How long after a perm can you straighten your hair

How Long After A Perm Can You Straighten Your Hair?

The period that must pass between chemical hair treatments is determined by your hair’s condition immediately following the most recent treatment.

Stylists often recommend at least two weeks between chemical treatments to allow the hair to “normalize” after being treated with the chemicals used in any process you’ve just done. So that the cuticle layer can be re-smoothed before the hair is subjected to more rigorous treatment, you can properly and routinely condition your hair.

However, this is only applicable to hair that is in good health. If the hair has already been chemically treated to a degree where it cannot be further treated, this is a possibility that further treatment may cause unpreventable damage. If your hair has been lightened or dyed frequently, you’re more likely to experience this problem.

You can do so to straighten the hair using a flat iron or other heat styling equipment after your first shampoo following the perm. After a perm, most hairdressers recommend waiting at least 48 hours before shampooing the hair. The hair should be completely dry before using a piece of heated equipment, and you should only use the appliance hot enough to achieve your desired result.

After a perm, make sure to condition your hair every day. If you want to utilize heated styling equipment, this is an absolute must. This will keep the hair in good condition and protect it from heat styling, which can cause damage.

Aftercare Of Straightened Permed Hair

  • It’s best to wait 72 hours before washing your hair. For a minimum of 48 hours, refrain from washing your hair. Once the waiting period has passed, you can begin washing your hair as often as is appropriate for your hair type. (Consider that your hair has been chemically treated)
  • For the next seven days, refrain from going into a swimming pool or hot tub. Even if you don’t plan on getting your hair wet, the heated water evaporates, and the condensation contains chemicals that will penetrate your hair shaft and alter its chemical structure.
  • For the next two to four weeks, refrain from coloring your hair. Hair that has been chemically straightened or relaxed should not be lightened or colored without first consulting a stylist about the possibility of using a lightening powder.
  • After a chemical straightening session, you can flat iron your hair the same day.

How To Maintain Straightened Permed Hair

Condition Your Hair

One of the most important things you can do to keep your hair healthy is to use a conditioner. Once a week, apply a deep-conditioning treatment to your hair to replenish the lost moisture and bring it back to life.

Avoid Hair Ties

Avoid tying your hair up with hair ties after using a perming solution or flat iron to straighten your hair. Silk scrunchies are a gentler option if you must use a hair tie.

How To Opt Between Permanent Or Temporary Hair Straightening Treatment?

Make an objective decision about which treatment will produce results more aligned with your diet and lifestyle preferences. Hair straightened using chemicals will remain manageable for a more extended period. Spending money or time on treatments that damage your hair even further is no longer necessary. On the other hand, it can cause a long-term effect on your hair by altering its connections and making it coarse and brittle. Hair loss and thinning can be exacerbated by the harsh chemicals used in hair care products.

The natural bonds in your hair aren’t altered by temporary hair straightening treatments, so they’re gentler on your strands. If your hair is excessively frizzy or curly, these products may not stay up and require constant upkeep, which will cost time and money to maintain.

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