how often do you use semi-permanent hair color

How Often Do You Use Hair Dye On Your Hair?

In days gone by, ladies either had to go to a salon to have their hair dyed, or they took a significant chance and attempted to color their hair at home. But how often do you use semi-permanent hair color?

Because of technological advancements make coloring one’s hair at home simpler than it was in the past. It is now much simpler to apply the boxed hair color that can be found in the majority of retail establishments. 

hair dye on hair
Hair Dye On Hair (Image Source: Pinterest)

Additionally, hair coloring products formerly exclusive to hair stylists are now widely accessible at beauty supply shops to the general public.

The question is how often you *should* dye it to protect your strands from damage and keep your hair in good health. 

The frequency with which you choose to color your hair is contingent upon several factors, most notably the kind of hair dye you apply and the initial state of your hair’s health.

It is possible to make greater use of temporary and semi-permanent dyes. If you use semi-permanent or permanent hair dyes, the suggested period for dye care is at least six to eight weeks. 

This time limit applies to both types of dyes. These colors include strong chemicals, and if not applied properly, they may cause harm to your hair.

We asked hairdresser Ashley Mitchell and licensed cosmetologist Leah Spearman to fill us in on the specifics of when and how often you should color your hair, and they did not disappoint. 

Here is a list of everything that has to be taken into account.

How Often Should You Dye Your Hair?: Different types of dyes

However, the amount of time that your hair color will remain intact and the number of times you may dye your hair will be heavily influenced by the kind of dye you use.

Semi-permanent hair color

You may deepen and improve your natural hair color with semi-permanent color without making as big of a commitment as with permanent color. 

When dyeing hair with semi-permanent hair dye, ammonia and peroxide are not used as when coloring hair with permanent hair color. As a result, it merely adds color to the surface; it does not brighten it. 

The use of ammonia and peroxide is not required for the application of semi-permanent color, which makes it kinder to the hair. 

In most cases, it takes time of six and twenty-four washes to remove semi-permanent hair color completely. It is possible to apply semi-permanent hair color on the hair as often as once every two weeks. 

The hair is not harmed in any way by it. It is recommended to dye your hair with a semi-permanent color at least once every four to five weeks to retain a rich hue.

Permanent hair color

Permanent hair color is the method used most often when looking to modify the color of one’s mane. It may also be used to conceal grey hair and make more subtle alterations. 

Theoretically, permanent hair color cannot be removed by shampooing, and it will continue to be present in the hair until it is colored again. However, the color of the hair will become less vibrant and wash out with time.

Permanent hair color is harsher on the hair than semi-permanent and temporary hair colors because it first lifts and removes pigment before depositing color. 

This makes permanent hair color more damaging to the hair. Overuse may cause the hair to become porous and lose its protein content. Permanent hair color should not be used on the hair more often than once every four to six weeks when it is done at home. 

Permanent hair color may be applied more often than necessary; however, given the potential for harm to the hair, this practice should be avoided whenever possible.