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12 Special Effects Makeup For Beginners

Have you ever found yourself feeling unmotivated and discouraged after seeing several series of FX makeup ideas, SFX makeup looks, and fx makeup tutorials and then thinking to yourself, “I don’t own that, or this, and nor that also,” and then left feeling sad and discouraged?

Well, don’t you worry because there are far too many fantastic, simple, easy SFX makeup items and even DIY special effects makeup products out there that can help you create incredible fx makeup ideas. However, not everyone has extensive gear, particularly when they’re just getting started.

fx makeup ideas
Fx Makeup Ideas (Image Source: Pinterest)

Fortunately, there are a plethora of amazing how to do special effects makeup at home and even special effects makeup for beginners that employ less expensive yet easily accessible items, many of which you most likely currently own on hand.

Consequently, rather than giving up, look through these techniques, be creative, and use what you already have to get the same outcome.

When you’re low on resources but still want to practice your abilities, on SFX ideas and beginner easy fx makeup, clips on easy special effects makeup and such might come in handy. You will certainly also discover new fx makeup ideas methods that you might not have tried otherwise. 

FX Makeup Ideas

So here are a few videos on how to do SFX makeup, simple, easy SFX makeup, fx makeup tutorials that can be an idol for Halloween special effects makeup ideas or even for a casual costume party, but trust me by practicing these step by step fx makeup easy tutorials, you will not be the casual one.

And don’t get stressed because these fx makeup ideas do not require a high kit; instead, you can practice and create these fx makeup ideas with what you already have.

Fake Blood

Items Required

  • Food coloring in red
  • Everyday kitchen items corn syrup and cocoa powder (optional)


Numerous methods, including those I’ve included in this collection, presume you have artificial blood. It’s not an issue if you do not seem to. Fake blood is one of the simple, easy SFX makeup products to manufacture on its own because there are a million alternative formulas to choose from.

I added this lesson since they provide multiple distinct preparations using ingredients readily available in your kitchen. You can also create your fake blood formula with a bit of experiment and practice.

The additional possible explanation I decided to add a DIY faux blood instruction is that I am never sure if shop purchased fake blood is safe for human consumption, so if I’m going to put any blood in my stomach for several cool SFX makeup ideas or even to add a bit of color to my pretty special effects makeup looks.

I would instead ensure that the fake blood is originated from things that I already had in my pantry rather than being doubted. Another additional line of reasoning, like this, if you require any more, is that you may completely adjust the color and consistency of your fake blood.

A regular jar of stage blood could not work for you depending on how old the blood is, where it’s pouring through, and how brilliant red and elaborate you want it to seem. Knowing how to make your fake blood is quite helpful in terms of learning how to do horror makeup at home, which can require a generous amount of fake blood.

Cuts And Wounds

Items Required

  • Glue (White)
  • Fake Blood (Read the blog above to get your DIY phony blood)
  • Cotton pads
  • Paint, eyeshadow, or any kind of pigment (optional)


Elmer’s glue (which is white), cotton pads, and fake blood are used by the painter in this clip to establish multiple distinct sorts of wounds and cuts. When you first start performing these fx makeup ideas and DIY special effects makeup, it’s common not to have liquid latex as an artist trying prosthetics makeup for beginners.

Still, white glue or eyelash glue are great substitutes. I’ve tested my hand at making my Werewolf Attack makeup out of Elmer’s glue and tissue papers. Using your hairdryer to assist speed up the drying process is undoubtedly an excellent suggestion.

Using this strategy, you will create fx makeup ideas as cuts and wounds using pale glue or lashes adhesive, cotton balls, cotton pads, tissue paper, or pretty much everything else which may be used to construct a scar. You may use crimson lip liner, eyeshadows, face paints, or a bruising roller to color in your cuts.

To enhance authenticity and depth to your blemishes, utilize several shadows, dyes, or pigment colors to create the fx makeup idea.

Scabs and Road Rash


It’s a terrific lesson for making simple scabs and road rash, but it’s also a fantastic source of inspiration for looking around your house and imagining what you could use to achieve a specific effect.

Fake Scars

Items Required

For this fx makeup idea/SFX idea, you will need:

  • Foundation or Concealer (Foundation is preferred)
  • Setting powder 
  • Red or Pink eyeshadow
  • Eyelash Glue 


Rigid collodion was an item I hadn’t used in a long time but was eager to test. I’m not sure if this seems to be how most special effects makeup artists believe, but how much fun is it to create the illusion of horrific bodily harm?

Scars are right up there with the rest of the spooky enjoyment, and especially this is great for thought for Halloween special effects makeup ideas. Whereas rigid collodion is used to create an indentation scar, which is terrific for fx makeup ideas, and this approach provides an exterior recovered scar, it’s still a suitable replacement if you don’t mind how your healing process went.

Eyelash glue, face powder, concealer or foundation, and pink and red eyeshadow are what you are after for this fx makeup idea, as listed above in the Items Required section. The scar is utilized to create a pirate appearance in this lesson, but the method could be used for any prosthetics makeup for beginners and made in whatever form or place. 

FX Gelatin And Gelatin Prosthetics

Items Required

Here are the items that you will require if you are after a prosthetics makeup for beginners look:

  • Glycerin
  • Gelatin
  • Water


I’ve seen a lot of prosthetics makeup for beginners tutorials that use silicone, latex, foam latex, and various materials that I also do not have. Using homemade FX gelatin for prosthetics is fantastic since it’s inexpensive, simple, and accommodating when you’re just beginning up.

You may easily remelt the gelatin and try again if you don’t like how your prosthesis turned out. Gelatin, glycerin (each easily found at your grocery store or medicine pharmacy), and water are the only ingredients you’ll need to prepare this cocktail with many amazing prosthetic SFX makeup looks. 

Burns With Gelatin

Items Required

  • Here are the items required for a special effects makeup for beginners:
  • Fake Blood (Read the first blog above to get your very own DIY phony blood)
  • Gelatin
  • Red and Black eyeshadow or face paint (you can also use any pigment desired)


Liquid latex is required for a lot of the easy special effects makeup I wish to do. I hadn’t had this in a long time, and the bottle was a dried-up solid mass of ruined latex when I went to buy it locally. I didn’t consider tasting a second bottle and instead went on the internet to get a few.

There is a high chance that you won’t be able to find solvent latex in your location or area, or that in another scenario, you’re most probably sensitive to it as many of us are, too, so don’t worry. Having some interesting info on some suitable solvent latex replacements or, in other words, alternatives have proven to be quite beneficial to me.

Gelatin, cream makeup, and synthetic blood are used in this burn treatment and are an excellent method of knowing how to do special effects makeup at home without any solvent latex. 

The gelatin can be bought in the baking department of any grocery store and is also relatively inexpensive. Some items perform more effectively on gelatin than others, but in my opinion, whatever form of makeup or face paint will perform will work just fine.

If you don’t have the deeper crust blood used in this video, you may indeed apply black eyeshadow or face paint to emphasize some of the places and then use a bit of the ordinary blood above it.

Burns With White Craft Glue

Items Required

Here are the things that you will need to achieve this step by step fx makeup easy look:

  • Glycerine (Vaseline can also be used)
  • Craft Glue (in the color white)
  • Eyeshadow, face painting, or any kind of pigment that you desire (Optional)


I felt compelled to include another of these additional burn fx makeup tutorials because, while the gelatin tutorial is fantastic, the light-skinned paste technique results in a completely distinct burn mark.

This aesthetic, in my opinion, is much deadlier, but guess what I adore it. While I previously stated that I don’t particularly appreciate dealing with Pva glue, I must agree that it isn’t as awful when applied straight to the body and not layered with tissue paper.

White craft glue and Vaseline or glycerin are used in this method. I’ve watched videos related to fx makeup ideas where the painter colors the interior of the exposed flesh with red and yellows using wet latex. This may be done with eyeshadow or face colors, and you can let your imagination go wild using this method.



Blisters are a classic in SFX makeup and are relatively easy to do at home by yourself, and are not time-consuming at all.

Fx Makeup Ideas Using DIY Scar Wax

Items Required

  • Flour
  • Vaseline
  • Liquid Foundation (Optional)


Scar wax seems to be one item I didn’t have in my kit at the beginning because I’ve seen it mentioned in several fx makeup ideas tutorials. It’s terrific for making more convincing scars, and it is a requirement if you’re trying to make it look like you’re poking something into your body.

You may create all kinds of fascinating things with your creativity and imagination, such as burn wounds, visible organs, and even altered face characteristics. Vaseline, flour, and some liquid foundation are used in this technique. However, it is not required. I now have scar waxes, but it is not flesh-colored. Putting foundation over my blended wax makes my edges pop out much more.

Therefore the which was before tinted wax comes in handy. Regardless of the type of cosmetics, you’re applying. To achieve this simple, easy SFX makeup appearance, you could choose a particular colored wax, such as red, pink, or flesh yellow. Making your wax also allows you to control the density, which is helpful if you’re designing a prosthetic nose and want it to be a tad bigger or a bit smaller.

Exposed Hand Bones

Items Required

  • Liquid Latex or White glue (For a substitute, you can always use eyelash glue)
  • Tissues or Paper towels
  • Face paint (For a replacement, you can always use eyeshadow)
  • Liquid Foundation
  • Fake Blood (Read the blog above to get your DIY phony blood)


Deep slits and scars are cool SFX makeup ideas, but you might consider going even more with the simple, easy SFX makeup gore and show some exposed bones as well. There are many techniques to produce the appearance of artificial bone, but this guide is really easy to follow and does not require any specific SFX items that you may not have.

Although the artwork in this lesson employs liquid latex, as you can see and read in the instructions above yours, you can easily replace it with eyelash glue or white craft glue. Tissue paper, face paint, liquid foundation, eyeshadow, and artificial blood are also used for this beginner easy fx makeup idea /look.

If you don’t have any fake blood, you may manufacture your own, and for the blacks and reds, you can use eyeshadow instead of face paint.

How To Create A Gelatin Prosthetic?


Although there is much instruction on how to do horror makeup at home with the help of sculpting and molding with clay, plaster, and gelatin, you could find yourself utilizing your gelatin in several various methods. Plaster of Paris is inexpensive and straightforward to handle.

I simply would like to mention that you should never apply the application straight to your body since it gets hot during the drying time; alternatively, construct the plaster mold with a clay sculpt rather than your flesh. 

When using gelatin, you can decide to add it straight to your skin to achieve various effects, but be cautious because gelatin gets rather heated while it is melted.

To get to know how to do special effects makeup at home, having a few DIY special effects makeup products and props at hand will definitely help you in achieving your easy special effects makeup look, and if anything does go wrong (which is a 70 percent chance because as we are still learning special effects makeup for beginners) there a million fx makeup tutorials on the internet and many fx makeup ideas for you to try. 

Compound Fracture Of The Wrist


Only the sound of it seems a nasty injury, and as it is the worst feeling it is the best reason for that, the nastier the better. And also it has that realistic touch to it which makes it even more believable and genuine.

We hope you enjoyed this horrific article on many of your highly requested topic fx makeup ideas, have ticked out all your checklists on the topic, and have learned many different and unique SFX makeup looks. For more information on such matters and makeup, please come again to BS Makeup Kits.

Wondering how you can put together a realistic Halloween makeup look check these liquid latex uses to try out some cool tricks to improve your look of the night.