how to apply makeup step by step for beginner's black skin

10 Steps on How to Apply Makeup on Black Skin

Various skin tones need the use of different makeup products and techniques. What works on tan, sun-kissed skin, or dark, mocha-colored skin is not the same as what works on pale, freckled skin. In this post, we’ll go over steps to apply makeup on dark skin

The term “dark skin” refers to skin color with a high concentration of melanin pigments, mainly eumelanin. “Black people” refers to persons with a dark complexion, although this word may be misleading in countries where it is used to refer to certain ethnic groups or populations.

how to apply makeup on black skin
How to Apply Makeup on Black Skin (Image Source: Pinterest)

Makeup Tips for Dark Skin

Always Use Color Corrector

Color correction is essential, regardless of skin tone. A concealer that conceals dark spots and neutralizes discoloration is what you need. Use a red-orange concealer if you have a purple tint under your eyes, for example. You won’t have to use as much concealer because of this. Color correction is the main step in black girl makeup step by step.

Apply Bold Blush

Colors that are rich and saturated look fantastic on dark complexion tones. Make a statement with bright cheeks in tones such as intense mauve and cranberry. Their bright shade will provide warmth and energy to your skin.

Apply Contour

A solid foundation will make your skin seem perfect and provide a lovely base for your makeup, but contouring is also a crucial stage in the makeup process. If you just use foundation, it might make your face seem flat; however, contouring with bronzer & highlighter can assist in bringing it to life.

A pop-up with Eye Makeup

A matte concealer (one to two shades lighter) can be used to create an eyeshadow base before adding a bright shadow to darker skin tones. Use powder to set it, and then use eyeshadow to cover it up.

On darker skin tones, bold eye makeup looks fantastic. Bright and vibrant colors, such as jewel tones, give your face a lift and make your skin seem beautiful. When applying intense eye makeup, be sure to keep your lips and cheeks a little more neutral.

Avoid being too Matte

If you use too much matte foundation, it can keep your skin looking cakey and unnatural. Choosing a liquid or cream foundation for dry skin is suggested. You’ll get a makeup look that is natural and free of makeup.

Avoid Pale makeup

Avoid using extremely light colors or including an excessive amount of white pigment. They can make dark skin seem greyish, which is not the appearance you want.

Use Foundation That Match Your Skintone

It might be difficult to find the right foundation for people with dark skin tones, but don’t lose your search. Enlist the help of a qualified makeup artist to help you in finding your ideal match. Your face should never be brighter than your neck or chest. Therefore match your foundation to these regions to select the foundation that will suit your complexion.

These makeup tips help in applying makeup for dark skin.

10 Steps to Apply Makeup On Dark Skin

These are the following steps to apply makeup on dark skin.

Hydrate your Face

hydrate your face
Hydrate your Face (Image Source: Pinterest)

Some research has shown that black skin loses moisture more quickly than those with lighter skin tones. Applying a daily moisturizer that includes humectants, such as glycerin or hyaluronic acid can help avoid it and keep the face from looking ashy. 

Humectants are substances that help the skin retain moisture. Before applying makeup, you must properly wash and dry your face. Hydrate your skin using a moisturizer.

Use Primer

use primer
Use Primer (Image Source: Pinterest)

Primer is an essential tool in your makeup kit to get a flawless makeup look on dark skin. It is necessary to use a primer before applying your foundation, concealer, or anything else you use to cover blemishes.

The primer will hold your makeup in place for an extremely long period of time and will mattify oily skin. Apply a thin layer of primer to the center of your face, dabbing it in with your fingertips or a makeup sponge, starting in the middle of your face. This tutorial is based on dark skin makeup step by step.

Apply Color Corrector

apply color corrector
Apply Color Corrector (Image Source: Pinterest)

The next step is color correction. Black skin tends to develop deep dark spots and hyperpigmentation in certain places, such as the lips and chin. Dark circles under the eyes are also a common occurrence.

When working with dark skin, it is vital to use a full-coverage orange color corrector to ensure that everything is properly covered. Apply only to the places where it is required (such as your dark spots) and blend well with clean fingers or a makeup sponge to avoid streaking. Color correction is important in black girls’ makeup step by step.

Create a Base with Foundation

create a base with foundation
Create a Base with Foundation (Image Source: Pinterest)

Make sure you use a suitable foundation for your skin type. Different types of foundations are designed for different skin types, so consider if your skin is oily or dry before selecting a particular foundation. Match the undertones of your skin to the foundation you’re using.

The most effective method of finding the correct foundation is combining many different shades with matching your skin tone. Shake the foundation bottle before using it. It is necessary to shake the foundation container before each application thoroughly. To apply the foundation, a foundation brush should be used. A foundation brush is a bigger cosmetic brush with a rounded edge that is used for applying foundation. 

Use only the tip of the brush to apply the foundation to avoid over-saturating the brush. Make sure to thoroughly rinse the brush after each application to maintain it clean and hygienic. If you are applying two different colors of foundation to your face, start with the lighter tone and then the darker tone, blending them with a damp foundation brush.

Use Concealer

use concealer
Use Concealer (Image Source: Pinterest)

Use a makeup sponge to apply concealer under your eyes, around your lips, and in any other places where you used the orange color corrector to conceal imperfections. Make use of a beauty blender to smooth the concealer into your skin until it is fully blended in with it.

Set your foundation

set your foundation
Set your Foundation (Image Source: Pinterest)

Use banana powder instead of simply a white translucent powder. This will help you in highlighting specific areas of the face with a more natural-looking tone. Make use of a large fluffy makeup brush to apply the banana setting powder under your eyes, on your forehead, and on your chin.

Allow it to settle for a couple of minutes before blending it all over your face with the same brush you used before.

Set Eyebrows:

set eyebrows
Set Eyebrows (Image Source: Pinterest)

Brow powder is the most effective eyebrow makeup product for achieving a natural appearance. Using brow powder is considerably simpler than using a brow pencil to fill in the brows. To apply the powder, softly sweep it over your brows with an angled brush. And then blend it with a spoolie brush.

Apply Eye makeup

apply eye makeup
Apply Eye Makeup (Image Source: Pinterest)

Girls with a darker complexion can be using bright colors on their eyes and look stunning. For those with a dark complexion, jewel tones like blue, emerald, and purple are the ideal bright colors to use. Using two complementary colors on your eyelids will create a colorful and dramatic look that will last all day. 

Try placing the purple on your lower eyelid and applying the gold on top, closer to your brow, to create a stunning look. The use of metallic or shimmering eye shadows on a dark complexion is particularly effective since they provide such a stark contrast to your rich, dark skin tone.

When applied to the darker complexion, shimmery eye colors stand out even more, making them an excellent option for a date night. Eyeshadows in the gold and bronze families are particularly effective in enhancing the undertones of darker complexion. However, only apply shiny metallic on your real eyelids to make them stand out.

Finish the eye makeup with eyeliner and mascara to complete the appearance. Eyeliner will make your eyes seem larger and give you a more stunning look. The use of black and brown eyeliners is fantastic for creating a natural appearance, and the use of colorful eyeliners is fun for creating a more dramatic effect. To finish your perfect look, apply mascara to your eyelashes to extend and thicken them. 

Applying Blush and Bronzer

applying blush and bronzer
Applying Blush and Bronzer (Image Source: Pinterest)

Using bronzer as a blush or applying it over a neutral blush is a terrific tip for females with dark skin. Bronzer adds a little more color to the cheeks while also drawing attention to the cheekbones. Make use of the bronzer to shape your face by applying it just under your cheekbones.

A stunning and elegant appearance can be achieved by combining the use of blush with bronzer. Apply a matte blush to the apples of your cheeks, and then brush the bronzer over the top to complete the look. You can also use an additional bronzer under your cheekbones to give your face a more contoured appearance.

Apply Lipstick

apply lipstick
Apply Lipstick (Image Source: Pinterest)

Colors that are bright and bold look particularly good on ladies with dark complexions. Colors like reds, oranges, and rich purples are all excellent selections for the lips. Make sure the shade you apply suits the undertones of your skin for the greatest look.

If you have yellow undertones, warm shades like oranges and chocolate browns are best. For pink undertones, utilize cool colors such as purples or shades with blue tones.

Applying a layer of lip gloss on top of your lipstick can be a terrific way to complete your look. The lip gloss can assist you in keeping your lips hydrated during the day or night times. You can choose between a clear lip gloss and a tinted gloss to compliment your lipstick.