do eyebrows match hair color?

Do Eyebrows Match Hair Color?

Do Eyebrows Match Hair Color? Naturally, the color of all of the hair on your body is generally the same. The color of your body hair may be lighter than normal, although this is largely dependent on your grooming routines. However, when it comes to hair color and eyebrows, they are almost all the same shade.

It might be different if you color your hair or tint your brows or if there is a natural fade of pigments due to age. As a result of this, is it always essential for the color of your eyebrows to match the color of your hair? Let’s have a look and see.

What are the color rules for hair and eyebrows, and should they match or should they be different? The question for today is about the color of your eyebrows and the color of your hair and how much they should match. This is an excellent question we discuss in this article.

do eyebrows match hair color?
Do Eyebrows Match Hair Color? (Image Source: Pinterest)

Eyebrow Color Rules

Your brows are one of the most noticeable features on your face. They serve to frame your face and, depending on the form, might draw attention to certain features. However, do not necessarily eyebrows match the color of your hair when it comes to the shade. The following is a general rule of thumb for keeping a pleasing brow shade. This is the rule I follow:

  • Blondes should have brows that are one to two shades darker than their hair.
  • Brunettes or red-haired girls should have their eyebrows one to two shades lighter than their hair.

This is a universally appealing method to have your brows placed.

Maintain Your Natural Eyebrow Color

maintain your natural eyebrow color
Maintain Your Natural Eyebrow Color (Image Source: Pinterest)
  • When it comes to choosing an eyebrow color that complements your hair, the most important thing to remember is to go with your gut. The pigment that makes up your eyebrows is developed from the same source that makes up your skin. As a result, the natural color is the best and most pleasing tint for your skin tone. The majority of makeup artists will advise you to keep your natural brow color.
  • If you have crazy hair color, ask your hairdresser to develop a tint for your brows that do not precisely match but complement you nicely. The majority of celebs keep their brow color in its natural form and just wear the pigment that is already there. That is, if you can pull off an appearance without having to color your brows, that would be excellent. Use an eyeshadow palette and an eyebrow brush to dust some matching color on your browns for special events.
  • We’d also want to point you that you should never bleach your brows under any circumstances! Because of the damage done to the follicles by bleach, your brows may become orange and even grow as a result of the harm done to them. So be careful while using bleach.
Should your eyebrows match your hair?