Eyeshadow makeup for red dress

Eyeshadow Look For Red Dress | Guide 2023

As a dominant hue, red refuses to be anything but striking and eye-catching. Yes, we could come up with a different beauty look for every event we have coming up (let’s be honest, most of us have prepared for months in advance), but what do we do when we want to wear stunning, eye-catching eyeshadow looks for a red dress?

Makeup looks for red dresses can be used for several purposes. Is this a hot, confident conversation, and if so, where? Depending on the color’s depth, the fabric’s quality, and the dress’s cut, a red dress can make quite a statement, “the makeup artist commented.

Some kind of red dress can be found in the closets of every girl (and waiting to be worn out). You won’t be able to keep that red dress in its bag for long once you see these stunning eyeshadow makeup for red dresses to go with it.

15 Eyeshadow Makeup For Red Dress

There are numerous shades of eyeshadow that can complement a red dress. Some eyeshadow makeup for red dress that we think will look great are listed below.

  • Gold
  • Gray/Black
  • Pink
  • Silver
  • Naturals/Nudes

Continue reading to see these fantastic color ideas for makeup looks that go with a red dress. We will also recommend complementary accessories to complete your look.

Metallic & Dewy Eyes

metallic & dewy eyes
Metallic & Dewy Eyes (Image Source: Pinterest)

It’s possible to achieve stunning results with eyeshadow makeup for red dresses by combining a few different techniques. This eyeshadow makeup for red dress can be balanced with the addition of metallic eyes and dewy skin. Applying metallic eyeshadow can make you look and feel more radiant from brow bone to lip gloss, thanks to its reflective properties and ability to attract light.

To achieve this look, apply waterproof eyeliner to make your makeup last longer and smudge it evenly around your eyes. Finish with a metallic shadow on top. You should then use a liquid highlighter on the areas under your eyebrows and the high points of your cheeks. It’ll make you look radiant and healthy.

Bronze Eyes

bronze eyes
Bronze Eyes (Image Source: Pinterest)

Women tend to love the look of bronzed eyes. You, too, have probably donned this style before. Do you know, though, that bronze eyes complement a red dress quite well? Priming your eyes is the first step in achieving the perfect look. Making your red-dress eyeshadow look last all day is a breeze with this trick.

Next, apply a shimmering bronze shadow all over your eyelids using a gentle hand. Blend it with a fluffy eye shadow brush towards the crease for a seamless finish. You should also blend the same shade under your eyes. For that smoky look, this is a great tool to have.

Put some shimmery, illuminating eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eye and at the center of your lid. Finalize your look with some mascara.

Smokey Eyes

smoky eyes with red dress
Smoky Eyes With Red Dress (Image Source: Pinterest)

Many ladies are reluctant to try smokey eyes because they believe that the trend clashes with a red dress. However, if executed properly, this style complements a red dress beautifully. Smokey eye makeup and a red dress are a classic evening look that never goes out of style.

Use concealer on your lids to aid in applying eyeshadow before putting on your red dress. Use a heavy liner pencil to draw around your eyes. You can also use mascara to enhance the volume of your lashes further.

Apply a shimmery color to your lids now. Two coats of powder shadow should be applied for optimal results. Don’t use a cream shadow. For your lips, try a natural tone.

Touch of Sparkle

touch of sparkle
Touch Of Sparkle (Image Source: Pinterest)

Glitter is fun to work with since it allows you to make a statement with your appearance and draw the public’s attention. Try a sparkly eye with pink cheeks and a glossy lip to achieve a natural look that still has depth. To avoid smudging and messy fallout, select glitter products carefully. If you want to draw attention to your eyes, feel free to experiment with any shimmery pastel shade.

Bronze and Peachy

peachy bronze eyeshadow
Peachy Bronze Eyeshadow (Image Source: Pinterest)

This style works well with various shades of red; try it with outfits that lean toward orange (which will be enhanced by the peach tones in your makeup). If you want your eyes to stand out, use a bronze eyeshadow that is just a shade or two darker than your skin tone. Apply this shade to your eyes and blend it well; use shimmery shadow on your lids and lower line. Apply brown liner and final with some mascara.

Fierce and Fresh

fierce black eyeliner with nude lips
Fierce black eyeliner With Nude Lips (Image Source: Pinterest)

Wearing a red dress with fierce black eyeliner and a nude lip is an excellent combination. If you’re looking for a dramatic, powerful look with your eyes, I think it’s best to leave the lips natural with something like a lip balm or tint for a more contemporary feel. To achieve this look, draw your upper and lower lash lines to meet at the outer corners of your eyes to form a pointed wing.

Pink With Red

pink with red
Pink With Red (Image Source: Pinterest)

Even when it’s not February, different shades of pink look lovely next to a red dress; since pink is a less intense version of red, pairing it with a red dress creates a harmonious contrast between the two colors. The trick is to pick a pink with undertones that complement the type of red in your dress so that neither color is too dominant.

Feline Flick Eyeliner

feline flick eyeliner
Feline Flick Eyeliner (Image Source: Pinterest)

Regarding red outfits, I prefer classic beauty approaches, so I usually go for soft neutral eyes and then ground the look with black eyeliner. The combination of the red dress and the minimal amount of eyeliner applied on perfectly natural skin is stunning, and it makes us marvel at how we can get such a glow all day long.

Using the pointed end of a liquid liner, draw a short, diagonal line just beyond the outer corner of the eye. You don’t have to worry as much about attaining the precise shape as you would with a traditional winged eyeliner. Apply a tinted moisturizer, liquid highlighter, and your preferred natural lipgloss or lip color.

Bold And Beautiful

bold and beautiful
Bold and Beautiful (Image Source: Pinterest)

To draw attention to your lips, wear minimal eye makeup, such as mascara, and a touch of balm or gloss to reflect light. I think it’s essential to look like you put in some effort yet come off as casual and sexy.

If you’re going for the “redness” of a dress, play up the color by applying bold lip color, brushed-up brows, a light swipe of liner to enhance the eyes, and mascara.

Gray And Black

The makeup of any color, even black, complements any clothing color. Blending different hues will be a breeze if you go for a muted color scheme. Smoky eyes can be dramatic or subtle, depending on the wearer.

Whatever the case, a red dress looks fantastic when accessorized with black and grey. Pair a cardigan with some sleek black heels, and you’ll be ready for the office. Costume jewelry provides the finishing touch to a night out on the town.

Monochromatic Moment

monochromatic moment
Monochromatic Moment (Image Source: Pinterest)

Soft brown eyeshadow and a thin line of eyeliner define without drawing too much attention to the eyes. Since everyone’s skin tone is unique, you don’t have to stick to these precise tones if you want to rock this look on your own. Instead, pick out more earthy tones in the hues that go best with your complexion.

Sparkling Silver

sparkling silver
Sparkling Silver (Image Source: Pinterest)

Combining the silver’s sheen and shine and the matte lip gives us everything we desire in a more daring makeup look without sacrificing style. To achieve a softer effect when recreating this look at home, try applying silver eyeliner to the inner corners of your eyes. Do the opposite of everyone else and wear a silver lip with a red embroidered dress.

Champagne Eye Makeup

champagne eye makeup
Champagne Eye Makeup (Image Source: Pinterest)

You don’t need dramatic eye makeup to draw attention to yourself because red is already a striking color. Anything gold, like a warm metallic, would look amazing with a red outfit. And if you want to keep things light and dreamy, a shimmering champagne hue that will make your eyes pop will do the trick!


What do you say? Shall we go out tonight? Make the red dress stand out with a bit of help from some gold eyeshadow. The combination of red and gold is always dazzling. Throw on a gold clutch and matching pumps to pull the look together. It’s the perfect holiday pairing!


To seem put together without going overboard, nude, cream and natural tones are your best bet. Use an eyeshadow that is the same color as your skin or a shade darker if you want your eyes to stand out. You’ll have a more at ease and natural appearance. On a hot summer day, this is the ideal attire. A gorgeous red maxi dress, some warm shimmery eyeshadow, and a fantastic pair of sandals would make a stunning combination.

What Do You Need To Know About Makeup Looks For Red Dress?

Wearing a red dress means putting in the extra effort with your makeup. The ensemble’s success depends on the quality of the cosmetics, which stands out against the brightly colored outfits (or, on the contrary, will not ruin its accent).

Below, we’ll look at a wide range of cosmetics and answer some pressing questions for fashionistas of all skin tones. What shade of lipstick would go best with a red dress?

The most crucial part of using makeup is that it improves the overall quality of the look, regardless of your skin tone. When choosing to wear a red gown, it’s vital to pay special attention to the smoothness and texture of the wearer’s face. It’s important to note that this dress will accentuate any flushing, flaws in your appearance or changes in tone.

You can avoid blemishes and skin decoloration by applying a thin layer of skin-toned foundation. Try to remember that a dull complexion can ruin your entire look. Further, you need to avoid seeming bronzed.

Women of a medium or darker skin tone will look stunning in a red dress and neutral lip color. The nude style complements the outfit beautifully, making it both soft and pleasant to enjoy your day. If a fair-skinned beauty wears a red dress and no lipstick, she risks looking dull.

If you’re wearing a red dress, choose a lip color in the pink or peach family to complement the hue. If you want to complement your red dress instead of blend in, this is a perfect option for women with fair complexion. You can add some life to that subdued peach shade by glossing it with a clear or shimmering gloss.

How To Apply Red Eyeshadow?

Makeup can be made more daring and edgy with the help of red eyeshadow. Red eyeshadow is all the rage right now, so if you’ve been coveting the looks on Instagram and in magazines, you should give it a shot. Make your version of this beauty trend by using red eyeshadow looks step by step.

Step #1

A red eyeshadow look may be achieved quickly and simply with the right cosmetics and application equipment. You’ll need the following items to complete a red eyeshadow look:

  • You will need a wide range of eyeshadow colors, including white, peach, light brown, and deep red.
  • A champagne-colored highlighter or eyeliner.
  • A sizeable fluffy eye makeup brush.
  • A highlighter or liner brush.
  • A crease brush.
  • Black eyeliner.
  • Burgundy eyeliner.

Step #2

mac blanc type eyeshadow
Mac “Blanc Type” Eyeshadow (Image Source: Pinterest)

Begin with applying some base. Put on some Mac “Blanc Type” eyeshadow, or something similar, on your eyelids. The eyeshadow should cover the entire eyelid, from the brow to the lash line. Your red eyeshadow application will be more even and have more depth if you use this hue as a base.

  • If you like, you can also prime or conceal your eyelids before you start. Using a primer or foundation might extend the wear time of your eyeshadow.

Step #3

mac mylar highlighter
Mac “Mylar” Highlighter (Image Source: Pinterest)

Apply some Mac “Mylar” or white eyeshadow along the brow bone and on the inner corners of your eyes with a highlighting brush. Additional coloring is unnecessary on the brow bone.

Step #4

Put down your first shade of color. You can apply the “Peaches and Cream” shade from a Manny MUA palette on your eyelids. If not, a similar shade of peach pink will do. You can use this color as a stepping stone to the deep red you plan to brush over it.

  • Use a big, fluffy eye makeup brush to apply “Peaches and Cream” eyeshadow all over your upper and lower eyelids. When applying, get the color as close to your lash line as possible.

Step #5

frappé shade
Frappé Shade (Image Source: Pinterest)

Use a “Frappé” layer to deepen the hue. Dab some “Frappé” or a comparable light brown shade to the tip of your crease brush. Apply a second coat of color to your eyelids using a crease brush, paying particular attention to the crease and area below your eyes.

  • You shouldn’t bring the shade too far past your eye creases. Keep the area surrounding your eyes in a lovely, round shape.

Step #6

Put on some crimson eyeshadow now. Put on deep red eyeshadow, like “Mars” from your Manny MUA palette. First, dust the shadow under your eyelids, and then use the red to highlight the top eyelids.

Step #7

Readjust to “Frappé” again. Blend this into the crease where the deep red shadow ends. This will ease the eye’s transition from the red to your natural skin tone. It’s possible to seem unhealthy if you use red eyeshadow on bare skin.

  • If you’d like, you may soften the sharp lines created by the red eyeshadow by blending them with a darker shade, like “Aphrodite” from the Manny MUA palette or a comparable dark brown eyeshadow.

Step #8

Use a highlighter or eyeliner in a champagne shade. You should only use the highlighter or liner in the upper lid above the irises. Applying the champagne highlighter or liner will further emphasize this area, which should already be clear of eyeshadow.

Step #9

artemis shimmery eyeshadow
Artemis Shimmery Eyeshadow (Image Source: Pinterest)

Put on some “Artemis” with the help of a highlighter brush. Then, brighten the areas you just highlighted by using a shimmering white eyeshadow like “Artemis” from the Manny MUA palette. Using a highlighter brush, put this color on your upper eyelids, above your irises.

Step #10

I recommend using some eyeliner. Your eyes can be better defined by applying black eyeliner to the upper waterline and burgundy eyeliner to the lower waterline. Only line your top lids with eyeliner.

Step #11

Applying mascara will complete your look. Applying mascara to your upper and lower lashes will finish your look. Instead of brown or blue, go with natural black mascara. If you want to wear red eyeshadow, you should wear black.

  • Your upper lashes can be curled with an eyelash curler before you apply mascara, if you choose. When you curl your eyelashes, you add definition and volume.
  • Adding some false eyelashes to your upper eyelids will provide the appearance of thicker, longer, and more voluminous eyelashes. Make sure you don’t smudge the eyeshadow.

The color red signifies high heat. Each woman looks enticing in a red outfit. It is bold, earnest, and occasionally profane. When you wear red, everything else about your outfit becomes secondary. No one can take their eyes off of that stunning red outfit. This means that complementing a red dress can be challenging for makeup.

You have two choices: either match or improve the other. When accessorizing a fiery red dress, you need red lipstick that can hold its own. Nonetheless, the heat could be intolerable for others. Each of these possibilities would look beautiful with the red dress.

I hope you loved this article and find it helpful. Also, you may be interested to read about can you put false lashes on lash extensions.