does gorilla snot gel cause hair loss?

Does Gorilla Snot Gel Cause Hair Loss?

Today’s post is about Does Gorilla Snot Gel Cause Hair Loss? There have been no direct studies conducted to find if gorilla snot promotes hair loss or not. However, it includes alcohol, which might cause your hair shaft to become dry. As a result, if you use gorilla snot every day, you may see a small amount of hair fall.

You should avoid using any hair product that includes alcohol since it might harm your manes. It depletes the natural oils from the hair, making it dry and brittle. In addition, a gentle tug on the brushes can result in hair breakage. Gorilla snot gel is not intended to be used regularly. As a result, if you use it just sometimes, you should not experience any terrible effects.

What is Gorilla Snot?

Moco De Gorila, a Mexican hair care company, has launched a new range of products called Gorilla Snot. It’s designed as an ‘extreme hold styling gel for punk rockers,’ and it is available in 3 flavors.

Galan Squizz, which comes in a green bottle, has a holding factor of 8; Rockers Squizz, which also comes in a green container, has a hold factor of 9; and lastly, Punk Squizz has a hold factor of 10.

The bottle design is quite masculine, to the point that the question “Can Moco De Gorila be used by women?”

Yes, it is used by many ladies. Due to the fact that it is a high-hold gel, it may be appropriate if you are going for a dramatic look, such as a mohawk. For those of us who don’t style in a ‘hawk,’ the product may be used in a number of ways.

what is gorilla snot?
What is Gorilla Snot? (Image Source: Pinterest)

Pros of Gorilla Snot

pros of gorilla snot
Pros of Gorilla Snot (Image Source: Pinterest)

Gorilla Snot gel offers a number of advantages that make it quite appealing to those who use it.

Has a good hold.

This product delivers on its claim of providing long-lasting hold. It provides excellent edge control and will keep the baby’s hairs flat for a long period of time. In contrast to most other gels, it does not feel wet but rather sticky like snot.

If water-based gels are not doing work for you, this product may be able to lay your hair effectively. Because it is long-lasting, you might preserve a style for a long period of time with this gel, particularly if it is applied to areas of your hair that you wish to hold rather than your entire head.

It is inexpensive.

Another significant advantage is the low cost of this gel. A 12 oz bottle is available for purchase online for seven dollars, which isn’t terrible when compared to certain styling gels that may cost twice as much for half the amount of product.

It is simple to find

The Gorilla Snot gel is also readily available; I’ve seen it in a variety of shops. You may also buy it from most online sellers, such as Amazon if you like.

Cons of Gorilla Snot

cons of gorilla snot
Cons of Gorilla Snot (Image Source: Pinterest)

The following are some of the disadvantages I discovered:

Effect of drying

Hold on tight since high hold comes at a cost. I’m not even talking about $7. The drying impact is the first thing to mention. Gorilla Snot has a significant amount of alcohol, which is one of the primary ingredients.

This product will also dry out your hair since it contains alcohol. If you already have dry hair, this might put you in a very difficult situation. This product will dry your hair, even if you have normal hair, and you will need to use other products to counteract the drying impact of the alcohol in this product.

 The residue is formed.

Despite the fact that this product does not flake, it does not imply that it is completely free of residue. Many people who have used this gel have reported that it may peel off in rubbery chunks, similar to the dried glue. This is not an issue you want to be faced with.


A yellow tint has been noted in the hair of those with light or platinum blonde bleached hair, in particular, who have used the Punk line of Gorilla Snot.

Environmental impacts

Last but not least, there is the environmental effect. Usually, hairspray or other aerosol propellant items get a bad rap for being harmful to the environment, but now it’s gel.

Gorilla Snot Gel Pros & Cons