Halloween SFX makeup ideas

18 Scary SFX Makeup Ideas

Halloween is the only one day of the year when dressing up as though you’ve recently escaped a zombie apocalypse or a bizarre accident is socially acceptable.’ After all, it’s the season for all things Halloween, so giving oneself a Halloween SFX makeup ideas makeover using horrible costume special effects and Halloween special effects makeup is the best way to honor the occasion.

It’s the period to get all of the liquid latex, scar wax, and cheap fake blood you can get your hands on because frightening the bejeebers out of anybody who crosses your way will require some scary ingenuity. There are no limitations to how horrible your SFX Halloween makeup ideas can be, from a decaying face to a strange facial accident with a pencil.

halloween makeup
Halloween Makeup (Image Source: Pinterest)

Whether you’ve already created a horrifying costume special effects or plan to go for a course of the most current classic Halloween makeup appearance, there’s no means to go wrong with a gruesome, ripped Halloween special effects makeup ideas makeovers. Costume special effects don’t have to be expensive because they may be made using common home items such as wool, PVA glue, food coloring, and other materials.

Halloween SFX Makeup Ideas

Each season, regardless of what’s going on around the globe, what’s in style, or what decade it is, there are a few classic Halloween SFX makeup costume ideas that you’ll see. Thanksgiving will not be the same without these timeless masterpieces roaming the streets season after season. These timeless looks aren’t going anywhere, but if you’re bored with them, there are a few special effects makeup methods you can attempt to give them a new spin. 

To help spread some vintage SFX Halloween makeup ideas inspiration, I’ve compiled a list of scary SFX makeup ideas from some excellent special effects makeup artists. I’ve included the goods needed to complete these outfits, but the artist may offer more information or mention other products.

Because you may not have the same kind of goods as the artist or have different brands or varieties of a product, the lists I’ve supplied are the most basic products needed to achieve these looks.

These lessons are useful for following step-by-step or as a general guideline for your style. ​Let us get started with the 18 Halloween SFX makeup ideas.


Items Needed:

  • Eyeshadow Colors Needed: Pink, Purple, Red, Grey and Black
  • Liquid Foundation
  • Liquid latex (eyelash glue)
  • Cotton balls
  • Fake Blood


There are almost as many zombie Halloween SFX makeup ideas tutorials out there as there are corpses in graves. Depending on your skill level, there are way more complicated SFX horror makeup tutorials to follow, but I liked this one for its simplicity. You can achieve this look with some basic beauty products and a dash of fake blood. Despite how simple it is, the perfectly shadowed eyes and bruises give this look some gorgeous zombie chic.

Stapled On Face

These half-cool, half-dead Halloween stapled glam SFX makeup ideas will put your special effects abilities to the limit.

Pencil Pierced Nose

It’s quite lifelike, and the greatest thing about these Halloween SFX makeup ideas is that it has just only a few simple components to make.

Impaled Eye

You might want to use rubber scissors and knives instead; you don’t want to knock out an eyeball in a weird cosmetic mishap.


Items Needed:

  • Light Foundation
  • PVA Glue OR Glue Stick
  • Face Powder
  • Eyeshadows in colors red, orange, and Maroon
  • Fangs (Alternatively, you can use a DIY with polymorph plastic)
  • Fake Blood (Suitable to eat or safe to swallow)
  • Colorful Contacts (Optional)


Vampire easy SFX makeup ideas makeup may range from a basic set of false fangs to an entire face of monstered prosthetics. The artist, Mykie, does not even use costly tools or intricate processes in this guide, yet the ultimate effect is insanely disturbing.

If you don’t want to shave your brows for this, which is a significant investment in your cosmetics, a basic brow blocking out will suffice.

Users employ various techniques to camouflage them, but the most common method is to coat them with glue, let them dry, smooth them with dust, replicate them a few times, and conceal them with concealer or liquid foundation. The lack of brows truly gives a spooky element to this look.

Joker Smile

No matter how many times you’ve seen the Chelsea or Joker smile, it’s still frightening.

Unzipped Face

The Halloween special effects makeup ideas don’t get grosser than a bloodied, unzipped face.

Torn Mouth

Using no special fx Halloween makeup necessary, creating the appearance of skeletal fangs with shadows and paint will take creative skill. Still, if done perfectly, this stretched mouth makeup will turn attention.


Items Needed:

  • Scar wax (You can always use DIY)
  • Spirit Gum
  • Liquid Latex (Alternatively eyelash glue)
  • Loose Powder
  • Facepaint in the colors blue, black, and white
  • Black Tooth FX (Optional)
  • Colored Contacts (Optional)


Warts, green skin, and a large, curved nose are common in easy SFX makeup ideas. You may attempt this cracked and pallid creeper of a witch if you don’t want to wear traditional witch makeup or use any face implants (apart from a dab of nose putty).

The blue contacts make for some unusual eyes, but the disguise is so horrible that the references aren’t really necessary.

Slit Throat

With this slashed throat instruction, you’ll look like a victim of a slasher flick in no time.

Hanging Eye

A dangling eyeball is a terrifying thing you can imagine.

Monster Mouth

To duplicate this horrific monster mouth, you’ll need to be a master of modeling clay.


Items Needed:

  • Toilet Paper or Tissues
  • Bandages (You can always use gauzes as an alternative)
  • Paints (Alcohol activated)
  • Colorful contacts (optional)


The Mummy has been one of the best tape-face Halloween costumes because you get to stumble around with filthy gauze trailing behind you, and the entire ensemble has a very scary visual appeal.

The disadvantage of this tape face Halloween costume is that most Halloween mummies just wrap bandages over their faces and give it a day. This outfit gets an extra 5000 Halloween points for the liquid Latex and tissue paper rotting skin concept. Splatter some paint on the affected skin in any combination of rotting flesh tones, and you’re done.


On Halloween, a burnt face will always be enough to put them to sleep.

Creepy Face

Someone is going to wet their pants with this damaged face.

Sewed Mouth

It isn’t easy to turn away since it’s so wonderfully done.

Clawed Face

 With a clawed face, you’ll never go wrong. This easy SFX makeup idea that’s easy to nail at the last moment.


Items Needed:

  • Face Paints in black, white, blue, and red


This makeover lesson can be done with only face paints, but it’s a great spin on the classic Halloween makeup ghost look. A few gory Halloween makeup ideas include a pasty white face with darkly darkened eyes, but the practically beheaded head appearance adds some punch to this one. This outfit does not need any old white bed linens to tear up.

Tips And Tricks On Halloween SFX Makeup Ideas

I know you will be very excited to try Halloween SFX makeup ideas, but there are a few cautions that you must be aware of. These cautions are mainly for my fellow folks who have to deal with dry skin. If you are not a person who has dry skin, you can jump directly to the special fx Halloween makeup, or you can also say the Halloween SFX makeup ideas section.

When the heat drops under 50 ° c, a particular aesthetic paradox emerges: Your natural skin’s ability to retain hydration is immediately reduced, resulting in crumbles and a less-than-smooth cosmetics placement.

An SFX makeup artist, who works with celebrities like Rihanna, has offered his expert advice for applying cosmetics to dry skin so you can keep your shine this spooky season.

dry skin health and care
Dry Skin Health and Care (Image Source: Pinterest)

Before you get started with any cool FX makeup ideas, my friends with dry skin, here are a few tips and tricks that can help your SFX horror makeup last long and last neat. A famous expert at glam SFX makeup ideas, Sir John, grew up in New York City and Buffalo USA, albeit he now resides in sunny Los Angeles. So he’s quite familiar with the aesthetic issues that come with chilly temperatures. He chuckles and says, “Believe me.”

Sir John is currently spreading his cosmetics knowledge with the Assembly process, a modern electronic network where famous BIPOC professionals, Tiffany Haddish. He teaches lessons from their fields to help train the next generation with inclusion in view.

“Until now, I consider that I should make sure that all folks, especially Black and Brown folks, can exclude themselves from the beauty business,” Sir John adds. So let us get started with the tips and tricks on Halloween SFX makeup ideas that Sir John has to say.

Tip # 1 Exfoliate

If you’re thinking about gory Halloween makeup ideas, you should exfoliate before touching your cosmetics. Sir John says, “This is the time of year when we may use synthetic face cleansers.”

“Or, if you’re thinking about having a beam or exfoliating technique done, this is the time since we’re not as sun-sensitive.” (Of course, he emphasizes the significance of wearing sunscreen all year round.)

He believes it’s critical to slough off dead skin buildup with whichever exfoliant you use. “Dead skin will cling to your complexion like a nasty relative unless you use a manual or chemical exfoliator,” Sir John recommends.

Tip # 2 Prep Your Pout

Before applying any colored complex, make sure your lips are hydrated; anything other than that, your lipstick may break due to dehydration. “The skin on your eyes and lips is practically the very same, meaning it’s thin,” Sir John explains.

“As a result, I apply an eye cream on my lips every day.” I also apply Sunblock to keep them safe from the sunlight.” He also suggests using a waxy, balmy-textured lip lotion. This tip is essential because, in creepy SFX makeup and Halloween SFX makeup ideas, we tend to splat a lot of makeup products on our lips and eyes.

Tip # 3 Slather On The Hydration

After you’ve gotten rid of the accumulation, hydrate your skin. “Only use anything that provides basic moisture,” Sir John advises. He’ll use any moisturizer, although he prefers water-based products. He continues, “They glide perfectly across the skin and don’t enable cosmetics to sink.”

Tip # 4 Put On A Skin-Boosting Primer

You don’t have to use a primer all of the time for your Halloween SFX makeup ideas, but Sir John recommends it if your skin is particularly dry. You must use primer on occasions when you apply makeup generally. Primer is a must-have for any glam SFX makeup look. You might wonder what Sir John’s suggestions are.

He says, ” Look for a primer that is both a moisturizer and a primer. What good would it do you if you wear it on your face for eight to twelve hours every day?” The goal is to develop a hybrid skincare primer that can function as both a treatment and a foundation primer.”

Tip # 5 Apply A Cream Foundation

Sir John recommends using a lotion for dry skin out of all the numerous foundation formulas available for your Halloween SFX makeup ideas. He continues, “They’ll be a little bit more soothing, more emollient.”

“If you need more coverage for your Halloween SFX makeup ideas, buff it in, and if you don’t, scale it down.” Mix with a damp beauty blender. Blend it with a tiny amount of your moisturizer when you apply it for even more moisture.

Tip # 6 Conceal

Sir John thinks that concealer must generally be applied to the foundation for the Halloween SFX makeup idea. “When you do it last, you’ll need a lot less product,” he explains, adding that creamy liquid formulations perform effectively on dry skin.

“Rather than slathering, simply squiggle in select locations to enhance or brighten.” Keep it simple, as the saying goes. He recommends using a wide synthetic blending brush for an airbrushed effect or warming up the substance with your ring finger and tapping it on.

Tip # 7 Seal It In With Moisture

This step is necessary to keep your complete beat from cracking or peeling. “If you’re particularly a dry skin owner, I’ll use a moisturizer and rub it into your skin – not a lot, but enough to cover your palms,” Sir John explains.

“It blends the blush into the skin, making everything appear more smooth and far less rigid.” You’ll get a lovely, amazing shine as a result.”

Caution to face oil acolytes: For this, use a moisturizer rather than an oil. He warns, “Oil will go down to the skin and might perhaps make holes in spots.” Sir John recommends renewing simply the T-zone — which he refers to as a high-traffic region — if you require your makeup to endure an extra-long day and discover that you need a touch-up.

“Just erase the foundation behind the lids, across the sides of the nose, and on the chin using a cotton pad or wipe,” he explains. “Remoisturize and merely switch out the concealing for a completely different look.”

We hope you enjoyed our Halloween SFX makeup ideas. Eager to learn a Pennywise makeup look for this Halloween, then read this Easy Pennywise SFX Makeup blog.