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What Can I Use As A Substitute For Eyelash Glue?

One of the most defining features of our body parts is our eyes. Most people use perfect makeup and false lashes to draw attention to their eyes. However, there is a drawback to this technique. It involves a sensitivity to the eyelashes. Fortunately, we can assist you! We’re going to show you the most incredible alternatives to eyelash glue today. These eyelash glue alternatives will give you the most beautiful and everlasting lashes. 

We’ve compiled a list of 7 substitutes for eyelash glue that you can use to enjoy your fake lashes. So, what’s the most fabulous substitute for eyelash glue? Making your own eyelash glue, using an extra-volumizing mascara, having eyelash extensions, investing in magnetic eyelashes, or obtaining a lash tint are all good eyelash extension alternatives.

All of these options have advantages and disadvantages, and the one you choose is determined by how long you want your makeup to last and how extreme you want your appearance to be. Proceed reading to discover the top eyelash extension alternatives!

7 Best Eyelash Glue Substitutes

You can attach fake eyelashes without ever using commercial eyelash glue using the below eyelash glue alternatives. You have the option of making your non-toxic glue or using one of the options listed below.

1. Magnetic Eyelashes

Liquid Magnetic Eyeliner & Accent Lash System
Liquid Magnetic Eyeliner & Accent Lash System (Image Source Pinterest)

Unfortunately, you can only produce one type of natural lash glue that is both safe and effective. If you don’t want to use a handmade eyelash glue substitute or have the time to make them, magnetic lashes are an eyelash extension alternative.

How To Put On Eyelashes Without Glue?

  • Choose Eylure’s Liquid Magnetic Eyeliner & Accent Lash System. They’re one of the most influential fake eyelashes accessible. These false eyelashes can be applied without the need for chemical glue.
  • If you can apply liquid eyeliner, you’re likely to be able to apply magnetic eyelashes as well. They come with an iron oxide brush to help the eyelashes’ magnets bind to them.
  • This simplifies the application procedure even more! I recommend using many layers to build up your line to be as deep as the lash strip. After that, let it dry completely.
  • The last and most crucial step is to apply the lashes. They’re fluttery and full. This procedure takes around 5 minutes to perform. What’s the best part? They’re inexpensive, and they can be used up to 15 times.

2. Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extension Glue
Eyelash Extension (Image Source Pinterest)

Eyelash extensions are an excellent alternative to eyelash glue since they eliminate the need to apply fake eyelashes continually. It’s not a sticky substance. However, it can still be a reasonable alternative because it’s still a great way to apply fake lashes.

They also last longer than the fake lashes you’re used to. They utilize solid falsies and permanent lash glue.

You won’t have to apply fake lashes as often with the alternative eyelash glue option. They come with an investment, but they don’t necessitate a fair bit of work.

While we advise seeing a professional for eyelash extensions, This Black Swan Beauty’s DIY eyelash extension tutorial is fantastic! Try it at your own risk, or just keep an eye on it to see what happens!

Classic Eyelash Extensions

3. DIY Eyelash Glue

DIY Eyelash Glue
DIY Eyelash Glue (Image Source Pinterest)

What I appreciate best about DIY eyelash glue is how inexpensive and straightforward it is to prepare. You can make an eyelash glue alternative recipe with things you already have on hand.

I enjoy that this eyelash glue substitute is mainly made of natural ingredients. As a result, you won’t have to worry about being allergic to unnatural preservatives like parabens or having chemical reactions.

It’s nearly tough to obtain natural eyelash glue. As a result, making your alternative eyelash glue may be a practical option for you. (The method to prepare this paste is in the DIY fake eyelash glue section.)


After you’ve made your lash glue substitute, apply it to your artificial eyelashes the same way you would any other glue. For extra precision, use a cotton swab or a small spatula.

Before applying your eyelashes, make sure your homemade adhesive is sticky enough. The undesirable movement of the eyelashes will be reduced as a result of this.

Whenever you intend to use a solution, always prepare a new one. It doesn’t include any artificial preservatives. As a result, it won’t last forever.

4. Volumizing Mascara And Eyeliner

Volumizing Mascara
Volumizing Mascara (Image Source Pinterest)

If you can’t endure artificial lashes, it’s probably best to skip them in favor of volumizing mascara and eyeliner. It is a secure and straightforward option. Use a genuinely volumizing mascara like Climax Extreme Mascara and dependable, high-quality eyeliner to achieve that dramatic impression. The majority of mascaras promise lengthy lashes but fail to deliver. They can also be clumpy or crusty.

Cheap mascaras will make you look terrible. Additionally, it has the potential to harm your eyes. Pay attention to the eyeliner as well. Some eyeliners don’t last all day. Invest in a good liner. Certain eye cosmetics, as previously discussed, might irritate the eyes and the skin around them. Invest in high-quality, safe eye cosmetics wherever possible.

5. Lash Tint

Lash Tint
Lash Tint (Image Source Pinterest)

You can tint your natural eyelashes to make them appear fuller if you don’t want to deal with thick mascara every day. Eyelash tints include applying a unique dye to your natural hairs, resulting in long, dark lashes that last for weeks without the need for heavy mascara.

It’s a simple and painless procedure! You sit in a salon chair and close your eyes while a professional applies the color to your lashes. Here is the tutorial where you can tint your lashes at home.


6. Skin-Safe Silicone

The only reason to avoid regular eyelid adhesive is if you have a latex sensitivity or allergy. Homemade versions of homemade items are an excellent method to get bacteria into the eye and wind up with an eye infection.

The medical adhesive we employ to create make-up effects is quite strong, and the solvents required to remove it might irritate the eyes and mucous membranes so I would avoid them in this way.

If you must use something on your eyelids and have a latex allergy, a very thin application of one of the skin-safe silicones commonly used for direct build-ups can be used.

7. Self-Adhesive Lashes

Self-adhesive lashes
Self-adhesive Lashes (Image Source Pinterest)

False eyelashes enhance your appearance and eyes. And, if you’re allergic to glue or can’t find it, self-adhesive eyelashes are an eyelash glue alternative.

Because of their sticky nature, these lashes are simple to apply by anyone. Simply remove the cloves and firmly press them back into their container. It provides a quick and easy approach to digging glue and getting more complete cloves.

Finding and investing in long-lasting self-adhesive cleaves is critical, as some won’t endure a night out. Peeling away without being able to reassemble it can be embarrassing.

How To Make DIY Fake Eyelash Glue?

We will show the procedure through which you can make an alternative for eyelash glue at your home & use it as a replacement for eyelash glue. Fake lashes or eyelash extensions add drama to your eyes; thin fringes fatten up and flirt your eyes further.

If the eye-lashing glue is allergic, but you still want to use fake falsifications, sticky clogs are a safe way to increase the volume in your eyelashes. Put the fake eyelids on your foundation, covering, and eye maquillage to best adjust your eyes. Try the homemade eyelash glue alternative recipes to keep your lashes in place if you don’t want to use self-adhesive eyelashes.

1. Non-Toxic White Glue

The essential ingredients that are first necessary are water 2 tbsp, 1 drop of organic sweetheart blueberry, and 1 small drop of non-toxic white glue.

Procedure To Make Eyelash Glue Alternative With Non-Toxic White Glue

  • Mix all of the ingredients until the sugar dissolves.
  • Furthermore, it will harm your eyes if the sugar is granulated.
  • Also, avoid getting the mix in your eyes. Apply the mixture to the false cleft with a Q-tip and place the aperture on a cleaning line.
  • Keep going for up to a minute.
  • Then continue to apply your makeup as usual. It’s worth noting that the mix just requires one person.

2. Sugar Syrup

The essential ingredients to make sugar syrup are sugar and water.

Procedure To Make Eyelash Glue Alternative With Sugar Syrup

  • Place the sugar & water in a pot over medium heat. Stir frequently until the sugar melts.
  • The mixture is done when it reaches a syrupy consistency. This sugar/water alternative can replace the honey in the recipe once it has cooled enough.
  • Up to 1/4 cup can be made using this recipe. Everything is relatively simple. It is a beautiful eyelash glue alternative if you are allergic to any form of adhesive material. Many make-up artists have reported that adhesives, mainly when applied to red, itchy, or irritating eyes, can cause pain. Not to mention the fact that the cost of glue is beginning to rise with time. It’s just as simple as getting rid of the glue. Take a gentle cleanser and apply it to your face.
  • It may be a shaky attempt, but it can endure pulling or pulling at the false clogs. This could result in not just false calls but also some of your legitimate ones. After that, use an oil-based remover to get rid of the cloves immediately away. Clean your false whip with a mixture of face cleanser and water. To prevent harm, make sure your lashes are kept cool and dry. And that is the end of it. That’s all there is to it. 

Precautions Before Using Any DIY Fake Eyelash Glue Alternative

Things to keep in mind while using a substitute for eyelash glue:

  • Most people believe that eyelash glue cannot be replaced by anything since the eye region is sensitive, and applying something that is not eye-safe and tested is like playing with fire. We’d like to be clear about one thing: you should never use “alternative” eye-free adhesives. There will be no sticks, latex, or super sticks. Some people will always utilize dangerous items, but it only takes one try to screw your eyes.
  • The best part is that homemade glue is inexpensive, and it can usually be produced with things you already have lying around the house, so you won’t have to go out looking for fancy ingredients.
  • Use a small spatula or a cotton bud to ensure the homemade lash glue is sticky enough to prevent unwanted movement and laugh changes before attaching the lashes. Because homemade glue contains no artificial preservatives, it will never be fresh, and you won’t want to rub an old crusty paste into your eyes. Please make it fresh whenever you intend to utilize it. 
  • A DIY substitute for eyelash glue can be risky due to the sensitivity of our eyes and the fact that it is not a tested product. The result may not be as effective as retail location clogging glue. 
  • A correct PH and preservatives are required for any liquid cosmetic. Eye products can quickly infect your eyes if they are not correctly made. Do you have PH and fungus testing equipment on hand? Have you planned ahead of time?

How To Get Fake Eyelashes To Stick Without Glue?

Fake eyelashes give your eyes a bold look. If you’re allergic to eyelash glue but still want to wear fake lashes, choose self-adhesive eyelashes. They’re non-toxic and don’t require the use of glue. Apply fake self-adhesive lashes after using your primer, foundation, eye makeup, contour, concealer, and blush for the best results.

What Not to Use Instead Of Eyelash Glue?

Many products cause harm to your eyes, so don’t use these items as an eyelash glue alternative which are listed below.

Can I Use Toothpaste as Eyelash Glue?

No, toothpaste cannot be used as eyelash glue.

Can I Use Honey As An Eyelash Glue Substitute?

Honey should not be used as eyelash glue because it does not dry. It won’t keep your fake lashes in place, and it might irritate your eyes. Your artificial eyelashes will feel stiff and appear sloppy if you apply honey.

Can I Use Vaseline As An Eyelash Glue Substitute?

No, vaseline cannot be used as an eyelash glue alternative. However, it can be used to detach eyelash extensions. It destroys the molecules in the semi-permanent eyelash adhesive, making removal painless and straightforward. Petroleum jelly is a by-product of the oil refining procedure.

Can You Use Nail Glue For Eyelashes?

False eyelashes cannot be attached with nail glue. It’s similar to superglue and will most likely stick to your artificial lashes. Non-toxic glue can be used. Nail glue, on the other hand, is not suitable for use in the eyes.

Can You Use A Glue Stick For Fake Eyelashes?

No, a glue stick cannot be used to apply fake eyelashes. Glue Stick, like nail glue, is not intended for use around the eyes.

Can You Use Regular Glue For Eyelashes?

You should never put your eyesight in danger when applying artificial eyelashes. As a result, it’s critical to always utilize a latex-free, hypoallergenic eyelash glue. Eyelash adhesives that aren’t explicitly designed for lashes should not be utilized. There will be no latex glue, super glue, or wig glue.

Can You Use Hair Gel As An Eyelash Glue Alternative?

You may undoubtedly use hair gel to hold your eyelashes in place. You should do so at your own risk. It’s not a surety that it’ll keep your lashes in place or look the way you want them to.
Maybe you’re getting ready to go somewhere and need a quick fix; if that’s the case, hair gel can help. Hair gel is sticky, and as it dries and hardens, it resembles glue. To hold the hair in place, hair gel is frequently used. It can do the same thing with your lashes.

False eyelashes and lash extensions add dimension to your eyes. Temporary lashes are adhered to natural lashes with temporary adhesive, while semi-permanent lashes are attached to natural lashes with cyanoacrylate Super Glue adhesive. Toxicity and harm can be severe if any adhesive is misapplied.

If you’re allergic to professional eyelash glues, consider one of the alternatives mentioned above. Hopefully, this article will assist you in locating the best alternatives to eyelash glue.