how long do solar nails last

How Long Do Solar Nails Last?

If you pardon the term, solar nails aren’t exactly new to the fashion world. As an alternative, solar nails have been available since the 1970s, and their aesthetic appeal has prompted the issue of how long do solar nails last?

Nail designs developed by Creative Nail Designs, such as these, are an example of acrylic nail design (CND). Despite the fact that they are both acrylic paints, there are some notable distinctions between them in terms of appearance.

the lasting period of solar nails
The Lasting period of solar nails (Image Source: Pinterest)

Before jumping straight in with the question of how long do solar nails last, let us have a chit-chat on solar nails.

How To Get Solar Nails?

Solar nail application is a two-step method. The nail specialist cleans your natural nails first to prepare for the application. After that, a white nail is applied to the whole natural nail, followed by a pink nail that is only applied to the bed.

The effect of solar “pink” nails is comparable to that of a French manicure. For this reason, they are known for permanent french nails.

Solar nails are a better option than acrylic nails since they are stronger, more resilient, simpler to maintain, and less expensive. They also create a long-lasting, shiny shape and appearance.

What is the lasting period of solar nails?

You can easily replace the refills of your solar nails. You will not be required to reapply for them. That is a significant advantage of using solar nails over other types of acrylic nails in that situation.

When you get solar nails done by a skilled nail technician, they may last for up to 3 to 4 weeks on average. Solar nails are extremely durable and do not easily break even when subjected to little pressure.

If you use solar nails, you won’t have to be concerned about your nails breaking. You may also nurture your solar panel to keep it in good condition. Use a decent oil, such as Nail & Cuticle Care by CND, SolarOil for better results.

Pros of solar nails

Solar nails provide a range of advantages, which make them more appealing. Continue on reading to find out.

Longevity is important

Solar nails do not need replacement after two weeks, like artificial nails. As an alternative, they need to be replenished every three weeks.

They are strong

Solar nails are produced from high-quality materials, making them stronger and resistant to breakage and corrosion. You don’t have to be concerned about your nails all of the time if you want to prevent them from falling off.

Maintain a natural appearance

Solar nails are the most natural-looking option available on the market today compared to the other options. They are, in fact, the next best thing to your natural nails in terms of strength and durability.

Cons of solar nails

Access is restricted

Creative Nail Design is the only company that makes solar nails. The original solar nails are only accessible in a few locations.

Infection possibilities

Solar nails are occasionally susceptible to bacterial and fungal diseases as well.

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