Do you apply toner to wet or dry hair

Can You Put Toner On Wet Or Dry Hair?

Your hair color may seem beautiful at first, but it will gradually fade and become brassy. This is when the use of a hair toner is beneficial. When used on bleached or colored hair, a hair toner can help neutralize undesirable yellow and orange tones while also preventing discoloration. Toners do more than just refresh your hair color; they also act as a protective barrier around the hair and help to maintain its porosity.

Do You Apply Toner To Wet Or Dry Hair?

No, not on fully wet hair. You should always apply a hair toner when your hair is at least 70% dry. If you apply toner to slightly damp hair rather than wet or fully dry hair, more effective results will be achieved. Damp hair has a higher porosity, which helps in the toner’s distribution and the toner’s ability to work properly.

do you apply toner to wet or dry hair
Do you apply toner to wet or dry hair (Image Source: Pinterest)

Toner shampoo is available for use in the shower to level out more slight changes or metallic tones. While these types of toners can produce a dramatic color change, they generally do not have quite enough “oomph” to achieve the desired effect. 

Toners are available in various styles that are good for a wide variety of applications and hair goals. You’ll want to be absolutely sure you’re using a suitable product for your condition, or you may end up with some very funky coloring.

Do you shampoo before toner?

Before using toner, you can think that it’s a good idea to finish your hair care routine. However, several products suggest against conditioning before toning. The use of shampoo is good as long as your hair is fully washed before the toner is brushed in. Keep in mind that toning is applied evenly from the root to the tip of the hair.

If you’re only looking to bring out a few highlights or tone down some of the natural differences in your hair color, letting the toner soak in unevenly might have some unexpected results.

Dry hair is like a sponge, soaking up moisture. If the sponge is evenly wet (or entirely dry), the toner will be evenly distributed throughout the hair’s length. Because the conditioner acts as a sealant, the toner will not absorb as well. You can absolutely wash your hair before using a toner, but you are not required to do so, and you should surely avoid the condition

toner in brassy hair
Toner in Brassy hair (Image Source: Pinterest)

How long does to leave toner in the hair?

The amount of time that toner is allowed to sit on the hair may significantly impact the color that is achieved. When it comes to how long to keep it in, different products have different recommendations, and for each product, just a few minutes in one direction or the other can have very different results.

As soon as the hair is bleached, it has a higher porosity than typical, making it more suitable for soaking toner. Additionally, over-processed hair will absorb more toner than that given to completely natural hair. Make sure you follow the product’s directions exactly. However, in general, toner should not be held in for more than half an hour. 

A short application of eight to ten minutes will result in a lighter color, while a longer application will result in a slightly darker shade of hair. If the product is left in for an extended period, the hair might get a subtle purple, grey, or even greenish shade, depending on the product. 

Because toner fades a little with each shower, this tone can really be a decent starting point in certain cases. After a few washes, the tone will return to normal and remain that way for a long when a toner treatment is finished with these more “unnatural” colors.

Do I shampoo after toner?

Again, the kind of toner in question plays a role in determining when to use shampoo. Color-preserving shampoos and mild conditioners work nicely with thicker cream-based products. Because runnier products are more easily rinsed away, you should probably limit yourself to a rinse for the first 24-48 hours after treatment. Don’t wash your hair with hot water if you’re using a toner to get a gorgeous shade. To ensure that your toner lasts as long as possible, use lukewarm or even cool water to keep your cuticles flat.

Can you tone your hair twice?

If your first attempt at coloring your hair with a hair toner does not provide the results you desired, most beauticians advise waiting at least one month before trying again. The difficulty lies in the bleaching and toning process. Bleach lightens hair by eliminating melanin in the fiber. 

There are other pigments in your hair, and bleaching does not eliminate those, so you end up with a variety of shades after bleaching because you leave behind those pigments that bleach does not remove. Toning your hair is the process of adding a little amount of color from the other end of the color spectrum, therefore bringing the color more to its natural look.

applying toner
Applying toner (Image Source: Pinterest)

Bleaching and toning open up your hair’s end, which puts stress on it. Breakage occurs as a result of repeated stress, whether in hair or in life. Toner treatments should be spaced out by one month, as recommended by doctors. You’ll achieve the color you want in the long run if you allow your hair time to recover and strengthen before reapplying the dye.

Tips for Getting Long-Lasting Toner Effect

In this tutorial, we also discuss tips for long-lasting toner effects:

before and after toner
Before and After toner (Image Source: Pinterest)

Hair Wash

The period of time your hair toner will last depends on how often you wash your hair. The longer the effects of the toner last, the less often it is washed away. Once a week, after applying toner, you should wash your hair to maintain the best results.

Shampoo After Toner

After applying toner to your hair, do not use shampoos. The toner’s benefits may be removed before it has had a chance to penetrate your hair. Wait for at least 48 to 72 hours before applying shampoo.

During this time, just rinsing your hair with cold water will be enough. Additionally, avoid using hot water since it may remove the toner pigments. Maintain the use of only professional purple shampoos after the waiting period has expired to avoid the hair toner from fading too quickly.

It is important to remember that you should not keep the purple shampoo for more than three to five minutes. If you need to wash your hair more often than once a week, consider using dry shampoo.

Summer Care

Your newly toned hair can get damaged if it is exposed to direct sunlight. After you’ve toned your hair, be sure to keep it covered with a hat or scarf while you’re out. Avoid spending as much time as possible in swimming pools or in direct sunlight.

Hair Styling With Heat Tools

Regularly styling your hair with heat tools might reduce the effectiveness of your toner’s benefits. Avoid subjecting your hair to style techniques that demand extreme heat and a lot of stress on the hair. Applying argan, coconut, almond, and grapeseed oils to your hair can help to keep it nourished and protected from harm.

Toner can transform your hair from brassy to gorgeous, but you must understand how to apply it properly. Fortunately, if you’ve understood it far, you already know. As a result of this knowledge, you will have locks that will turn heads and make you smile every time you see yourself in the mirror.