how long should you wait to bleach your hair again?

How Long Should You Wait To Bleach Your Hair Again?

How long should you wait to bleach your hair again? To bleach your hair again, you must probably wait three weeks. After three weeks, you may bleach your hair again if it is not dry, frizzy, or has split ends. Below are some suggestions for protecting your hair. To keep your hair in the right shade of blonde, you may need to bleach it often.

As with any coloring treatment, it is advised that you allow your hair at least six weeks of rest between each treatment. During this time, fresh hair growth will begin at the roots. Avoid the temptation to bleach the hair as soon as the roots begin to show; instead, let it grow out a little longer to protect it.

how long should you wait to bleach your hair again
How Long Should You Wait To Bleach Your Hair Again (Image Source: Pinterest)

When can you bleach your hair again?

Beginning with the initial bleaching procedure, your hair is very weak. If your desired hair color is not achieved, it may be tempting to bleach your hair again the next day and a few days later, but it is not recommended. Initially, the hair will feel dry and brittle; thus, it requires intensive conditioning treatments and rests from harsh chemicals. 

To avoid breakage and hair loss, you should wait at least three to four weeks before bleaching your hair again. If you don’t believe you can wait much longer, see a hairdresser for advice on what you should do next.

when can you bleach your hair again
When can you bleach your hair again? (Image Source: Pinterest)

Taking Care Of Your Hair Between Bleaching Sessions

If your hair is severely damaged, you should avoid bleaching it again. Because only healthy or slightly damaged hair should be bleached. If your hair is seriously damaged, broken, frizzy, tough, and stiff, you should avoid bleaching it until it is repaired.

After the first bleaching procedure and in preparation for the second bleaching treatment, you should treat your hair as if it were a newborn infant.

  • Utilize a weekly deep conditioner, and even coconut oil is excellent for repairing and strengthening hair.

I suggest leaving coconut oil in your hair overnight 2 or 3 times every week.

  • During these three weeks, the use of external heat tools, including high-temperature hair dryers, flat irons, and curlers, is strictly prohibited.

Do you see that the ends of your hair are split, brittle, lifeless, and easily tangled? To maintain healthy, moisturized hair, it is essential to trim it.

  • Do not wash your hair before bleaching it. I suggest not washing it on the same day or before 48 hours.

If you do so, you will reduce the natural oils produced by the hair follicles on the scalp, which serve as a barrier against dangerous external agents.

  • I also suggest applying coconut oil to the hair before bleaching.

I do not suggest using coconut oil for your hair for half hour before applying the bleach mixture. Apply coconut oil overnight to be proactive. Simply separate your hair into strands and apply coconut oil from the mid-lengths to the ends. While sleeping, brush your hair carefully and cover it with a shower cap to avoid ruining your pillows.

Start the bleaching procedure without washing your hair the next morning. If you would rather not apply coconut oil the night before bleaching, you may do it two hours before. However, be careful not to rinse it.

5 Tips to Grow Out Dry, Damaged & Bleached Hair

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In addition to applying coconut oil to the hair of customers that visit my salon, I add 15 drops of oil to the bleach. It diminishes further the damaging impacts of hydrogen peroxide and bleach powder.