How To Fix A Bad Perm

How To Fix Permed Hair Gone Wrong?

How to fix a bad perm? You finally decided to take the plunge and give perming your hair a try, but as you walked out of the salon, the style of soft, shaggy perm beach waves you envisioned was not what you ended up with.

Instead, you have been left with the results of a botched perm, which is a frizz of dry curls. It is common knowledge that perm hairstyles can be difficult to maintain; therefore, one must wonder why they have become popular again.

They are prone to spiraling out of control very quickly, leaving you with an unattractive appearance as a result. Chemicals may have damaged the hair in the past, or the technician may not have performed the perm operation correctly, both of which are common causes of this problem.

fix a bad perm
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The condition of a girl’s hair is of the biggest significance to her; thus, when it is not even close to being “on point,” it not only leaves you feeling down but also has the potential to damage your confidence significantly.

Please do not freak out; we are here to help you learn how to fix permed hair gone wrong.

How To Fix A Bad Perm?

We have previously discussed the question of whether or not a perm is permanent, and we are all well aware of the potential for the calamity that can result when a perm is performed improperly.

But how exactly does one go about correcting a botched perming job? We have compiled helpful tips for you to use in your time of need, including information on how to fix a perm that has gone awry.

Continue reading to find out how to fix a bad perm and how to quickly restore the natural appearance of your hair after a disastrous perming encounter and put an end to this horrifying ordeal.

Carry out treatment with hot oil

The use of hot oil treatments on the hair helps to relax the strands of hair while also supplying it with more nourishment and hydration. It will work to strengthen the compounds that make up the hair, and after a series of sessions, it will leave your hair feeling silky and flowing, removing any ugly frizz in the process.

While the hot oil treatment is in progress, you should cover your hair with a shower hat. After rinsing, use a shampoo and conditioner designed to calm you, and then finish with a hair serum.

Not only will this technique relax the hair, but it will also remove some of the harsh chemicals used in the process of perming the hair.

Deep conditioning

It takes effort to keep your perm from “puffing out” after it dries and to keep it under control while doing so. To calm your hair, smooth on a substantial amount of conditioner that is very thick.

Please keep it in place for thirty minutes or until the hair is pliable enough for you to detangle the curls using either your fingers or a comb with wide teeth. However, you should avoid pushing the comb through your hair because it will make your brittle and chemically treated hair more likely to break.

Tidy up any ends that are hanging out

The wispy, untamed ends of your perm curl out in various directions, making your style look worse than it already does. Get these ends cut to tidy up the appearance of the perm, or if you are courageous enough, you can snip these unruly ends yourself. This will help tidy up the appearance of the perm.

Give your hair a bath

As soon as you realize that something went wrong with your perm, you should wash your hair. Wash it right then and there at the salon, or if you’re too nervous, do it as soon as you go back to your house.

Your hair will be cleansed of the chemicals, and the perm will be prevented from progressing any further. 

If you aren’t finding much of a difference, use shampoo with deep conditioning and continue the process until your hair feels softer and looser. If you’re not experiencing much of a difference, apply a deep conditioning shampoo.

If you have tried all of the techniques discussed above, but none of them have produced the desired results, then the only thing left is to be patient and wait for the perm to get longer and looser on its own.

Ultimately, it is not about how you look but how you carry yourself and portray yourself to others. Do this with self-assurance and a smile on your face because the folks watching are undoubtedly admiring your hair. Visit BS Makeup Kits to read more on such content.