how long do polygel nails last

How Long do Polygel Nails Last

Polygel Nails are amazing. Nails look fantastic, but they are also simpler to apply than artificial nails. However, the major drawback of Polygel nails is that they are less durable than acrylic nails. Thus, in this post, I’ll share with you how long do Polygel Nails last.

how long do polygel nails last
How Long do Polygel Nails Last (Image Source: Pinterest)

What Is Polygel?

Polygel is a hybrid nail paint product that was specifically created for nail artists. It combines the advantages of acrylics and gel nails. It is a nail enhancer made of acrylic powder and clear gel that may be used to get the ideal set. 

It’s a molded gel formula that can be shaped into whatever shape you wish. The one-step formula eliminates the need for ratios, mixing, and monomers and is intended to give nail technicians ultimate control over shaping and overlaying the perfect nails. 

Because poly gel does not set until it is cured, your technician may take their time achieving the seamless nail look you want. It is available in various colors and finishes, exactly like conventional nail polish. The gel is applied with an acrylic brush and may be used on natural nails in the same way as it is used on tips or nail extensions.

what is polygel? 
What is Polygel? (Image Source: Pinterest)

Poly gel nails life:

Polygel Nails may last for 3-4 weeks if they are applied correctly. Polygel lifetime varies widely from person to person. Because the more activity you engage in, such as gardening, cleaning, and cooking, will expose your nails to harsh chemicals and other environmental factors, which will shorten the life of your Polygel Nails, as a result of which they will get damaged.

How to Apply Polygel Nails At Home?

There are the following steps on how to apply polygel nails at home:

Preparation of the Nails

Like gels, your natural nails will be prepared by having them filed and buffed so that there is no shine to them.

Apply the Polygel

After that, your nail technician will use a tiny, precise brush to apply the poly gel mixture to your nails. In the same way, as they would with acrylic, this will be applied in the middle of your nail, beginning with a small bead or ball.

Smooth the formula 

Your nail technician will spread the product with a brush that has been saturated with a special solution designed particularly for Polygel so that it covers the whole nail and is shaped as desired.

Take Care of Your Nails

Following the application of the Polygel, the nail technician will instruct you to put your nails under an LED or UV light for around 30 seconds. Your nail technician may repeat the previous two processes to achieve a particular style while adding a different colored tip to your nail, such as a white tip.

Cut, File, and Shape

Compared to other possibilities, the poly gel is significantly softer, so your nail technician will not need to use an e-file to shape it. Using a hand file will do the work, smoothing away any lumps or uneven spots while also helping in further defining the shape.

Add Some Finishing Touches

Whether you want glossy or matte nails, your nail technician will apply a top coat to lock in the Polygel and give you the finish you choose.

Cure the Nails Once More

Your nails will be dried under a nail light one more before you are ready to go.

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