creepy sfx makeup

Creepy SFX Makeup Looks And Tutorial

Back in the day, the Celts chased evil spirits away, but on October 31st, we’re throwing a frightening celebration to commemorate the occasion with some creepy SFX makeup looks and tutorials. 

The creepy SFX makeup is ideal if you’re looking for something to do with your friends or STUWO flatmates. When it comes to your Halloween costume, you want to leave a lasting impression on everyone. 

But which creepy SFX makeup is the best? Then we’ll show you creepy SFX makeup looks and tutorials that you may try out this year. So have your mirror and your makeup ready. Have a good time with your cosmetics!

Creepy SFX makeup: Ideas

Here is a list of the creepy SFX makeup ideas.

Creepy ghost

creepy ghost
Creepy Ghost (Image Source: Pinterest)

There’s nothing more suitable for Halloween than ghosts and other supernatural creatures. Simple makeup may transform you into a terrifying ghost in little time at all, according to this tutorial. When worn with white attire, you’ll be the center of attention at every gathering.


Vampire (Image Source: Pinterest)

With this easy and quick Halloween outfit, you won’t sparkle like the Cullens, but you will still be able to spread fright and fear. Vampires, the nocturnal creatures, are a popular choice for Halloween costume parties. So it is a good choice to add that Twilight touch to the creepy SFX makeup.

Creepy skull

creepy skull
Creepy Skull (Image Source: Pinterest

This simple (yet frightening) skull design is inspired by Mexican Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) customs. The nice part about this makeup look is that you can pair it with anything.

Halloween Pumpkin

halloween pumpkin
Halloween Pumpkin (Image Source: Pinterest)

Do you have an orange favorite hue that you like wearing? As a result, this creepy SFX makeup look is perfect for you. Use of this makeup in combination with an orange costume is highly recommended. Isn’t it true that orange has replaced black as the color of choice?

Creepy SFX makeup tutorial: The Joker

Batman’s arch-nemesis is a formidable adversary who must not be underestimated. You want to express your wild side on Halloween, don’t you? 

the joker
The Joker (Image Source: Pinterest)

Then this simple Halloween makeup tutorial is ideal for you. It is really simple for the woman to transform into a female Joker.

What you’ll need is the following:

  • Red lipstick or red Halloween paint are also good choices
  • Black eyeshadow or a black theater color are also good choices
  • White makeup (or extremely light) in color
  • Green hair color (not permanent!) is a possibility

First and foremost, paint your face white. Then, using red lipstick, create the largest and most terrifying smile on your face. Make your eyes black by using a black eye shadow. Smudging the margins of the makeup is encouraged since it is not intended to be tidy but rather wild and chaotic in nature.

You won’t need much equipment to do any of these creepy SFX makeup ideas, which are all fast and simple. It is likely to obtain everything you need at a pharmacy or a costume shop. So put on your costume and prepare to be transformed into a frightening figure of your choosing. 

If you’re still looking for Halloween costume inspiration, check out our blog on “18 Scary SFX makeup ideas”. We hope to see you soon.