Does unopened makeup expire

Does Makeup Expire If Unopened? |Guide 2023

Many of us keep cosmetics long past their expiration dates because, unlike a gallon of milk or a bottle of Motrin, they don’t have a prominent label indicating when they’ll go bad. In the same way, it’s important to learn when to let go, even if it means throwing away a favorite mascara that’s gone off or an eyeshadow palette that’s been collecting dust for years.

Does unopened makeup expire? Yes! It does. Experts say that most skin, hair, and body products have a shelf life of two to three years if they are not opened. Of course, the product itself is a major factor as well.

What happens if I use expired makeup products? Products lose their effectiveness and can produce bacteria if kept for too long, which could then be transferred to your face and lead to various skin problems.

After How Long Does Unopened Makeup Expire?

Two to three years is a good rule of thumb for unopened cosmetics. However, this varies widely from product to product. More or less natural preservatives mean that the shelf life of natural or “clean” items is reduced. There is a 30-month shelf life on unopened clean products. Therefore, a PAO (Period After Opening) date is established to indicate the “best performance” period for the product.

Products that are cleaner and use natural preservatives are safer and can keep their quality longer. However, their shelf lives may be shorter than those of their chemically preserved counterparts. Finding the perfect products that help your skin and body stay healthy while also satisfying your vanity is the key.

Of course, product variety is also a factor. Powder foundations stay longer than their liquid counterparts, while items used around the eyes, such as mascara, tend to dry out and expire rapidly. There is a limit to how long the pigments may be suspended in a product. Therefore the shelf life of some color cosmetics is only 18 months to two years.

Each Makeup Products Expiry Dates

Does unopened makeup expire? We contacted Wilson and Mallon to find their recommended discard dates to compile a comprehensive resource for determining when to throw away various makeup products. In case you come across a product that seems questionable, check it against this list. Your skin and you will be grateful to us afterward.


Your mascara may last you up to a year, say the experts. Wilson recommends simply keeping it in a cool, dry place with the lid securely fastened. According to Mallon, the product stored properly only has a six- to nine-month shelf life.


Concealer, according to Wilson, has a shelf life of 12-18 months. If you’re going to apply it with your fingertips, she says, properly wash your hands. She recommends cleaning or replacing your sponges periodically if you apply the product using a sponge.

Lip Gloss/Lipstick

According to experts, lip products can last anywhere from 12 to 24 months, depending on the brand. However, Wilson warns that once the fragrance or odor changes, you should discard the product since its oils may have gone rancid.

Hair Brushes

In the opinion of both experts, hair brushes can last for years provided they are properly cared for and cleaned.

Makeup Brushes

Again, with the right maintenance and cleaning, they can last for quite some time. After washing, Mallon recommends drying brushes flat. According to Mallon, “this will ensure that water does not penetrate the brush’s ferrule.


Sunscreen has a longer shelf life if maintained properly. However, due to the ingredients in the composition, it can become quite “volatile” as it expires. She recommends switching to a mineral sunscreen with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

According to Wilson, the two-year shelf life or the expiration date on the bottle should be used to determine whether to toss out your spray sunscreen. Past the use-by date, the product’s effectiveness may decrease.

Moisturizer Or Face Masks

Wilson recommends throwing away facial masks or moisturizers after using them for six to nine months. She recommends giving a pump-operated device up to a year of storage time because “it isn’t exposed to the outdoors.” “AHA cream with a low pH [level] and loss of water become more concentrated,” explains Wilson. Using an old moisturizer or cream might produce obvious irritation.


If it hasn’t dried out, both professionals believe your eyeliner should last up to a year. According to Wilson, prolonged use increases the risk of bacterial infection in the eyes.

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