how to apply makeup step by step for beginners

How to Do Makeup at Home for Beginners: Step-By-Step Guide

Makeup is made up of a variety of chemical compounds taken from either natural or synthetic sources. Various cosmetics are used for different purposes. Personal care and skincare products can be used to cleanse and protect the body or skin.

Things like looking younger and having better and clear skin are achieved through the use of makeup. The study of beauty and makeup is intended to provide knowledge of the techniques used to achieve certain looks. Makeup can be used to cover our flaws while also highlighting our good features. In this article, we will teach you how to apply makeup step by step for beginners.

how to apply makeup step by step for beginners
Makeup for beginners

Simple Makeup Techniques to Make Your Life Easier

Before we get started with this tutorial, we’ll go over a few makeup tips and techniques that will make your life a little simpler.

  • Always moisturize your face before applying makeup.
  • Always apply your foundation first, then apply concealer.
  • Always use a spoolie brush to set your brows because spoolie brushes are perfect for shaping your eyebrows.
  • Before applying lipstick, always clean your lips with a mild scrub, and moisturize your lips with lip balm.
  • Use a spoon to create a winged liner easily.
  • Using a hairdryer, warm up your eyelash curler to get the best results.
  • After applying the lipstick, dust some powder over your lips to make the lipstick matte and set it with tissue.
  • Apply a triangle shape to conceal the area under your eyes.
  • Make use of a brush handle to help you in the contouring step.
  • With a translucent powder, give your lashes some more volume.
  • To make your pencil liner glide, melt it up a little bit.

Steps to Apply Makeup for Beginners

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to do makeup at home for beginners easily. 

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

keep your skin hydrated
Keep Your Skin Hydrated (Image Source: Pinterest)

Whatever your skin type is (oily, dry, or combination), it’s necessary to moisturize your skin every morning and night—and also remember to apply sunscreen in the morning. Cleansing and toning (which is essential at night!) should be done before applying moisturizer. 

Then massages the skin for a few minutes to help it relax. Make a little amount of the moisturizer and warm it between your palms before massaging it into your skin in upward and outward circular motions.

Apply Primer For Open Pores

apply primer for open pores
Apply Primer For Open Pores (Image Source: Pinterest)

Applying moisturizer first and then placing the primer on top of your skin is suggested if you have dry skin. Primer is an important step to ensure that your makeup lasts throughout the day, and it also serves as a protective barrier for your skin.

Primers are used below makeup products such as eyeshadows, foundation, lipstick, and even nail polish to provide a smooth base that helps to keep your other beauty products in place throughout the day. Primers can also help you use less makeup by making the application a bit simpler and reducing the amount of time you spend applying it.

Apply Liquid Foundation

apply liquid foundation
Apply Liquid Foundation (Image Source: Pinterest)

Choose a light foundation that is suitable for daytime use, then apply it in little dots to the areas of your face where you want to blend it with your skin tone. Use a foundation brush to distribute the product evenly throughout the skin, ensuring that all surface areas are covered.

When you use your brush in a circular motion, you will mix the product more quickly and get an airbrush-like finish. Avoid rubbing or wiping movements while applying foundation since this will only spread the product and create streaks.

Apply Concealer For Dark Spots

apply concealer for dark spots
Apply Concealer For Dark Spots (Image Source: Pinterest)

Concealer is a must-have in every woman’s cosmetic kit since it has the power to transform your look in seconds. Concealers can brighten a dull face, cover dark spots, and acne scars and hide dark circles beneath the eyes if applied properly. 

Apply a few dots of concealer below the eyes, near the lashes, and blend them together. Apply a dot of concealer to the inner corners of your eyes. You can blend concealer with your fingertips or, for the greatest results, use a concealer brush. 

Tap the concealer into the skin with the pad of your middle finger or a concealer brush (always tap). Make sure that everything is well blended. Your index finger can also be used. There isn’t a hard and fast rule, but the middle finger tends to be softer. 

Apply concealer to any additional uneven areas of the face — including the chin and the areas around the nose and lips if necessary, blend in with a blending brush. If you want more coverage, add another layer. 

Set Your Foundation With Compact Powder

set your foundation with compact powder
Set Your Foundation With Compact Powder (Image Source: Pinterest)

Compact powder is used to set liquid foundation or concealer to ensure that the makeup remains in place and does not move around or rub off the skin. Compact powders can also be mixed with liquid foundation to create foundations that can be used as a base for your whole makeup routine, or they can be mixed with liquid foundation to increase coverage.

Contour Your Face

contour your face
Contour Your Face (Image Source: Pinterest)

To get the best results, it is essential to customize the contour of your face shape. The oval, heart, round, and square are the most common facial shapes. For example, if you have an oval face shape, you should concentrate on defining the cheekbones, but if you have a round face shape, you should concentrate on enhancing the jawline. 

The general method is to contour the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline first, then highlight the under eyes, the center of the forehead, and the chin. The powder is a bit simpler for beginners to deal with since the application method is the same as with bronzer. 

Simply dip your brush into the contour powder and use it to gradually build up the contour, being careful to integrate it into the skin properly! Make an intensive line at the lowest part of the cheekbone using a smaller brush to provide further definition.

Apply Bronzer 

apply bronzer
Apply Bronzer (Image Source: Pinterest)

Bronzer powder is the go-to makeup product for giving yourself a golden, sun-kissed glow at any time of year. A little coating of bronzer, whether matte or shimmery, draws attention to and sculpts your features, lifts your cheekbones, and imparts a warm, just-stepped-off-the-beach glow in seconds.

Beginning on your forehead, run your brush along your hairline, then follow your hairline down to your cheeks. Once you’ve achieved the desired color on your cheekbones, swirl the product around your face again to shade the area under your jawline. When you’re done, apply your bronzer in a 3-shape on the side of your face to define your features.

Apply Blush

apply blush
Apply Blush (Image Source: Pinterest)

Applying blush on the apples of the cheeks is a superb technique to give the skin a healthy glow. Make a note of where the apples of your cheeks come out when you smile (naturally). 

In this area, you’ll apply your blush and then blend it outward in an upward, outer motion to give the appearance of a lifting effect. For blush, you can use either cream or powder forms.

Apply Liquid Highlighter

apply liquid highlighter
Apply Liquid Highlighter (Image Source: Pinterest)

Liquid highlighter combines smoothly and easily on the skin, and an easy method to apply it is to put a little amount straight onto a tapered powder brush or fingertip and blend it in. When the product has been applied to the brush, blend highlighter over the cheeks, nose bridge, and other areas as desired. This provides for a smoother application and reduces the chances of highlighter looking streaky.

Set your Eyebrows

set your eyebrows
Set your Eyebrows (Image Source: Pinterest)

Setting your eyebrows is a key step in this article that should not be skipped because it can completely transform the look of your whole face. Depending on their shape, your brows can make you seem furious, tired, and aged or soft, young, and well-rested, depending on your facial features.

Fill in any sparse spots using a pencil, using small dash-like strokes to replicate your natural hairs to create a natural-looking finish. Choose the color that most closely matches your eyebrows and fill it in very gently—using a spoolie brush through your brows one more to smooth out the color and soften any sharp lines that may have appeared.

Enhance your eye with eye makeup

enhance your eye with eye makeup
Enhance your Eye with Eye Makeup (Image Source: Pinterest)

In this course, we teach How to do step-by-step makeup for beginners at home. So, we’ll use only two shades: a light neutral and a mid-tone accent color that complements each other. Apply the lighter shade to your whole top lid, up to the brow, and then a darker shade into your crease where your lid meets your eye.

Apply Eyeliner and Mascara

apply eyeliner and mascara
Apply Eyeliner and Mascara (Image Source: Pinterest)

After you’ve finished with the eyeshadow, it’s time to move on to the eyeliner and mascara. Applying liner and mascara is important to learn. Eyeliner on the upper lash line can help to define your eyes. Choose a liner that is long-lasting and won’t smudge throughout the day to get this look. 

It’s best to start at the inner corner of your eye and work your way outwards, depending on your eye shape. To make eyes look more open, softly blend them outward. As soon as your eyeliner is finished, you can go on to apply a couple of coats of your favorite mascara to finish it off. 

Make sure to choose a solution that will enhance your lashes, bearing in mind the kind of lashes you have. If your lashes are short, mascara separates and lengthens them. If your lashes are naturally straight, you can also curl them before applying mascara if you have the desire to do so.

Apply your Lipstick

apply your lipstick
Apply your Lipstick (Image Source: Pinterest)

It is essential to scrub your lips before applying lipstick to remove any dead skin cells and make your lips feel smoother. The sequence in which the lip cosmetics are applied is the most important factor here. Lip liner is applied first, then lipstick, and then lip gloss is applied.

Making your lips seem fuller can be achieved by stroking them with a natural-looking colored pencil before adding gloss or lipstick. By softly contouring your lips’ top and bottom edges, you can quickly add volume to your lips without any effort. 

Apply a little amount of pressure to the liner as you move it around the lips, ensuring that the color is soft. Whatever color lipstick or gloss you choose (or both, for that matter), selecting a shade that blends nicely with your selected lip liner creates a soft and natural effect.

Set Your Makeup

set your makeup
Set Your Makeup (Image Source: Pinterest)

Setting your makeup look using setting powder, spray, or both will ensure that your makeup lasts as long as possible. Which method you choose will depend on your skin type and how long you want your makeup to last. 

We use a velour puff that has been saturated with setting powder, but you can also use any fluffy brush of your choice. After that, roll the puff over the area where you want to set your makeup until you get the matte you wish.

Consider areas of your face where you’re most greasy or where makeup tends to crease, such as areas under your eyes and around the T-zone. Setting spray is a fantastic choice if you desire your skin to seem less matte and more natural. It can be used on top of powder or on its own to achieve this effect.

I hope you will understand the makeup tips and easy steps. Once you’ve completed the makeup, take a minute to examine your final look. To become better at anything, you must practice it again and again. You may even discover new ways of doing things as you get more comfortable. If you are searching for professional makeup, then take a look at this post.