty

We love to deck the halls for the holidays with the prettiest Griswold-style outdoor Christmas lights and the most gorgeously maintained Christmas trees, filled with the most delicate Christmas eye makeup looks wrapped packages stacked beneath it, of course, if there’s one season of the year to go all out, it’s Christmas.

christmas eye makeup idea
Christmas eye makeup idea ( Image Source: Pinterest)

Our celebrations, however, do not end with adorning our halls to the nines. So take your holiday appearance to new levels this December with these glitter Christmas eye makeup looks that will have everyone looking twice. Make the season even shinier by jazzing up those peepers with sparkly shadows, luscious liners, and lashes, and even sparkly face jewels once you’ve gladly donned that ugly Christmas sweater (the tackier, the greater) and plucked up the courage to wear those colorful and sparkly Christmas bulb earrings that genuinely light up (the year needs you to hang them!). You might as well add a twinkle to your eyes if you’re going to be masked!

green christmas eye makeup
Green Christmas eye makeup (Image Source: Pinterest)

Best Christmas Eye Makeup Looks

Take a look at these top Christmas eyeshadow “eye”-deas and tutorials that range from professional to done-in-the-blink-of-an-eye easy, whether you’re in the mood for full-on conventional Christmas-colored cosmetics palettes (like red and green, silver and gold) or wintery looks with ice blues.

christmas eyes
Christmas eyes (Image Source: Pinterest

Sunset Eye Christmas Eye Makeup Look

Make your eyes sparkle with a splash of metallic enchantment for an easy Christmas eye makeup idea.

sunset christmas eye look
Sunset Christmas Eye look  (Image Source: Pinterest)

These universally flattering colors bathe your eyes in a beautiful sunny glow, resulting in more enormous, brighter-looking eyes that are brimming with JOY! These glide-on-and-go cream eyeshadows, which are enriched with nourishing Vitamin E, are a must-have for your beauty bag this holiday season. Apply with your fingers for a light veil of sunset-inspired color, or use the Blender Brush for a more intense finish.

christmas eye look
Christmas Eye look (Image Source: Pinterest)

The following video will define this Christmas eye makeup look: 

Neutral Christmas Eye Makeup Look

Brighten your eyes with neutrals. However, gold, bronze, and chocolate brown tones are preferred.

neutral christmas eye makeup look
Neutral Christmas Eye Makeup Look (Image Source: Pinterest)

These LIGHT-AS-AIR simple eyeshadows are encased in a sparkling neutral starburst palette. They are inspired by the world’s most beautiful stones and jewels, with the neutral look inspired by molten smoky quartz for a bright, neutral eyeshadow look that’s perfect for the holidays. 

neutral christmas eyes makeup ideas
Neutral Christmas Eyes Makeup ideas (Image Source: Pinterest)

The following look will let you know how you can recreate this glitter Christmas makeup look.

Santa’s Hat

The classic Santa Clauses red hat with the white bobble, what can get better than that it is a unique Christmas eye makeup look you will want to do, and its quick, simple, and easy to do if you are running late for a party or if you’re short in time it gives the perfect vibe of the holiday season.

santa's hat eye makeup ideas
Santa’s Hat Eye Makeup Ideas (Image Source: Google)

This look inspires the surroundings and is easy to do. First, apply the desired eyeshadow color to your beautiful base, and add glitter (optional) to pop the look. After that, draw or use a stance to add Santa’s hat in place as you prefer it, and there you go, your glitter Christmas makeup look is done, and you’re ready to glow in the party.

christmas eye makeup ideas
Christmas Eye Makeup Ideas (Image Source: Pinterest)

This video will let you know how you can recreate this Christmas eye makeup look:

Gorgeous Green Glittery Christmas Eye Look

The green is the best color to choose for the holiday season to do the decor and even for the makeup, and adding the glitter to it gives the spice you need for that cocktail party you’ve been waiting to go to the entire year.

gorgeous green glittery christmas eye look
Gorgeous Green Glittery Christmas Eye Look (Image Source: Pinterest)

The sparkling glitter shines its way in the eyes of the admirers and pulls them to you. It’s the perfect time of the year to use the color green to enhance your look and to adore it. 

green glittery christmas eye makeup look
Green Glittery Christmas Eye Makeup Look (Image Source: Pinterest)

These Images represent some of the best green Christmas eye makeup ideas you should try this year on X-mas.

Gold Glitter Smokey Eyes

This Christmas, stun and delight with gold glittering smoky eyes! The color-addressed eye-gilding shades glisten with a beautiful jewel, inspired sparkle that makes your eyes POP out! It is perfect for this year’s holiday.

glitter smokey eyes
Glitter Smokey Eyes (Image Source: Pinterest)

Gold, another color of the holidays, will certainly make you look magnificent, especially at gatherings. This glitter Christmas makeup look will give you the clicks you want for Instagram this year.

gold smokey eyes
Gold Smokey Eyes (Image Source: Pinterest)

The tutorial for glitter Christmas makeup look is in the following link.

Wreath Eyes 

Because hanging a wreath from your eyelids would be extremely heavy, Christmas wreath makeup does not entail hanging a wreath from your eyelids. We also don’t enjoy the concept of pine needles becoming stuck in our eyes.

wreath eyes makeup look
Wreath Eyes Makeup Look (Image Source: Pinterest)

It’s a little difficult to replicate unless you have a very delicate touch, but a lot of people have tried this out and shared it on Instagram, indicating that it’s now a full-fledged fad.

wreath decor eye christmas makeup look
Wreath decor eye Christmas makeup look (Image Source: Pinterest)

Take a glance at how other people created the look in the gallery given, feel inspired, and then give Christmas wreath eyeshadow a try.

It’s the ideal appearance for Christmas day, in our opinion.

wreath makeup look
Wreath Makeup Look (Image Source: Pinterest)

Wreath makeup looks video.

Gingerbread Man Eyes 

The ringing bells and the smell of the baking of gingerbread are other vibes to have in the Christmas festival. Decorating and frosting the gingerbread man cut oats is the best memory of my childhood today it’s not that I don’t do it I make sure to refresh my childhood memories every year by frosting and baking also decorating, it’s like you in a world of yours doing it ow you want to do it like.

gingerbread man eyes
Gingerbread man eyes  (Image Source: Pinterest)

Now we’re not gonna glue the real thing on the eyelids but instead, let’s bring up our drawing skills but if you’re a bad drawer like me no worries it’s that simple even I can pull it off, draw the cutest gingerbread man you’ve ever drawn and add the preferred color n the ids before drawing the image, and wallah there you have it the te cutest Christmas eye makeup look for this year.

gingerbread man eyes christmas makeup look
Gingerbread Man Eyes Christmas Makeup Look (Image Source: Pinterest)

The following is a step-by-step tutorial for you. 

These were some of the best Christmas eye makeup looks for you for this year. We’ve gathered the best one for you. The mentioned looks are unique, beautiful, and easy to recreate so take your makeup bag and get started with it. Imagine your face as a band canvas and your make-up the paint don’t be shy, just paint the town red.

christmas eye makeup ideas
Christmas eye makeup ideas (Image source: Pinterest)

We hope you enjoyed and liked the looks in our article. Do try the ones you liked the most and stand out in your audience. We wish you all a very merry happy and safe Christmas this year and the years to come too. Glam yourself with some of the best Christmas eye makeup looks and enjoy your time of the holiday.

christmas eye makeup looks
Christmas eye makeup looks (Image source: Pinterest)

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