do perms cause hair loss

Is A Perm Bad For Your Hair?

Whether you believe it or not, perms have been around for more than a hundred years but do perm side effects happen, or do perms cause hair loss? Perms alter the natural texture of your hair by using chemicals to alter it.

Straight hair that has been curled or waved is referred to as curling or wavy hair. Perms, as the name indicates, are long-term hairstyles. Curly hair is permanently transformed as a result of chemical treatment. But do perms cause hair loss or is a perm bad for your hair?

do perms cause hair loss
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Cold perms are a common perm process in which straight hair is wrapped around rollers or rods and a perm solution is used to give the hair a voluminous, bouncy appearance. Do perms cause hair loss? Cold perms are also known as hot perms.

However, straight hair may be wrapped around metal bars that are then heated to activate a perm, which causes your hair follicles to be reconstructed by the heat used to style your hair. A digital perm, or a series of digital perms, is what is referred to as this. So are there any cold perm side effects? You’ll find out by reading further on.

Does perms cause hair loss? or Does getting a perm damage your hair? However, in addition to giving your hair a fine appearance, perming may induce hair loss owing to breaking along the shaft, rather than hair fall from the follicles, as previously stated.

This is due to the fact that perms dry out the hair, causing it to become brittle, fragile, and more prone to breakage.

In the instance of female pattern hair loss, it is possible that the date of your perm corresponded with the commencement of female pattern hair loss in your hair. A variety of events, such as hair damage, might contribute to the development of this hereditary disorder. So saying is perming bad for hair, might just be the case.

Perm Side Effects

Do perms cause balding due to perm side effects? Or Do perms cause hair loss? Perms do not cause baldness, although they might result in hair loss if used too often. Damage or melting of the hair might occur if the perm is applied incorrectly or the post-perm care is not followed.

The number of different kinds of perming chemicals available now is more than in the past, and they may be customized to a specific hair type. A reduction of harshness is also an advantage.

You must have been the victim of a tall story. Perms will not cause you to become bald, but you should do a thorough study before getting one. Look for reputed salons and shampoos to utilize on your trip.

Obtain further information by asking your friends for suggestions, doing a search for establishments in your region and reading reviews, and so forth before any work is done on you, it is customary to have a consultation so that both you and the stylist are on the same page about what you want. 

Moreover, they will instruct you on how to properly maintain your vehicle. Inform them that it is your first time and that they should take excellent care of you if you are truthful about your situation. Queries are always appreciated since they help us to do our jobs more efficiently.

How bad does a perm damage your hair? Even though the thought of having perms seems so cool, it is very important to know the perm side effects that might vary. So let us look at a few perm side effects.


Do perms cause hair loss? Among the several types of hair loss that may result from a bad perm and one of perm side effects, the most common kind is breaking.

The process of perming, which is by its very purpose a drying procedure, may cause the hair strands to become fragile and brittle when performed incorrectly, which can result in split ends. 

A consequence of this is that the hair separates, resulting in thinned or bald patches on the head. A temporary hair loss is helpful since new strands of hair will regrow over time, resulting in a fuller appearance.


Do perms cause hair loss? In most cases, the only variables that contribute to hair loss are genetics and natural aging, other perm side effects. Hair thinning is caused by the overuse of relaxers and the overprocessing of the hair, among other things. Chemotherapy treatments that are given to brittle hair or damaged follicles may cause baldness in certain individuals who are susceptible. 

Relaxers should only be left on your hair for a short period of time in order to get the straightest results possible or you might be the victim of perm side effects. You’ll have more muscle and more volume, and your chances of being hurt will be reduced as a result.

Chemical burns

This is one of the most common perm side effects. Do perms cause hair loss? You should seek medical care if your hair loss or thinning is caused by something wholly unrelated, such as familial baldness, in which case you should seek treatment. Ingested sodium hydroxide, which has an acidity that ranges from 10 to 14 on the pH scale, may produce chemical burns if swallowed.

As these compounds penetrate the hair shaft, they have an effect on the structural properties of the hair follicle. If the treatment is not completed, it has the ability to enter the scalp and produce chemical burns to the skin in that area.

Earlier the year 2005, it was reported that a lady in North Carolina had attempted a lye-based treatment at home and had experienced severe chemical burns within five minutes of doing so, ultimately losing all of her hair as a result of the treatment.

According to TeensHealth from Nemours, even “no-lye” relaxers and perms may cause mild to severe irritation, especially if your scalp is already sensitive 4.

A study published in Skin Biology found that the pH of lye or sodium hydroxide ranges between 10 and 14.

According to Nemours’ TeensHealth, if you have a sensitive scalp, you should avoid using perms and relaxers that do not include lye or ammonia.

How Will My Hair Grow Back After A Bad Perm?

Do perms cause hair loss? The unfortunate answer is yes in a few situations but do not worry because your hair will definitely grow back after a bad perm scalp damage. But let us look at some precautions that you might consider before getting a new perm. 

It is recommended that you check with a hairdresser before obtaining a perm to prevent perm scalp damage and perm side effects. If you are not properly educated, utilizing at-home kits might endanger the health of your hair and may cause perm scalp damage. Prepare for your next perm by doing the following things:

Have a talk to your stylist

In accordance with your current hair condition and type, a stylist may recommend the most appropriate product for you based on your current hair condition and type.

Precautions should be taken the day before you have a hair treatment with a stylist, such as refraining from combing your hair or scratching your head. Chemical burns and hair follicle damage will thus be less likely to occur in the future as a consequence of this procedure.

In accordance with industry guidelines, perming or relaxing your hair should only be performed by a licensed expert. Check your scalp the day before your stylist’s appointment to ensure that it is healthy, and avoid combing or scratching your head the night before your stylist’s visit.

Keep your hair moisturized

Light creams should be used on your hair after it has been permed to keep it nourished and prevent damage from occurring. At some time, only the strongest hairs will remain, and the weaker ones will fall out, leaving just the strongest. (Explore ethnic hair care; it’s a hidden treasure mine of information!) Use of heat styling and hardening gels, as well as treatments containing alcohol, should be minimized.

Shampoo and conditioner

Hair health and moisture may be maintained by washing with a moisturizing solution and conditioning with a high-quality conditioner on a regular basis, according to the manufacturer. In direct sunlight or in front of a hair drier, the conditioner will have a better chance of penetrating the cuticle more deeply.

High-temperature curling irons and blow dryers should not be used on a daily basis since they may be dangerous. A balanced diet, as well as the use of efficient hair vitamins, are both essential for maintaining great hair health in the long run.

In addition, you may wish to try rogaine, which is a treatment that helps to encourage the development of new hair. Massage a leave-in conditioner into your scalp once a day, after you’ve washed off the shampoo and conditioner you’ve been using.

This will help you obtain the best results possible. When it comes to accelerating hair development, the most basic technique is to consume the necessary hair growth supplements. 

As a consequence of participation in this activity, you will see a significant increase in your hair growth. In addition, blow dryers and straighteners should be avoided while styling your hair.

Take care of your diet

Make a deliberate effort to stop smoking and consuming alcohol, as well as to get enough sleep and physical activity.

Using the proper hair supplements, you may anticipate your hair to grow at a rate of around 4 cm each month if you follow the recommended regimen.

Don’t expose your perm

If you have sores or inflammatory areas on your head, it is possible that chemical burns may form on your scalp. After you’ve obtained your perm, be sure it doesn’t get destroyed by high heat! It is recommended that all styling equipment be maintained at or below 300 degrees Fahrenheit at all times.

Perm Routine

Can A Perm Permanently Damage Your Hair?

Do perms cause hair loss? Hair perms are infamous for their strong chemical scent while being applied in the salon, as well as for causing slight hair loss or sensitivity afterward. A “permanent wave” or other chemical therapies may have devastating negative effects on a large number of female patients. Perms have been shown to cause considerable hair loss in certain individuals. Before you get your hair permed or relaxed, be sure you are aware of the hazards associated with the operation.

Do Perms Cause Hair Loss?

Do perms cause hair loss? Following much debate, it was found that there is no definitive answer to the issue of whether or not “Are perms bad for your hair or do perms cause balding?” Even while every circumstance is unique, in general, a perm should not result in hair loss in the vast majority of persons who have it. If your perm causes damage to your hair and/or scalp, you can expect to lose some hair as a result of the treatment. Prior to perming, it is necessary to test the solution on a small area of the skin.

Do Perms Damage Your Hair?

Will a perm ruin my hair?! Perms might cause your hair to become dry for the first few weeks after getting them. It shouldn’t be a problem unless your hair has been heavily colored, bleached, or otherwise damaged, in which case it may be. Only a small amount of extra conditioner and possibly a light Leave-In conditioner should be used during this period.

Will A Perm Help Thinning Hair?

Do perms cause hair loss? The process of perming is known to improve the thickness of hair so the thought of “will a perm help thinning hair” is a lie, in addition to providing volume and definition to the waves or curls that are created. It is necessary to use carefully designed chemicals and a curling rod to get this look, as well as to define your curls.

Hair is allowed to rest for the appropriate amount of time before being washed and treated with a neutralizer in order to avoid the occurrence of a chemical reaction. Depending on a number of factors, such as hair length and density, a perm may last anywhere from 3 to 8 months on average. Your hair will seem thicker as a consequence of having it permed. This is performed by expanding the hair shaft and giving the body to the hairstyle.

How Bad Is A Perm For Your Hair?

Does a perm kill your hair? Or Do perms cause hair loss? Perming does not have the same negative impact on your hair’s health as bleaching, contrary to popular belief. The treatment, according to research published in the peer-reviewed journal PeerJ, may cause strands to become brittle and dry as a consequence of the drying process. Damaged hair makes you more prone to brittleness and even breakage as a result of the damage you’ve already endured, so it’s important to take care of it.

If you do not use a perm correctly, even though it is less destructive than bleach, it may still cause damage to your hair due to perm side effects.

When you perm your hair, the chemical links in your hair are destroyed and reconstructed. The chemicals used on your hair are strong and might cause further damage if they are not handled properly. This causes your hair to become more delicate and prone to damage as a consequence.

Additionally, damage occurs when perming is conducted on a regular basis.

For the greatest results, consult with a professional who has previous expertise dealing with curly or kinky hair and who prioritizes the health of your hair and scalp above all else. You should seek medical attention if you suffer any of the following symptoms during or soon after receiving a relaxer treatment. Your hair and/or scalp may be damaged as a result.

And that is wrapped in today’s blog post. We hope that you found this information handy and have successfully answered your concerns.

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