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Eyelash Extension Style Guide & Lash Extension Alternatives | Guide 2023

Everyone knows that eyelash extensions are all the craze right now. Getting a flawless eye look requires practice, skill, and patience. As a bonus, they can make your eyes seem fantastic without all the hassle of traditional eye makeup application. I’ll give you a comprehensive review of the eyelash extension style guide and lash extension alternatives.

My eyes get very sore and red when I try to use lash extensions due to a strong allergic response to the glue. Therefore, I will not be getting lash extensions. I also favor solutions that can offer me a slightly more natural appearance. If you’re seeking lash extension alternatives or an eyelash extension style guide, I hope this list will be helpful.

5 Best Lash Extension Alternatives

Lash Singles

Lash Singles are individual false eyelashes that can be inserted anywhere along the length of your natural lashes. They could be single-use only or reusable. Single, reusable lashes are available at a premium price.

Fiber Mascara

Your eyelashes will look longer and thicker after using fiber mascara. This is a fantastic lash extension alternative if you are short on time but still want to take care of your eyelashes. While fiber mascaras are more expensive than standard mascaras, they may dramatically enhance your lashes in under a minute.


DIY eyelash extensions like Lashify can be applied in the comfort of your own home and worn for three to five days. Your control kit will get two sets of lashes (called gossamers). They have many videos explaining the application process, and it’s incredibly simple once you figure it out.

Growth Serums

Try a serum if you want long, thick lashes without the hassle of applying false ones. Serums designed to promote eyelash growth are a time- and effort-saving way to achieve a dramatic change in your appearance. I always use lash growth serum regularly to keep my lashes healthy, fuller, and long.

Lash Lift

A lash lift is similar to getting a perm for your natural eyelashes. The procedure requires little upkeep but produces permanently lifted and curled lashes. I’ve had lash lifts before and noticed that as the perm started to wear off, the lashes were frizzy and “wire-y” if they weren’t properly nourished and cared for.

5 Best Eyelash Extension Style Guide

best eyelash extension style guide
Best Eyelash Extension Style Guide (Image Source: Pinterest)

Eyelash extensions are available in a wide range of styles. Some of the best eyelash extension styles and their common names are described below.

Doll Eye Lash Extensions

Doll eye eyelash extensions are longer and have a heavy concentration of lashes in the middle of the eyes to make them appear larger and more open. This doll eyelash extension is not suggested for you if you have rounded or big eyes because it will look longer and heavier.

Cat Eye Lash Extensions

It has longer lashes on the outer eye corner. I think this is my favorite Eyelash extension style. 

You can apply this treatment if your eyes are naturally round and not too far apart. If you want your eyes to appear even wider and bigger, consider getting cat eyelash extensions.

If your eyes are already wide or slanted downwards, cat eye eyelash extensions may make them appear wider. Cat eyelash extensions are a fantastic choice for anyone with medium-sized eyes.

Quick and simple to apply, these lash extensions can be placed in the outer corner of the eye.

Classic Lash Extensions

In my opinion, the natural eyelash extension style is a more subtle take on the cat eye. Depending on your preferences, it may be slightly longer at the outer edge, but its defining feature is that it will be drawn to adhere closely to the natural curve of your eyes.

The goal is simply to make your lashes look better; no radical transformation is intended. You might think of it as an upgrade to your natural lashes. I believe this form of eyelash extension is excellent for any eye shape since it plays up the best features of your eyes without changing them.

Staggered Lash Extensions

staggered lash extensions style
Staggered Lash Extensions Style (Image Source: Pinterest)

You’ll get a lot of volume from this combination of long and short lashes. If you’re not a fan of symmetry and prefer things to be a little off-center, this is the style for you. You’ll end up with a striking look thanks to your voluminous lashes.

However, this style is not for you if you have thin eyelashes. This is for you if your eyelashes are already a decent length and thickness.

Colored or Highlighted Lash Extensions

Have you ever considered getting false eyelashes in a different color? I see no reason why not if that’s your thing. In case you were wondering, yes, colored eyelash extensions are a thing, and many other hues like brown, dark brown, purple, and many different bright shades are available at local salons.

I hope you loved this article and find it helpful. Also, you may be interested to read about partial lash extensions.