green and red christmas makeup

5 Ways to Apply green and red Christmas Makeup

This Christmas, add some color to your cosmetic routine by wearing green and red Christmas makeup. These colors are not only celebratory, but they also look well on all skin tones. It’s a simple way to inject some festive happiness into your cosmetic routine. These outfits don’t have to be outrageous (unless you want them to be). 

There are plenty of ways to integrate red and green tones into your beauty regimen, whether you’re spending Christmas on the sofa or going out with friends and family. It’s all about finding a way to include it into your Christmas morning routine.

Green and Red Christmas Makeup
Green and Red Christmas Makeup (Image Source: Pinterest)

Begin your green and red Christmas makeup look by paying special attention to your foundation. The best method to let vivid hues like red and green stand out without being garish or ugly is to have a perfect base.

Another holiday cosmetic advice from celebrity makeup artist Wayne Goss is to avoid using too many sunscreens or zinc-based products if you intend on having your photo taken. While SPF is typically a fantastic supplement, it might generate a white cast in images if the SPF is high enough. With that in mind, have some fun with the rest of your look. It’s the ideal method to boost your festive spirit.

Green and Red Christmas Makeup

Before getting started with some of the full faces green and red Christmas makeup look, let us take a look at this beautiful tutorial of eye green and red Christmas makeup.

Green and Red Christmas Makeup Eyes

As illustrated below, blend the matte green eyeshadow into the inner portion of your crease. That’s what I’m going to say right now! This technique made me realize how much I despise matte green eyeshadow! It isn’t easy to blend out, and when I subsequently mixed it into the red, it went brown, as paint does. Blend the matte red eyeshadow into the green eyeshadow in the outside half of your crease. 

Create a winged crease shape as shown below using a concealer/primer or whatever you choose to carve out your crease with, set the area with a powder. As demonstrated below, apply the sparkly red eyeshadow to the inner part of your cut crease. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a sparkly red eyeshadow in my collection, so I used a matte red as a base and topped it with a shimmering rose gold hue to get the look I wanted. Apply a light coating of black eyeshadow or primer on the outside part of your cut crease. Because we’ll be going over it with shadow, it doesn’t have to be even or flawless.

Red and Green Christmas Eyes
Red and Green Christmas Eyes (Image Source Pinterest)

Over the black, we just applied, pack the shimmering dark green eyeshadow over the outside part of your crease and blend it into the sparkly red shadow. This dark green shadow will get a lot of depth from the first coat of matte black! Along your lower lash line, blend the same matte red eyeshadow you used in the crease. Line your bottom waterline with a green pencil or gel liner if you have one. 

If you don’t have any, use a little moist detail brush to apply the matte green eyeshadow to your waterline directly. Because it incorporates glitter, this is my favorite step in the process. First, the red glitter should be applied to the inner part of your movable eyelids. After that, use a gold glitter liner to line the edge of your cut crease.

Do your liner; I chose not to use winged liner for this look since I wanted the eyeshadow to speak for itself! Next, curl your lashes and then add mascara. Finally, finish the appearance with a lovely fluffy pair of falsies!

Silent Night

If combining green and red Christmas makeup for eyes isn’t what you desire, then try going bold instead. This tutorial will surely guide you:

Drummer Boy

Who doesn’t like a smokey eye in red and green? try this green and red drum boy looks for Xmas. The following video will show you how it is done:

Halls of the Deck

It’s never a terrible idea to wear a glittering green cat-eye. Especially with urinative colors of green and red, this video will show you how it’s done:

Jingle Bells

Never before has a green shimmer looked so amazing! with this green glitter look. the following video will help you in recreating this look:

We hope that you enjoyed and liked our green and red Christmas makeup looks and will surely try them this Christmas. For further updates come back and visit our website BS Makeup Kits, we hope to see you soon!