fantasy elf makeup tutorial

Fantasy Elf Makeup – Step by Step Tutorial

I’ve always been a huge fan of fantasy characters, and now an elf fantasy makeup look is in the trend this year on X-mas. As a character designer, I adore bringing together the basic and simplest outfits that don’t require a full character costume or much effort. This fantasy elf makeup tutorial is ideal for this year’s Christmas, or simply just for fun!

The Morphy Artistry Makeup Palette and the classical Elven Caravan’s elf ears and such ideas are also featured in the following fantasy elf makeup tutorial. We hope you enjoy this look as much as we did. If you want to learn how to do Christmas elf makeup, click here.

Fantasy Elf Makeup Tutorial
Fantasy Elf Makeup Tutorial (Image Source: Pinterest)

Fantasy Elf Makeup Tutorial

Fantasy Elf Makeup Tutorial: Face 

Fantasy Elf Makeup Face Tutorial
Fantasy Elf Makeup Face Tutorial (Image Source: Pinterest)

For the face apply your regular makeup foundation and concealer on the face and add some freckles with the CCBeauty Face Paint Palette or your desired palette take the brown and gold shades. To create the astonishing freckles, use a tiny detail brush to form circles, then lightly blend the pigment in with the beauty blender to make it appear more natural. 

To add a little color an optional choice of your is to add a bit of blush. Try selecting the colors that are neutral such as badge color, blossom pink, and so, but make sure not to choose a color similar to the color of your freckles.

Fantasy Elf Makeup Tutorial: Accessories

There are a lot of optional accessorial touch-ups to do with accessories in this fantasy elf makeup tutorial. Adding accessories will pop your look but adding too much will certainly ruin your look. By adding fake elf ears, crowns, or maybe even wigs will make the fantasy elf makeup tutorial look admirable. Adding matchable earrings, nose rings, even rings, in general, will complement the look beautifully.

Fantasy Elf Makeup Tutorial: Eyes

Fantasy Elf Eye Makeup Tutorial
Fantasy Elf Eye Makeup Tutorial (Image Source: Pinterest)

We used the Morphy to Create Artistry Blend for the lids. On the notice, Elves wear a lot of neutral colors, so the conclusion of emerald and golden would be appropriate. Over your line, you use the lime greenish color, and then in your crease, use the marine green.

On the outside edge, try to use chocolate brown to add depth to the appearance and merge it into your crease. Then you added the gold glitter on your inside eyelid and on the inside corner highlight to make it complete. You then smear the olive shade of green with the green glitter beneath the eyes.

Adding fake lashes will make your eyes charming and also inserting fake colored contacts that replicate your colors of choice will complement the fantasy elf makeup tutorial look.     

Magical Elf Makeup Look
Magical Elf Makeup Look (Image Source: Pinterest)

We hope that this fantasy elf makeup tutorial will help you in this year’s Christmas events and parties catching everybody’s eyes. We wish you a very merry happy Christmas of 2021 and an amazing New year, and many many warm wishes from our side.

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