curly or straight hair for headshots

Tips for Curly or Straight Hairs for Professional Headshots

A headshot is a photograph of the face that has been closely cropped from the shoulders up. The subject is aware of the camera and often looks directly into the lens. Headshots used to be reserved for actors and models, but that has changed. These photographs are, in some ways, more significant than a resume when it comes to showing talent. This post is about tips for curly or straight hair for headshots.

When it comes to styling your hair, whether or not you have a stylist, make sure you do it in a manner that makes you feel most like yourself! The addition of some wave or curl to the hair typically looks wonderful in headshot photographs. After one week, the majority of cuts look better. It is generally not a good idea to have your hair cut or colored the day before your session.

curly or straight hair for headshots
Hair for headshots (Image Source: Pinterest)

Curly or Straight Hair for Headshots (Tips For Women)

headshot tips for women
Headshot Tips for Women (Image Source: Pinterest)

Hair is a crucial part of your professional headshot. Maintain natural hair for professional headshots that are age suitable and can be easily recreated in a matter of minutes’ notice. If you have curly hair, you should style it that way so casting directors can remember you when entering the audition.

However, you should avoid using any products that will make your strands oily or crunchy. In any case, you may not have enough time to straighten your hair before an audition. If possible, we suggest that you include a hairstylist in your headshot.

  • Lead time for getting your haircut and color: If you are getting your haircut and color, do so approximately a week before the session.
natural hair for professional headshot
Natural Hair for Professional Headshot (Image Source: Pinterest)
  • This is when the natural hair professional headshot, whether you style it yourself or hire a professional, avoids choosing a hairstyle that you will never wear. Even while you want to present yourself in the clearest way, people should not be shocked when they meet you in person after viewing your headshot.
  • If ever possible, tying your hair back will help to slim down the face and neck.
few curls
Few curls (Image Source: Pinterest)
  • A few curls here and there are fine but don’t go crazy with the curls. Make sure your headshot resembles you in the best possible way.
  • Hair spray can be used to control the majority of flying hair. In studios, hairspray will be available.
  • You should have your hair done the same day as your session if possible.
prepare your hair
Prepare your hair (Image Source: Pinterest)
  • Preparing your hair the day before; if you’re not going to do a blowout, wash your hair the day before. Avoid frizz by using hair products before the session, either on your own or with the help of your hairstylist.

Hair Positioning in a Headshot

Women with long hair can prevent the “Cousin It” effect by making sure that all of their hair does not entirely cover their shoulders, whether they are wearing their hair forward or back.

hair positioning in a headshot
Hair Positioning in a Headshot (Image Source: Pinterest)

Try parting your hair all the way to the back or all the way forward. When all of your hair is on one side, it can look like a photo from the high school yearbook. Try tucking your hair behind one or both of your ears for a different look.

side bangs
Side Bangs (Image Source: Pinterest)

Keep in mind that, for headshots, we want the attention on your face. Both eyes and eyebrows should be prominent. If you have a hairstyle, such as side bangs, where the hair covers part of your eye, you can smooth them into your hair or pin them if necessary so that your hairstyle remains beautiful while they are out of the way.

You can want to experiment with pinning your hair up – this can be really attractive and draws attention to the face and jawline. This may be particularly great in an actor headshot, allowing the casting director to see your face more clearly.

ponytail in a headshot
Ponytail in a headshot (Image Source: Pinterest)

Make sure you are aware of the fact that you have a ponytail in your pictures. You want just enough showing to give the impression that it was done intentionally. However, a ponytail that is completely hidden can be effective. Just be aware of what’s going on.

don't go crazy with the curls
Don’t go crazy with the curls (Image Source: Pinterest)

Make sure you don’t go crazy with the curls on the day of your session if you don’t regularly curl your hair. On the other hand, if you have curly or wavy hair, you may not want it straightened to the point where it is sticking straight. Clients who have their hair done in the manner in which they regularly wear it are the most comfortable throughout their sessions.

Curly or Straight Hair for Headshots (Tips for Men)

headshot tips for men
Headshot Tips for Men (Image Source: Pinterest)

You should consider your hair while taking a headshot, regardless of whether you have a lot of it (jealous!) or not much hair at all (guilty!). For men, we often suggest not hiring a hairstylist for your photoshoot, but you can certainly do so if you want to make your pictures seem their best. Men should keep the hairs on their noses and brows well-trimmed. 

If you don’t usually have a beard, shave the morning before your photoshoot. If you want to rock the stubble look, a three- to four-day growth is preferable to a two-day growth, which appears as if you forgot about it the next day. We’ve learned a few things about how to style men’s hair for their headshots:

  • Lead time for getting your haircut, If you are getting your haircut, do so approximately a week before the session. Within a few days, your hair will have grown a little and will seem more natural because of the lack of sharp-cut lines.
shaved hair
Shaved hair (Image Source: Pinterest)
  • If you shave your hair on a regular basis, you should continue with your regimen on the day of the session. It’s best to give yourself at least 1-2 days if you’re going to do it every few days or every couple of weeks.
  • If you wash your hair every day, there isn’t anything you need to change. Before your session, we suggest that you wash your hair if it has been more than 1-2 days between washes.
men headshot
Men Headshot (Image Source: Pinterest)

This video tutorial will define hairstyles for curly and straight hair for men.