S curl perm

How Do You Grow Your Hair After The S-Curl Perm?

S curl perms live up to its name by creating incredible S-shaped swirls that go in each direction. S-Curl perms provide a lot of volume, texture, and sparkle, and they look lovely!

What to do when your perm is growing out? You have many options, and you should choose the one that attracts you the most. Below I’ll provide you suggestions on maintaining grow-out perms with distinct growing-out S curl hairstyles ideas. The information and tips can be similar to other curls, but the most important part is that you know what you want.

What Is An S Curl Perm Pattern?

s curl perm pattern
S Curl Perm Pattern (Image Source: Pinterest)

Is S curl a perm? Yes, s curls are perms. It shows a wavy, relaxed “S” shape curl pattern. This curl type can be non-uniform, with a straighter crown, wavy middle, and drier ends. These curls can be “straightened” by dehydration, breakage, and intensive styling products. Lightweight, curl-enhancing moisture and hold are required for wavy curls.

How To Apply S curl Perm Product?

luster's s curl perm texturizer
Luster’s S Curl Perm Texturizer (Image Source: Pinterest)

To modify the texture of your rough or curly hair, use a hair texturizer. Luster’s S curl texturizer is for men who wish to change their hair look. It’s made up of chemicals that loosen the hair’s curl pattern. The s curl is sold as a kit that includes everything you’ll need to keep it looking excellent once you’ve applied it. The idea is to make it wavy and smooth, making hair easier to manage.

How Can You Apply It?

  • If your hair has a buildup of oil or hair care products, wash it, dry it, and apply the S curls 24 hours later.
  • To avoid irritation or chemical harm to the skin, apply a protective gel around your hairline, and wear disposable gloves before applying the product.
  • Using the end of a medium-sized tooth comb, scoop the S Curl texturizer Cream from the jar. Begin with the curliest or the most resistant area, and apply the cream to your hair. Continue until you’ve covered all of your hair.
  • Comb the product into your hair in the direction of your typical style(s curl on long hair). Set the timer for 10 to 15 minutes. When the timer goes off, have a look at your hair texture. If your hair hasn’t acquired the desired “S” pattern, add more processing time but ensure it will not exceed more than 35 minutes.
  • Rinse your hair with lukewarm water to remove the texturizer. Keep the filthy water out of your ears.
  • Use the shampoo that came with the package to wash your hair. If any texturizing cream stays in your hair, it will produce pink bubbles. Wash your hair again until the foam turns white. Then rinse until the water runs cleanly with warm water.
  • To absorb excess water, blot your hair with a towel. Allowing your hair to dry entirely is not recommended.
  • Using the spray from the kit, saturate your hair and rub it in. Use a comb or a pick to gently raise the ends of your hair for a curly look. Comb your hair into the desired style, preferably wavy, with a small-toothed comb.


Do not leave the chemical on your hair for more than 35 minutes. Do not use the s curl products on chemically treated or damaged hair. Don’t use the product if your scalp is sore or has wounds or scabs.

What To Do When Your Perm Is Growing Out

Many people believe that the only way to go from an s curl perm to natural hair is to cut your hair off and start fresh. Even though this is an option, I believe it would be too much for you.

If you aren’t ready to chop it all at once, do a little bit now and again. Simply cut off the dead ends until you reach your natural hair. While you’re transitioning, you can utilize treatments to soften and hydrate your new hair growth, so it stays as healthy as possible.

However, as you may already be aware, you must eventually let go of the perm and trim your hair. The perm will be on its final legs in around six months, at which point you should cut the hair and embrace your new look! Can I dye my hair right after stripping?

However, if you can’t take shorter hair, you can always stick to the transitioning hairstyles below.

If you do this, make sure to treat your hair with hair treatments (such as hair masks) to avoid excessive hair breakage.

Perm Growing Out Hairstyles

Make Braided Hairstyle

Braids are cute and effectively manageable hairstyles, especially if you’re dealing with hair that has grown out of an s curl perm or any other perm. A single french braid down the middle of your head, pigtail braids, and a chic side braid are all options.

A Braided look is perfect for medium to long hair, but braids can be done with short hair! You may only need to make minor changes to the look.


A ponytail hairstyle is a great way to hide the fact that your hair is starting to grow out while also allowing your perm to relax. Make a low bun at the base of your neck for a more formal look. Make a high ponytail or bun for a more stylish look. Remove a few hair strands from around your face to make your ponytail look more styled.

When you initially have a perm, Don’t make ponytails and buns when you get an S curl perm because it might ruin the look of your curls, but once your perm has grown out, it can be a useful styling method.

Use Bobby Pins

These techniques are especially useful for growing out a permed short haircut or a shaggy bob. As your hair grows longer, it may reach an odd length of curly at the ends and limp at the roots. Twist the hair on either side of your head and pin it behind your ears in a little twist.

  • Suppose your hair is long enough; French braiding it on both sides is an option to wear on s curl perm. Using bobby pins, tuck loose hair strands away.
  • Make a small, low ponytail with your hair and use clips to hold back any hairs too short of reaching the elastic pony.

Top FAQs About S Curl Perm

How Long Does It Take For Perm To Grow Out? 

Perms are named because of their nature, that they are permanent, but you should realize that they are not. The perm applied to your hair (an S curl perm product, for example) will ultimately fall out(after almost six months), and your hair will revert to its original texture.

Perms usually stay around six months, but it varies significantly from person to person. Because we’re all unique, it relies on your hair’s health, density, and roughness. As previously said, most perms last about six months. However, you may notice that this begins earlier for some.

How Long Does S Curl Last? 

How long do S curls stay in your hair? A texturizer should only be left on your hair for five to ten minutes. This permits the buckle to be loosened by chemicals. The texture’s effects will endure indefinitely(if you do not wash), but new hair growth will require processing to relax new curls as your hair grows.

How Often Should I Use S Curl? 

You must repeat the s curl texturizer to maintain s curl perm on your hair, especially if you observe hair growth. Many people ask, “How often should I use s-curl?” The answer is between two to three months is the greatest time. However, this only applies if your hair returns to its normal state within that time frame.

Another reason I recommend waiting 2 to 3 months is to allow your hair to recover. When you reapply S-curl while your hair is dry, you are at risk of hair breakage and an unhealthy hair look.

That is not the goal you should set for yourself. It’s best to aim for healthy, happy hair at all times! A happy head of hair equals a happy you!

Is S Curl Good For Natural Hair?

Apply an s curl activator and moisturizer regularly to maintain and moisturize your curly hairdo. Glycerin and Vitamin B5 work together to prevent breakage and maintain your curls, waves, and natural hair soft & healthy. You must follow the instructions when applying the S curls cream. Allowing it to sit for longer will result in over-processed hair(damaged hair). It straightens out damaged hair rather than curling it.

Does S Curl Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

S curl products have changed over time to satisfy the demands of its customers. So, does S curl grow your hair? The products promote optimum hair growth while keeping the hair sunny all day. S-Curl helps your hair stay hydrated, preventing it from drying out and breaking. Natural hair texture can be cleansed, moisturized, and styled with these products like “S Curl Texturizer.”

Is S Curl Permanent?

An S curl texturizer, like a relaxer, is a permanent technique that must be repeated regularly, depending on your hair’s new growth pace. Instead of the natural black color, a consistent texturizer may turn your hair brown or dark burgundy.

How Do You Maintain A S Curl Perm?

Here we mention some key points about maintaining your S curl perm.

  • After your S curl perm has set in, wait at least two days before washing your hair.
  • For the first 24 hours, don’t comb your hair.
  • Before and after the S curl perm, don’t dye your hair for two weeks.
  • Moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize even more.
  • Before washing your hair, avoid tying it up in a ponytail or a bun.

How Long Does It Take To Grow Out A Perm?

Perms are named that because they’re “permanent,” yet they’re just like any other haircut that they grow out. The S-curl you’ve added to your hair will fall out over time, revealing your natural curl pattern. The timeframe where perm grows out happens slightly varies for each person. It all depends on how healthy your hair is, how strong it is, and how rough it is.

That’s also why I advised you to take good care of your hair at the start of this article! Hair in good condition is important.

The average perm lasts roughly six months. They will gradually fall out after that. You may notice your perm falling out before the 6-month milestone. There’s nothing to be concerned about. Everyone is unique, and some people experience it sooner than others.

Does S Curl Stop Hair Growth?   

Does texturizer stop hair growth? One common myth regarding texturizers is that your hair will stop growing once you use one. Your hair will always grow, and a texturizer will not affect it. If your hair stops growing, it’s due to something other than the texturizer.

What Does S Curl Do To Your Hair?

Luster Products’ S-Curl is a trademark for a series of hair products designed to release the hair texture of persons of African heritage so that natural wavy and curly patterns are more prominent when you’d apply s curl on natural hair.

S Curl Texturizer How Long Does It Last?

A texturizer for natural hair should last between eight to ten weeks. Your hair will return to its normal condition after that time, so you’ll need to repeat the procedure to keep the look. Keep in mind that some people prefer to put off getting a touch-up for even longer than two months.