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My Reviews on Eyelash Lift

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My high school academic record was always between a B+ and an A-; the same can be said about my eyelashes. They are passable, but they might have been much better if they had only put forth a little more effort. 

My lashes are fairly straight and point in various directions, despite having a significant number of them. The arrangement is very depressing, with some of the flowers pointing downward while others lazily curl slightly upward. 

I have tried lash extensions and lash strengthening serums, and I have around a dozen different mascaras that I rotate through at any moment. 

I can’t recall a single event when I went out of the home without first curling my eyelashes using an eyelash curler. Lashes have always been my specialty, and I’m quite picky when it comes to my specialties.

eyelash lift reviews
Eyelash Lift (Image Source: Pinterest)

Despite this, I originally resisted having my eyelashes permed into a flawlessly curled configuration so that they would seem more attractive. 

My eyes welled up, and I felt lightheaded as I thought of the perming chemicals I used to use when I was younger (perms were also popular in the 1990s). 

Even considering applying anything like that to my eyelashes seemed unnatural. Although lash lifts, also known as lash perms, are not necessarily new to the world of beauty, they have a questionable image due solely to the notion of the procedure.

When I announced that I would have a lash lift, some of my coworkers gave me the “are you sure?” look and raised their eyebrows. 

A lash lift would be much less eventful, but slathering your eyes in perming lotion sounds much more frightening than injecting your mouth full of synthetic dewdrops.

The Process For Lash Lifts

Before jumping to eyelash lift reviews, let me tell you that I went to Sugarlash Pro, a business specializing in lash lifts and extensions, to get my eyeball fringe into shape. Sugarbush Pro is a leader in the industry. Lash lifts on Asian eyes are just gold for them because we all know how straight those lashes are.

The following is how a lash lift should work: 

A lash technician will tape your lower lashes while you lie down and close your eyes. This will prevent your lower lashes from being entangled in the mess created at the perming location. 

The next step involves applying a mild adhesive to your upper eyelid to secure a silicone pad that serves as a “curling rod” and a guard for your lashes. 

This ensures that the pad remains in place after the procedure. Your eyelashes will take on a more rounded appearance after they have been coated with perming lotion, thanks to the sloping design of this tool. 

The length of your eyelashes is the primary factor that the technician will consider when selecting the appropriate silicone shield for you. I needed a little one to accommodate the fact that I had very few lashes. 

My eyelashes were combed backward so that they would lay against the curvature of the shield, and then that mild glue was applied to them so that they would all lay flat while we waited for the curling chemicals.

Now, about those chemical substances: That makes a total of three of them. 

The perm lotion relaxes the bonds that hold my lashes in their natural pattern, the setting lotion is what causes them to take on the form of the silicone shield, and the nourishing lotion conditions them so that they have a luxuriously smooth texture. 

After applying each lotion, a marinating period of around ten minutes is allowed to pass. Does it smell like a perm? Faintly. Does it sting? No. On the other hand, you are not permitted to open your eyes at any point throughout the process. 

Having said that, the lash technician that I went to informed me that even if a small amount got into my eye, I would not become blind (but it wouldn’t be nice either). To our great good fortune, everything worked out well. I was amazed by the eyelash lift before and after the results.

My Reviews

After everything was finished, the silicone shields that had been covering my lids were taken off, and I was then presented with a hand mirror for the big reveal. As for how I responded to eyelash lifts before and after, I think the first words out of my mouth were, “Oh, crap.”

My unimpressive eyelashes were polished to perfection and stood at attention like a herd of show horses. They looked like goddamn falsies. 

I was very surprised since I didn’t understand that in spite of their short length, all it required to make them appear like doll lashes was a curl’s trajectory combined with a small tinting job. 

Because of this, I was really pleased with the lash lift results. My entire face gave off the impression of being much more put together just by having my lashes curled and darkened, and I was astounded by this realization at such an early age in my life.

I hope you liked and learned a lot from my reviews. If you would like to read more visit BS Makeup Kits.