how long does a lash lift take

How long do lash lifts take? & How to take care? 

Do you ever find yourself visualizing having lush, long eyelashes without the need to apply many layers of mascara? or perhaps how long does a lash lift take?

If that’s the case, just know that you’re not the only one. Since 2018, lash lifts’ popularity has surpassed that of mascara.

how long does a lash lift take
How Long Does A Lash Lift Take (Image Source: Pinterest)

lash lifts

A lash lift is a non-invasive, semi-permanent cosmetic surgery that offers the illusion of longer, fuller eyelashes without the use of extensions or chemicals that are left on the lashes after the operation is completed. The natural lashes are strengthened from the base up, which results in a lifted and longer look for the lashes.

You don’t have to stress about negotiating with clumpy mascara or bothersome falsies if you have a lash lift. In addition, when you wake up each morning, your eyelashes will already be naturally long and thick.

In order to heighten the impression, a lot of individuals decide to have their eyelashes colored with a deeper hue. You might compare it to getting a perm for your eyelashes.

The treatment ought to be quick and painless, and you should emerge from it with eyelashes that you may flutter alluringly to your heart’s delight.

As stated by Lucy Roberts, an aesthetician at False Eyelashes, it will seem as if you awoke with your preferred mascara already on. “It will be like you woke up with your favorite mascara already on.”

How long does a lash lift take?

A lash lift is not a long-term solution. The effects will wear off with time, and after a few weeks, you may discover that you need to use mascara once more.

The duration of a lash lift is typically between four and six weeks. However, this time frame might change based on your natural lashes and the kind of lash lift you get. 

If you take great care of your eyelash lift, you should be able to get at least six weeks of use out of it. However, not all lash lifts are created equal.

According to Roberts, the length of time that your lash lift remains effective depends entirely on the quality of the preparation and aftercare that you put into the procedure, as well as the natural growth cycle of your lashes.

How to take care of your lash lifts?

Are you curious about how long your lash lift will continue to look good? A few different factors determine how long your freshly raised lashes will remain in their elevated position.

  • Immediate aftercare
  • Long-term care for the eyelashes 

How quickly your lashes grow on their own, and what kind of lash lift you receive are two important factors.

Even though you take good care of your lashes, you may discover that your lash lift does not last as long as it does for other people who have received the same procedure. 

It is possible that this is just the reason for how swiftly your lashes develop on their own naturally.

Immediate aftercare

What you do in the moments immediately after a lash lift treatment may have a significant impact on how long the effects of the therapy remain. 

It is imperative that you follow the aftercare recommendations provided by the aesthetician since the procedure may take up to 48 hours to have full effect.

Alexis Parcells, a plastic surgeon and the inventor of SUNNIE, believes that in order to enable the lift to set properly, it is essential to refrain from washing the area around the eyes or applying makeup for a period of forty-eight hours. 

In addition to this, you can inquire about receiving a cleaning brush so that you may maintain the region free of irritants and dust.

Long-term attention to the lashes

Even after the first 48 hours have passed, there are still things you can do to extend the life of your lash lift and make it last as long as possible.

The aesthetician should give you very specific instructions on how to care for your lash lifts in the following weeks, but in the meantime, here are some basic pointers to keep in mind:

  • Avoid using waterproof mascara. In addition, according to Parcells, using a standard mascara is OK if just a modest amount is applied.
  • Around the eye area, you should avoid applying oils and numerous skin care products.
  • Avoid eye masks and eyelash curlers. Be conscious of how often you touch your eyes and make every effort to stop doing so if at all feasible.

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