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Can You Wear Lashes With Glasses?

Wearing eyeglasses, as over seventy-five percent of the population, limits your options regarding eye-enhancing cosmetics. In other cases, you may probably feel like you’re missing out if you don’t use some makeup formulas or don’t get salon eyelash extensions with glasses. 

Can you wear lashes with glasses? As a $270 million industry, false eyelashes aren’t simply a fashion statement; they’re here to stay, too. A wonderful surprise awaits you. Wearing glasses does not rule out the possibility of having the beautiful, thick lashes that you admire on others. Using eyelash extensions with glasses or with contact lenses is entirely safe.

You don’t have to worry if you wear glasses and have given up on wearing false eyelash extensions since they always brush against your glasses. A pair of false eyelashes that aren’t quite as long or include an upward curl can still give you the dramatic image you’re going for, even if they don’t quite reach your glasses. As long as you don’t want to (or can’t) return the pair, trimming them to fit is an option. Instead of throwing them away, you can use them!

Those who wear contact lenses have additional options regarding false lashes. The lash adhesive is the only thing on your mind. Using a hypoallergenic lash adhesive and not applying too much glue to the lash band will ensure that your contact lenses will not be affected by false eyelashes. Wearing eyelash extensions with glasses can be uncomfortable at any length.

False eyelashes should never be worn to an eye exam, whether you wear contact lenses or glasses. A comprehensive examination of your eyes, including drops, will be required. Wearing eyelash extensions with glasses or a lens can affect your regular checkup.

How To Wear Lashes With Glasses?

To avoid any issues, you should avoid using dramatic options when wearing eyelash extensions with glasses.

Instead, opt for a more subdued approach to drama. To avoid crushing and injuring the lashes, make sure your lashes are the proper length or angle before applying mascara. Of course, all the while rocking the appearance you wish. 

Factors To Consider Before Utilizing Eyelash Extension With Glasses

To help you narrow down your options, here are some features of lashes to consider.

Less Dense

You don’t need a lash band with 5,000 lash fibers to get the job done. Ideally, you’d like to keep your glasses from getting in the way of any enhancements you make to your natural lashes. You can still obtain a prominent appearance even with fewer fibers in the lash band.

What length lashes to wear with glasses? Using fewer fibers in a lash band with lashes of different lengths is advisable. As long as the fibers aren’t too thick, you won’t notice the lashes softly swiping your glasses as you would if they were longer.


If you wear glasses, look for false eyelashes with an upward curl. You can buy pre-curled fake eyelashes. As a result, you can wear lashes a little bit longer without worrying about the fibers catching on the glass.

If the standard arrangement of your false eyelashes is not your preference, you might try curling them yourself.

This may make it possible for them to fit more firmly and keep them from striking the glass frame. On the other hand, many experts in the field advise against doing this because it can result in a bend that looks highly unnatural.

In the end, the decision is yours. If this is the path you are interested in taking, advice and assistance are available to aid you along the way.


If you have chosen a set of false eyelashes that complement your natural lashes ideally and want to wear them, you can cut the ends. Just put in a little effort and keep trying them on at various points to determine if they are the correct size. You can always cut more off, but you can’t put back what you’ve already cut off after doing so.

7 Best Lashes To Wear With Glasses

lash extensions too long for glasses
Lash Extensions Too Long For Glasses (Image Source: Pinterest)

As someone who wears spectacles, let’s look at the top seven to wear eyelash extensions with glasses.

Eylure Naturals False Lashes, Style No. 003

eyeglass extensions
Eyeglass Extensions (Image Source: Pinterest)

If you wear glasses, Eylure Accents False Lashes are the ideal way to enhance your everyday appearance by adding a touch of natural length and volume to your lashes. Jessica Chia, the Executive Beauty Editor for Allure, was quoted in the magazine saying, “These are excellent since they’re half-length, so you don’t have to trim them!” In addition, they are simple to apply, allowing even novices to feel comfortable putting them on, and the eyelash adhesive that is supplied is hypoallergenic and non-irritating, preventing any irritation or puffiness.

Demi Wispies from ARDEL

If you wear spectacles and want thick, full fake lashes, go no further than ARDELL’s Demi Wispies. They have an upward curl that will keep your lenses from batting. If you want to add flutter and feathering to your eyelids, go no farther than ARDELL’s demi wispies. Because of their flared lash style, they’re ideal for those who wear spectacles because they’re shorter in the inner corner and longer in the outside corner. The lash band is virtually invisible because of the company’s Invisiband technology.

Scala 3-D False Eyelashes

Scala 3-D False Eyelashes are a great option if you’re looking for a short eyelash extension with luxurious thickness. They draw attention to the eyes but don’t interfere with your eyeglasses because of their shorter length. Many people who use glasses have given them high ratings on Amazon. Because you receive five pairs for less than $10, they’re an appealingly low-cost option.

Ardell Individuals Duralash Combo Pack Starter Kit

First-time falsies should avoid starting with singles. This Ardell Individuals Duralash Combo Pack Starter Kit is an excellent choice for people who wear spectacles and have some experience applying eyelashes. You can use the kit’s short lashes for the inner corner, but for the outer lashes that point away from your glasses, use the more dramatic knotted flares or long black lashes.

According to makeup artist Katie Mellinger, who spoke with Allure about the kit: “Each client’s eye shape and natural lashes are taken into consideration when creating the perfect lash look. The length of a person’s lashes might vary from person to person. Alternatively, I may create my preferred lash intensity by combining short, medium, and long flares.” In addition, the package includes salon-style tweezers to aid in application.

Mega Volume Lashes

mega volume lashes
Mega Volume Lashes (Image Source: Pinterest)

Second-generation mega volume wipes are stunning, easy to apply, matte, and made entirely of vegan materials, none containing latex. Customers adore their wispy appearance, which they provide. A particular adhesive bonding at the base of the Yegi Mega Volume Lash makes it easy to fan out the lashes without them coming apart. They are ideal for creating a dark and edgy effect.

The new Mega Volume Lashes 2.0 have improved bonding, foil support, and a longer wear time. They’re also available in a variety of different sizes and thicknesses.

Yegi Premade Lashes

The Yegi Premade Lash (2D-7D) fans will help you get longer, fuller-looking eyelashes. They don’t contain any latex, are heat-bound, and have a lot of volume. They’re one-of-a-kind. Based on the thickness of the fan, it can achieve a natural, complete, or dramatic effect. A more natural appearance can be achieved by purchasing the 2D option. If you’re looking for a more dramatic look, go with the 6D.

Different designs and sizes of eyelash extensions are available.

Ardell Faux Lashes

When wearing glasses, you must wear enormous, thick fake extensions, such as ARDELL faux Wispies. ARDELL is a well-known name in synthetic lashes with the perfect amount of bounce, curl, and flutter. These are the best lashes for glasses because they are both short and lengthy in length on the inside. With their Invisiband technology, the lash band is virtually undetectable.

These eyelashes are one of my favorites since they are full and curled perfectly. Do not overdo it with the cloves; a subtle mix will do. It enhances the beauty of the eyes and makeup application.

Tips To Wear Eyelash Extensions With Glasses

Wearing sunglasses with eyelashes is very acceptable. Your stylist should be able to tell you how far apart you should be. The following are a few things that should be kept in mind.

Trust Your Stylist

However, you must have to trust your stylist’s abilities. Check out the salon’s online reviews before having your lashes done. If you want to be sure you’re doing it at a reputable place, you need to see it, right?

However, you must have to trust your stylist’s abilities. Check out the salon’s online reviews before having your lashes done. If you want to be sure you’re doing it at a reputable place, you need to see it, right?

Buy Goggles To Protect Eyelash Extensions

To get the best fit, shop locally and always do your best! Look for glasses that have a rounded, curved shape. Flat glasses sit closer to the face. However, round glasses give your eyelash extensions with glasses more room to move around. You may have to make several efforts to discover the right shape for your eyelash extensions, but persistence will pay off in the long run.

Give Yourself A Perfect Look

Eyelash extensions with glasses will still be prominent for others. Your eyes appear larger and more attractive due to the enhanced curls.

It’s possible that you’re worried about how the depth of your glasses and the reflection they give off will contrast with the eyelid extensions. Based on our observations, your lashes continue to impress positively while contributing to the fact that you are easily noticeable.

Customize Your Lash Extension

If you cannot alter your lashes, try adjusting the lash instead! Request your lash artist to give it a more pronounced curl. The curved lash is more than outdated, increasing the likelihood that your lashes may miss and strike you.

Eyelashes Touch Glasses

One of their most notable advantages is that eyelash extensions can be customized to a high degree. Have a conversation with the lash extension professional you work with and tell them that you wear glasses.

In my instance, I decided to wear my spectacles to the appointment so my excellent stylist and I could evaluate the space between the artificial lashes and the glass frame. After that, I talked with her about the length and style I desired (I decided to go with a traditional set of cat’s eye glasses), and they came out beautifully.

They won’t come near your glasses until you select the appropriate length and style. You should have short lashes for glasses to keep your eyelashes smudge glasses.

Different Type Of Eyelash Extension To Wear With Glasses

Take a step back and prepare to be informed with information on five distinct styles of false eyelashes and some handy tips to make your life easier.

Accent Lashes

accent lashes
Accent Lashes (Image Source: Pinterest)

The accent has been a customer favorite for a long time, and they are the perfect addition to any beauty bag. When applied to the outer corners of your eyes only, eyeliner allows you to create a more natural or dramatic appearance to your lashes without the limitations imposed by eyeglasses.

After getting to know the girls well, your eyes will have a flawless appearance throughout the day. Have you heard that… You can get an excellent selection of accent lace at Ardell in various lengths and styles; alternatively, why not give Eylure’s pre-glued corner lace a go for a short lifetime?

Individual Short Lashes

individual short lashes
Individual Short Lashes (Image Source: Pinterest)

If you are seeking lashes that can assist you in getting the look of full-length lashes while avoiding the commitment and bother of using strip lashes, why not give specific individual lashes a try? Applying for new staff might look challenging, but it doesn’t have to be.

We don’t provide you with a group of people to work with every day but rather let you fill in the gaps in your natural flair and build your unique style. To lessen the probability of falsification, short individual lashes prevent the clogs behind your lenses from suppressing them.

Individual Eyelash Extensions

individual eyelash extensions
Individual Eyelash Extensions (Image Source: Pinterest)

Even though this is the most time-consuming and complex type of lash extension, each lash provides more options for the wearer. For individuals who wear glasses, this is a great alternative. To achieve a more natural look, you only need to fill in the gaps with fake eyewear rather than a full pair. Individual eyelash extensions can also be delivered at a lower length so that they don’t fall behind your glasses and fall off easily.

Strip Lashes

strip lashes
Strip Lashes (Image Source: Pinterest)

If you plan to use lash extensions frequently, strip lashes are a fantastic option. Even though strip lashes have a more dramatic appearance, there are many design and color options. Don’t forget to shop! There are a variety of strips to choose from, so select the one that works best with your glasses.

Fake eye extensions are only one example of a beauty craze that makes life far more difficult for people who wear glasses than for people who don’t have to deal with the exact boundaries. Lash extensions can also be risky, even though they can give you a gorgeous appearance that draws attention to your eyes.

Imagine looking into eyes that are much bigger and appear to be more open and pop out naturally. Imagine you could spend less time in front of the mirror trying not to smear your mascara and more time sleeping instead of doing that. But hold on, there is one catch: you must bring your prescription.

If you wear glasses, you won’t be able to experience the beauty, joys, or free time of getting eyelash extensions. After reading this post, you should now have a better understanding of whether or not it would be beneficial for you to take eyelash extensions with glasses if you are concerned that the glasses you wear could prevent you from reaching your maximum potential.

Please make sure you know yourself with the many lash styles offered, the different curls, and before and after eyelash extensions with glasses before you get your lashes done. In this method, you and your lash stylist can discuss the look you want.

How to wear glasses with long eyelashes? If you bring your glasses to the appointment, the two of you can settle on the ideal choice for the eyelash type, style, length, and curl. Your eyelashes will look stunning, and your eyes will have more definitions than you could have hoped!

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