Curly to straight hair perm

How to transform curly to a straight hair perm

If you feel confident in your skills and want to try curly to straight hair perm at home with an acid perm, the following is a list of the products you will need and the methods you will need to follow to get effective results.

Supplies You’ll Need

  • An acid perm kit.
  • A conditioner and shower cap.
  • A wide-tooth comb.
  • A towel.
  • A hairdryer.
  • A vented brush.

Steps To transform curly to a straight hair perm

You intend to do your curly to straight hair perm the night before, coat your hair with conditioner or your preferred moisturizing mask, and put on a shower cap. Allow it to sit overnight on the hair. This will shield your hair from the damaging effects of the perm’s harsh chemicals.

  • In the morning, wash out the conditioner and pat dry your hair. Now,  It’s time to use your wide-tooth comb to apply and distribute the acid perm solution throughout your hair. To make it easier, try doing it with your head hanging over the side of a bathtub. Ensure that your hair entirely absorbs the solution before rinsing. 
  • Set a 10-minute timer and comb your hair continuously during that period. In other words, when the timer goes off, your curls should appear relaxed and even straight.
  • Leaving the solution on for another 5 minutes is fine if the hair still seems curly after the timer has ended. Never stop combing your hair; this constant motion helps your hair take on the refined look you desire. 
  • Warm water will help you remove the acid perm solution from your hair. Rinse thoroughly for at least three minutes to remove all perm solutions from your hair.
  • Put on a timer for five minutes and apply the second solution, a neutralizer (typically sodium bromate in acid perms). Towel dry your hair gently (without rubbing). Continue combing your hair until the timer expires, then switch to the other side. 
  • Run warm water over your hair for 3-5 minutes. As a result, you won’t have any leftovers to deal with! To help your hair’s outermost cuticle layer close, use a cool rinse afterward.
  • Next, use a small amount of conditioner to help with detangling and combing.
  • To straighten your hair, use a low heat setting on your hairdryer and a vented brush with a soft towel to gently towel-dry it.

Your hair should not be washed or wet for the next 48 to 72 hours after you’ve done blow-drying it straight. This will help your hair neutralize and maintain its shape after a curly to straight hair perm.

Straight or slightly wavy effects are ideal (depending on how tightly curled the initial perm made your hair). You may be disappointed if you’re looking for a straight perm that doesn’t smooth out your hair. Using a frizz-fighting hair serum can help ease the issue. Ensure soothing hair treatment or straight perm; both are different.

Is It Possible Curly To Straight Hair Perm Without Damaging Your Hair?

The only way is to let your hair grow out and trim off the permed parts a few months later to get rid of the perm without damaging your hair. Considering that hair grows approximately half an inch each month, you should have roughly three inches of new root growth in six months.

Flat ironing or curling your hair can help you achieve a more consistent texture, even if your hair isn’t as short as 3 inches. Your natural hair will gradually return to its original texture and shape as you continue to cut off the permed portions.

It’s a good idea to keep in mind that your permed hair will gradually relax over six months. As a result, it’s possible that you won’t hate – or even like – your perm after just a few months. It’s well worth the wait if it means preventing permanent damage to your hair.

I hope you loved this article on transforming curly to straight hair perm and find it helpful.