how to apply eyeshadow under the eye

Dos And Don’ts Of How To Apply Eyeshadow Under The Eye

Do you want to know how to apply eyeshadow under the eye and whether or not you should apply eyeshadow to the area beneath your eyes?

Having eyeshadow under eyes may provide a sense of harmony, which many individuals appreciate. In addition, if you have smokey eyes, you shouldn’t use lower lid shadow since it might make your eyes seem odd.

The issue with applying eyeshadow beneath your eyes, which is probably something you’ve experienced firsthand, is that it may give the appearance of your eyes being smaller or more closed. It can pull your eyes down rather than raise them.

How to apply eyeshadow under the eye? | Dos and Don’ts

Here is a list of a few dos and don’ts of how to apply eyeshadow under the eye. Make sure to take notes and keep them in your mind when you feel like creating under eye eyeshadow looks.

eyeshadow under the eye
Eyeshadow Under The Eye (Image Source: Pinterest)

Make sure the shadow under your eyes is blended

How to apply dark eyeshadow? If you believe that wearing a dark shadow beneath your eyes would look good on you, the best method to achieve it is to blend it down using a pencil brush like the one that is sold by Dose of Colors. There are no angular corners here!

Avoid throwing off the whole balance of things

If you want to learn, how do you put eyeshadow on right? Then take this important note. 

If you don’t have a lot of makeup on your top lid, you shouldn’t put a lot of eyeshadow on your bottom lid either. This will make your eyes seem uneven.

Similarly, if the shadow on your top lid is a light tint, you do not want to load the shadow on your bottom lid with a dark black or deep brown shade.

Do focus the shadow of the lower lid on the outside third of the face

The drawing shows the area beneath the eye, with the outer third serving as an illustration of where eyeshadow should be applied. The outer under the eye to the ear is where the majority of the shadow will be concentrated.

To visually prolong the appearance of your eye, you should focus on the shadow that is the darkest on the outermost parts of your eye. 

In the same way, you should concentrate on the shadow that is the darkest on the outer third of your lower lash line (as opposed to an even application all along the bottom lid) to learn the best under eye eyeshadow looks.

You should also apply a relatively smaller amount of shadow to the center and inner third of your bottom lid. By doing so, you will continue to draw attention to your eyes and prolong their profile. 

Make sure to make use liner in the waterline 

How to properly apply eyeshadow? If you are the kind of person who thinks a touch of black in the waterline is attractive, you should know that it often looks fantastic when combined with shadow on the lower lid. 

(The L.A. Girl Gel Glide Eyeliner is a wonderful, inexpensive alternative for a non-irritating one-swipe waterline pencil; it’s the nicest one I’ve found, personally.) A dark shadow has the ability to pull an eye further into the head; after all, it does seem to be a shadow. The edgy, dark appearance of the liner pulls everything back into focus.

Having said that, the use of a black liner in the waterline may have the opposite effect on certain individuals, namely that it causes their eyes to shut rather than open. Examine how it appears when placed on your eye.

If you believe that black liner makes your eyes seem too tiny, you could consider using a liner in a neutral hue in the waterline instead.

You shouldn’t wear a thick line under your eye

The thing that you should be most careful to avoid doing is creating a wide and even band of thick shadow beneath your eyes. This will make your eyes seem smaller and more closed than they really are. It is doubly inappropriate since it also has a retrograde style to it.

Make sure you use a shadow that brightens up your inner third

Illustration of the area beneath the eye, with the inner third circled to show where brightening eyeshadow should be applied. A color that will brighten the image should be placed over the red.

Why not bring the spotlight farther towards the inner corner?

Adding a highlighting shade to the inner third of your lid is a simple but correct way to put on eyeshadow and to give the impression that you have put in a significant amount of effort to get a sophisticated and intricate eye look.

Can you put eyeshadow on bottom lash line?

Eyeshadow is a kind of cosmetic that is often applied on the lids of the eyes in order to draw attention to them. Eyeshadow is normally applied with the intention of drawing attention to our eyes. With the right color mix and application skills, it will unquestionably make the eyes seem more attractive. 

Although it is most often used to darken or “shadow” the eyes, it may also be used to highlight, brighten, and expand the appearance of the eyes.

Shadow is the perfect remedy since harsh lines beneath those wonderful eyes may actually make them seem smaller. Thus, the shadow is the right option. 

When compared to using a conventional liner, the contour created by using shadow to line your lower lashes will be more subtle. Although powdered eyeshadows that include talc make up the vast majority of products in this category, crème and liquid shadows are also commercially available.

Eyeshadow is available in a wide variety of formulations, finishes, and effects, as well as textures and finishes.

How to put on cream eyeshadow? 

If you want to learn the correct way to put on an eyeshadow that is creamy, watch the video provided below.

Put on Cream Eyeshadow

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