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Do I Have A Cool Olive Skin Tone?

They have been the unofficial “poster girls” for years for their cool olive complexion due to various marketing efforts and “get the looks” articles in glossy publications. Jennifer Lopez, Eva Mendes, Eva Longoria, and a few more are just a few examples of cool olive skin tones. 

cool olive skin
Cool Olive Skin (Image Source: Pinterest)

When you consider this, in addition to the fact that olives themselves have such strong associations with the Mediterranean, it is easy to understand how the phrase came to be connected with the caramel-hued complexions of Latin America and the Mediterranean. 

What is the truth? Cool olive skin may have roots in various cultures, spanning East Asia through India, Eastern Europe, and even Ireland.

Cool Olive Skin Tone

The traditional “cool olive skin tone” narrative actually excludes a large portion of people from the debate, such as individuals from the Middle East. One example of this is the term “black skin.” The presumption is made that people with olive complexions always have dark skin. In point of fact, you might have olive skin that is either extremely cool or very dark.

How to Identify Your Cool Olive Skin Tone?

There are a few tried-and-true tests that may assist you in determining your cool olive skin tone.

Skin’s reaction to the sun

The quantity of time you spend in the sun is one of the most important factors that play a role in establishing a cool olive skin tone. Martin explains: “If you don’t get very fiery too early, you have a cool olive skin tone. 

Since you tan easily, I’m guessing you have a naturally warm undertone. Since you tend to burn and then tan, it’s probable that you have a neutral undertone to your skin.”

Color of your veins

Martin suggests that looking at the veins in and around your face and neck is the best method to accurately establish your answer to whether you have a cool olive tone. However, he does advise that examining the color of your veins is a good approach to discovering your tones in a hurry. 

“If you can see blue veins in your skin, your tones are more on the cool olive skin tone side. If your veins seem green or olive on your skin, it means that your body temperature is high. The color-neutral is achieved by combining warm and cold tones,” Martin elucidates for us.

White t-shirt

Get a piece of cloth or even just a piece of paper that is completely white and grab that. Put the object straight up to your nose and examine it in light that is both bright and natural. You have a cool olive skin tone if it seems pink or rosy when compared to other people’s. If your face seems to be more yellow, then you have a warm tone. 

If you believe that you appear better in off-white or creamy tones rather than stark white, this is another indication that your skin tone is likely to be warm. You may have a neutral undertone if you can wear both hues without feeling like your complexion is being washed out.

I hope that you were able to figure out whether you have a cool olive skin tone and this will help you in the near future to find the best makeup color and the best contrast to go with it.

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