does permanent hair color fade

Does Permanent Hair Color Take To Fade?

Have you tried to dye your hair? You may be considering purchasing a boxed hair color from the store or visiting a salon to get your hair professionally done.

In any case, if you’ve arrived at this page, you’ve already taken the first steps in dying your hair. Hair dyeing is a good way to change your look, add elegance, or make a statement. It’s entirely up to you.

However, for anyone considering dyeing their hair, the big issue is usually how long hair color takes. Or, perhaps, what types of dyes are available, and should we go with permanent?

Does permanent hair color fade? There are a lot of women who have the same concern! Women who have colored their hair permanently or semi-permanently wonder if they can ever return to their natural hair color. This article is dedicated to all of those guys!

Let’s take a look at the fundamentals of hair care and coloring before getting down to the short stack and getting straight answers to those challenging questions.

What Different Kinds Of Hair Dye Are There?

Permanent hair dye, semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair dye, and bleached hair dyes are the three forms of hair dye (the ones with the bright rainbow shades).

These three types have varied effects on your hair, so some will last a long time while others will require a touch-up in a few weeks.

When Does Hair Dye Fade Out Completely?

So, how long does permanent hair color take to fade? To begin, we must explore the many types of hair dye. After a couple of washes, some colors will fade and wash out. However, several hair dyes make this more difficult.

Temporary Hair Dye

temporary hair dye pen
Temporary Hair Dye pen (Image Source: Pinterest)

Temporary hair dye is the earliest sort of hair color. Wash-out hair color is another name for temporary hair dye, self-explanatory. This hair color will fully go away. Or, to put it another way, it washes out completely and returns your hair to its natural color.

Because the hair color merely coats the surface of the hair shaft, there is no permanent effect, and the effects aren’t long-lasting. It’s ideal to try out a new hair color for a few days.

Does Temporary Hair Dye Wash Out Completely?

Temporary dyes quite quickly fade out from the natural hairs. The new color will wash off when you shampoo your hair, and your hair will recover to its natural color.

Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

semi-permanent hair dye
Semi-Permanent Hair Dye (Image Source: Pinterest)

Semi-permanent hair dye is the second type of hair coloring. This type of hair dye is ideal for taking your temporary hair dye to the next level, but you don’t want to commit to a permanent look.

Semi-permanent hair dye can also be used to give gloss and shine to dull hair and aid in the growth of permanent hair color. It can even be used to touch up your roots!

Another advantage of semi-permanent hair dye, it does not take long for the dye to fade completely from your hair. Because those colors aren’t usually made with ammonia, they don’t require the use of a developer. In around eight washes, semi-permanent hair color fades totally out of your hair.

Does Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Wash Out Completely?

The benefit of semi-permanent hair dye is that it fades out completely after eight washes.

Demi-Permanent Hair Dye

demi-permanent hair dye
Demi-Permanent Hair Dye (Image Source: Pinterest)

The main difference between semi-permanent and demi-permanent hair dye is that the latter is blended with the developer. This causes the hair color to penetrate the hair shaft, allowing it to last longer in your hair. In around 24 washes, demi-permanent hair dye will fade out of your hair.

If you’re looking for a hair dye that’s halfway between semi-permanent and permanent, this is the way to go. The fact that this hair dye is ammonia-free is a bonus.

How Long Does A Demi-Permanent Hair Color Fade Out Completely?

In around 24 washes, a demi-permanent hair dye eventually fades off. This is a great option if you know you like this color and want to return to your natural hair color effortlessly.

Permanent Hair Dye

permanent hair dye
Permanent Hair Dye (Image Source: Pinterest)

Permanent hair dye is different from other hair dyes in that it is permanent and does not fade away completely from your hair.

It’s fantastic to commit to a single hair color for an extended period. It might go weeks without fading because it penetrates the hair more deeply (because of the chemical process).

However, due to hair growth, you will need to reapply at some point. The amount of time you need to reapply relies on your base color and the look you want to achieve.

Does Permanent Hair Dye Fade Back To Natural Color?

Permanent hair color does not wash off completely. It will simply grow out in time, and you can do various things to combat it, like reapply any other matching colors.

How Long Does Permanent Hair Dye Last Before It Fades? 

Does permanent hair color fade? The advantage of permanent hair dye would be that it lasts for weeks and weeks! Even after your next haircut, it’ll most likely still be there.

This contrasts with semi-permanent colors, which last about 8 to 12 shampoos, and demi-permanent dyes, which last about 24 to 28 shampoos.

The bleached hair dye fades the fastest, lasting as little as a week if you shampoo your hair frequently. The permanent dye lasts the longest because it doesn’t just leave color on the top of your hair.

When mixed with the activator, the hair dye will open up your hair’s cuticles, anchoring the dye right into the hair, making it resistant to ordinary hair care like washing, brushing, and blowing.

How Long Does Permanent Hair Dye Last On Bleached Hair?

You won’t be able to color your bleached hair with permanent hair dye. This will cause significant damage to your hair, which will very certainly be irreversible, and should be avoided if possible!

Permanent hair dye is not the same as bleached hair color, and for a good reason. When you bleach your hair, you remove all of your hair’s pigment from the cuticle.

Permanent hair dye unlocks these same cuticles, allowing fresh hues to be embedded. Combining the two might cause irreversible damage to your hair. Instead, you’ll need to use a bleached hair dye that needs to be retouched every two weeks.

But, you might wonder, why can’t we just dye our hair bright colors like blue, purple, or pink instead of bleaching it?

Because your natural hair color, whether brown, blonde, or dark brown, will just neutralize the shades, it will never stand out and will most likely end up looking murky and dull. The colors will not shine, and the impact will be different.

While many persons with bleached, colored hair have hoped for a permanent hair dye that doesn’t require touch-ups every two weeks, no such products are presently available.

If you’re considering bleached hair colors, please remember that preserving the dye color of your strands will take a lot of effort.

Is It Possible To Remove My Permanent Hair dye?

We become tired of our hair dye and want something different, it goes wrong, and we want to fix it, and I’m sure there are several possible reasons you want to switch. There are a few options for getting rid of your permanent hair dye.

Get A Fresh HairCut?

Right, I must admit that this appears to be a risky option. It’s difficult enough to cut your hair off due to a poor hair coloring job. However, there are situations when it is the only option. You won’t have to remember the color for the near future if you start over.

Wait Until The Hair Dye Has Completely Faded?

You couldn’t do this with permanent hair dye, but it can help with the other three (semi or demi-permanent dyes and temporary dye). Allow it to fade for a bit.

You may also discover hair products that will help you fade the color, such as shampoo. Simply put, don’t rush things. You’ll be stuck with your shade for roughly a month if you haven’t used permanent hair dye. So wait it out and make the best of what you have to let the hair color fade properly.

Find A Color Compatible With The Present Dye

You should be aware that you can not dye your hair multiple times in a short period, but you can wait a few weeks to allow your hair to recover and then dye it with a consistent shade.

Look for a color that complements your existing hair color (rather than clashing with it) and is closer to your natural hair. You’ll know you’ll get something you like if you do it this way.

Does Permanent Hair Color Fade Or Washout?

It doesn’t fade or washes out, but it does lose its brilliance over time. Even with permanent hair color, you may notice that your hair doesn’t look as bright or glossy as it did the day you colored it, and there’s a good reason for that.

It’s not the color of the dye that’s fading when your hair loses luster and seems faded a few days after you apply permanent hair dye.

It indicates that your hair has been harmed by chemical treatments, exposure to the chemical, and possibly a lack of nutrients overall.

Our hair requires extra attention and care, especially when dyeing it, including permanent hair dye. After a while, being exposed to the sun, possibly some saltwater, and other external factors, in general, will make your hair look a little lifeless.

Investing in an excellent non-detergent sulfate-free shampoo that is kinder on your hair and scalp will quickly address this problem.

A decent hair color care conditioner (that is also sulfate-free) will help keep your colored locks looking vibrant. It’s also a good idea to use leave-in conditioners to nourish your hair when styling it.

How Long Does Box Dye Last?

Based on the goods and the application technique, it can take anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks.

How long does box dye stay in hair?

It depends on various conditions, it can last a long or short period.

How Long Does It Take To Grow Out Hair Dye?

Some highlights (such as baby lights or somber) may fade away without the need for a touch-up, but if your stylist has been foiling the color up to the scalp, it will require some skill to balance and soften it into a flawless grow-out. You’ll need to get your roots to a length of at least 1-2 inches. That implies you’ll have to wait somewhere between 2-4 months for an inch or two of hair to grow.


At this point, you have enough knowledge about different hair dye types and how to fade them fully. This is a simple task for most hair dyes. Simply wash your hair once or twice, and your hair will be restored to its natural color.

We hope that this article has answered all of your questions regarding hair coloring so that you can go into the procedure knowing precisely what you’re getting yourself into, which means fewer worries and more enjoyment! Just keep in mind that no matter how you dye your hair, you’ll need to maintain it.

Any chemical you use on your hair will decrease its elasticity, making it more sensitive to damage & breakage. Some dye varieties, such as permanent hair dye, require less care than others.

You may have the glossy, beautiful hair you’ve always desired at a hair care level that you’re entirely comfortable with by looking into the many types of hair dye and the diverse maintenance demands that come with it. Style your hair with gorilla snot gel for maximum hours.