how to apply makeup step by step like a professional

14 Steps to Apply Makeup Like a Professional on Yourself

A Professional Makeup Artist performs cosmetic procedures and techniques to enhance the human body’s elegance. Its simple form uses cosmetic items to improve a person’s look by bringing out color and features and concealing or smoothing out defects. This guide will teach you how to apply makeup like a professional easily.

A Professional Make-up Artist is an artist that applies makeup and prosthetics to people for theatre, television, cinema, fashion, magazines, and other comparable projects, including all parts of the modeling profession. If you want to be a makeup artist without going to school, then read this article.

What are the Makeup Products we will use in this course?


Moisturizer (Image Source: Pinterest)

Moisturizer does two essential functions: first, it smooths the skin’s surface, allowing for a more even application of foundation or concealer, and it can help makeup last longer by keeping it from falling off. 

Second, moisturizing the skin underneath makeup will make the skin seem less dry. If you don’t moisturize your skin before applying foundation makeup, it will seem much worse on you, and your makeup looks cakey. 


Primer (Image Source: Pinterest)

Primer is available in a variety of forms, including gels, creams, and sprays. They fill up wrinkles and big pores to provide you with a smooth surface to apply your makeup. What’s the final result? Makeup applies smoothly, lasts longer, and doesn’t seem cakey.


Foundation (Image Source: Pinterest)

Foundation is a makeup product that evens your skin complexion, covers imperfections, and is available in liquid, cream, or powder form. The most crucial consideration is the level of coverage you want to get, and there are several types available. Lighter coverage is better for a more natural makeup look. It smooths your skin and puts a thin veil over your face. 

When using a light coverage foundation, you’ll still be able to see your freckles, for example. A thicker, full-coverage foundation will give you a more airbrushed appearance. These foundations have a heavier consistency and hide imperfections, including dark spots, blemishes, and acne scars.


Concealer (Image Source: Pinterest)

Concealer is used to hide dark circles, pimples, scars, and other blemishes with an additional layer of concealer. You can choose between a matte or dewy concealer depending on the appearance you’re trying for. In the same way, as the foundation has different levels of coverage, concealers do as well. 

Highlighter and Contour

Highlighter and Contour
Highlighter and Contour (Image Source: Pinterest)

These two amazing cosmetic products can completely change your skin. Contour produces shadows and adds complexity to your face, while the highlighter emphasizes the high points of your face. Highlighter and contouring products are available in liquid, powder, and cream forms. 

Blush and Bronzer

blush and bronzer
Blush and Bronzer (Image Source: Pinterest)

While people may mistakenly believe that bronzer and contour are the same, their purposes are very different. While contouring is used to produce shadows, bronzer is used to give a natural, sun-kissed glow that highlights and lifts your cheekbones and other facial features. 

Bronzers are available in liquids, creams, and powders. Blush is a cosmetic product that is used to make the cheeks seem flushed. It is available in liquid, powder, and cream forms. Using powder blush is the fastest and easiest way to apply makeup quickly and easily. Bronzer and Blush are also important to apply makeup step by step like a professional.

Setting Powder

setting powder
Setting Powder (Image Source: Pinterest)

Setting powders are used to “set” or hold the foundation in place, prevent base makeup from rubbing off and decrease shine for a long-lasting, flawless complexion. Setting powders, which are available in two basic forms – loose and compact can be slightly colored to match skin tone.

Eyeshadow Primer

eyeshadow primer
Eyeshadow Primer (Image Source: Pinterest)

Eyeshadow primer is similar to face primer, but it contains a formula that targets the area above the eye. Your standard primer will not do. While most primers for your face include silicone or water, eyeshadow primers have a more grippy texture and aren’t as smooth. This permits your eye makeup to remain in place throughout the day.


Eyeshadow (Image Source: Pinterest)

Eyeshadow is a powder that is applied to your eyelids to give attention to your eyes. The colored powder is available in a range of formulas and shades, from matte to sparkling. They also have varying degrees of coloration.


Eyeliner (Image Source: Pinterest)

Eyeliner is used to define the eyes, shape them, and create various styles. When it comes to eyeliner, you have the option of using a gel, liquid, or pencil. Pencils are typically the simplest to use. They are largely creamy and have the greatest wiggle space to blend.

Eyelash Curler

eyelash curler
Eyelash Curler (Image Source: Pinterest)

You can make your eyelashes seem bigger, thicker, and fuller by using an eyelash curler. The clamps press down and help to curl your lashes upwards. After curling your eyelashes, you can achieve pretty much any cosmetic look you desire. Use this tool to do professional makeup on yourself.


Mascara (Image Source: Pinterest)

Mascara is a cosmetic product used to enhance and thicken eyelashes. Depending on the technique, you can make your lashes seem longer, thicker, prolonged, or darker.

Eyebrow Gel, Pencil, and Powder

eyebrow gel, pencil, and powder
Eyebrow Gel, Pencil, and Powder (Image Source: Pinterest)

Eyebrow gel helps to keep unruly brows in place. The use of an eyebrow pencil to draw in hairs helps you to obtain the most natural-looking result. The eyebrow powder is excellent for filling eyebrows and is a great first choice for beginners. 

If you don’t have any powder on hand, you can get the same effect with an eyeshadow. Just be sure to choose a color that is the closest match to your brow color. Brow powder is the product that most people find the most convenient to use.

Lip Primer

lip primer
Lip Primer (Image Source: Pinterest)

A lip primer, like a face primer or an eyeshadow primer, is used to hold your lip makeup in place while you’re using your lipstick or lip gloss. It isn’t as important as a regular primer in your makeup process does not mean that it isn’t beneficial.

Lip Pencil

lip pencil
Lip Pencil (Image Source: Pinterest)

Lip pencils are used to define your lips’ shape and create an outline for your lipstick application before you apply the lipstick. Additionally, this technique protects your lipstick from spilling. To get a more prominent pout, you can use your lip liner to contour the corners of your lips and lightly overline the edges.


Lipstick (Image Source: Pinterest)

Lipstick enhances the beauty of the mouth by adding color and coating to the lips. It is available in a wide variety, ranging from liquid lipstick to matte lipstick, and it is available in every color. Red lipstick and nude lipstick are two of the most popular color categories in the fashion industry.

Lip Gloss

lip gloss
Lip Gloss (Image Source: Pinterest)

Creating a glossy appearance on the lips, lip gloss is available in many colors ranging from absolutely transparent to highly pigmented.

Makeup Fixer

makeup fixer
Makeup Fixer (Image Source: Pinterest)

Fixing sprays are the ones that allow your makeup to stay longer. They are mainly alcohol-based; although they may include oils, alcohol is generally one of the first four ingredients listed on the product’s label. If you use a setting spray without first setting your makeup, the hold will only be effective for the top layer of makeup.

How to Apply Makeup Step by Step Like a Professional With Pictures

Detailed instructions on how to make your makeup look professional are given below in this article.

STEP 1: Moisturize Your Skin

moisturize your skin
Moisturize Your Skin (Image Source: Pinterest)

Cleaning and moisturizing your face is essential before applying makeup and improving your makeup application method and technique. Always wash and moisturize your skin before applying makeup.

If your skin is not prep, you will be unable to create an even and flawless finish on your face. It will seem heavy and tend to concentrate on the dry areas of your face while the foundation gets cakey.

STEP 2: Apply a Primer

apply a primer
Apply a Primer (Image Source: Pinterest)

The use of a primer is the essential stage in the makeup application. It is a very necessary makeup technique that must not be missed in any way. All primers are not made equal, and it is crucial to choose the proper primer for your skin type to achieve the greatest results. Once you’ve got your primer, you’ll be able to start working. 

If you apply the primer with a strong hand, it will begin to ball or pill. Instead, use sheer layers of primer, concentrating on the forehead, cheeks, and chin area, also known as the T-zone. 

Using a primer also helps to minimize pores and ensures that your makeup lasts for many hours. Applying a primer during the summer months is essential because it stops your makeup from melting.

STEP 3: Apply Foundation

apply foundation
Apply Foundation (Image Source: Pinterest)

In this course, after moisturizer and the use of a primer, the third step is applying foundation. Make sure that it matches your skin. Apply a few dots of foundation to your T-zone, and focus on the areas around your forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, and neck. It is applied with a brush or a moist makeup blender to get the desired effect. 

It is important to blend it all over your face and neck thoroughly. Ensure that you apply a bit of extra foundation to every dark patch or blemish on your skin so that you get a consistent finish all over your face. Also, remember that overusing anything is not a good thing, so only use it when required.

STEP 4: Apply a Concealer

apply a concealer
Apply a Concealer (Image Source: Pinterest)

After the application of foundation, it is time to use a concealer that is lighter than your skin tone. It is quite effective in brightening your skin tone and making proper areas more even in tone. Apply concealer beneath your eyes and blend it well with a concealer brush. 

Also, apply concealer to any dark patches or other uneven areas, being sure to smooth everything. A liquid concealer is ideal for light coverage, while a compact or stick concealer is recommended for high coverage.

STEP 5: Apply Setting Powder To Set Foundation

apply setting powder to set foundation
Apply Setting Powder To Set Foundation (Image Source: Pinterest)

Highlighting one of the most important steps is to set the foundation properly. Usually, many women ignore this procedure, which might result in an undesirable look. To set your foundation on normal skin, all you need to do is apply some setting powder on your T-zone, and you’re done. 

If you want to seal the foundation, you can use compact powder. The most effective method for doing this is to use a buffing brush to distribute powder evenly around the face and neck. The compact powder can also be used to give your face a few touch-ups during the day to maintain it looking fresh and bright.

STEP 6: Define your Eyebrows

define your eyebrows
Define your Eyebrows (Image Source: Pinterest)

Defining your eyebrows is just as important as focusing on other areas of your face when providing structure to your appearance. It plays a vital role in how to make your makeup look professional. You can use a range of products to either make your eyebrows seem bigger or improve their natural shapes, such as brow pencils, powders, and gels, to achieve either effect. 

It is not recommended for women who have dark and thick brows to do this step. However, if you have light or over-plucked brows, it is recommended that you use an eyebrow pencil to define your brows. You must use a pencil that is as similar as possible to the color of your natural eyebrows.

Make use of a pencil to get the most natural-looking result that closely resembles your own hair. Using an eyebrow gel to put everything in place after you’ve filled in the gaps is also a good idea. An eyebrow powder will be your best partner if you want to fill in any sparse areas on your eyebrows.

STEP 7: Apply Eye Makeup

apply eye makeup
Apply Eye Makeup (Image Source: Pinterest)

Once you are pleased with your brows, you should go on enhancing your eyes, which you can do in any way you feel good. Make use of your eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara to get the ultimate glam look. It is essential to use waterproof eyeliner that will not smudge or spill. You can apply eyeshadow on your upper eyelids in whatever way you choose, but the best advice is to stick to a neutral color for a more casual look. 

If you’re going for a party vibe, you can use any color that matches your outfit. After you’ve finished applying your eyeshadow, use an eyeliner to draw a line over the upper waterline and the outside corners of the lower lash line, smudging it with a brush properly. 

STEP 8: Apply Mascara

appply mascara
Apply Mascara (Image Source: Pinterest)

When you curl your eyelashes using an eyelash curler, you are adding volume to your lashes. The most effective method to give your eyes a more wide and awake appearance is to apply mascara to your eyelashes. Firstly, you curl your eyelashes with a curler.

To apply your mascara, raise your eyes and position the wand at the base of your upper lashes, wiggle it back and forth until the base of your lashes is completely coated with the product. Pull the wand upward towards the tip of your eyelashes, being careful to coat every portion of your lashes as you go and working gently to avoid clumping as you do so.

STEP 9: Contour Your Face

contour your face
Contour your Face (Image Source: Pinterest)

Contouring is a necessary step in this guide. Contour is available in powder, liquid, and cream forms, with powder being the most fool-proof and hence the best choice for beginners and professionals alike. Focus on the places where you wish to add depth using an angled brush. According to Sesnek, he prefers to start with the area under the jawline first. 

Next, apply contour under your cheekbones, around your hairline, and sides of your nose to define your features. It takes a bit longer to get the contour just exactly, but it makes a huge difference, particularly in photographs.

STEP 10: Apply Highlighter

apply highlighter
Apply Highlighter (Image Source: Pinterest)

When it comes time to apply a highlighter, concentrate on the “high” areas of the face where the sun would naturally shine. When it comes to adding genuine dimension, using a highlighter over the cheekbones, by the brow arch, down the nose bridge, and blending very well.

While a highlighter is available in a range of forms, a powder highlighter is a simple way to apply for beginners. To apply the powder, dip your brush into it and tap it to remove any extra powder before moving on. After that, carefully glide it over the high spots that have been described earlier.

STEP 11: Apply Blush and Bronzer

apply blush and bronzer
Apply Blush and Bronzer (Image Source: Pinterest)

Applying blush and bronzer is the main step. Ensure not to go more than a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone while picking the suitable bronzer. Once you’ve selected a shade, it’s time to start bronzing your face—blend bronzer along your hairline, on your cheekbones, and around your jawline with a brush. 

What’s the quickest and easiest technique to remember this? Think about the number three for a while. Draw number 3 on your face, beginning at the hairline and going down your cheekbones, before bringing it to a point under your jawline for a fool-proof application. For a perfect finish, blend the powder in circular, sweeping motions, then dust some of it on your nose for a sunkissed glow.

Applying blush on the cheeks not only gives radiance to your complexion but also makes your face seem fresh and healthy. Blush can be applied with a soft fluffy brush on the apples of your cheeks, be sure to apply it softly. 

Powder blush is used if powdery makeup has been applied; on the other hand, if no powder makeup has been used, you must use a cream blush. You can also apply blush on your nose and the area under your brow bones to give your whole makeup a pleasing shine.

STEP 12: Apply Lip Liner

apply lip liner
Apply Lip Liner (Image Source: Pinterest)

Before applying lip liner or lipstick, it is necessary to hydrate your lips with a lip balm first. You can also contour your lips and give the appearance of a fuller pout by just lining them slightly over your lips. To get the best results, use a lip liner shade that is similar in tone to your natural lip color. Choose a lip liner that is the same color as your lipstick for easy blending when creating bold or brighter lip looks. If you’re using a lip pencil, ensure that the tip is sharp and clean before you begin applying the product.

STEP 13: Apply your Lipstick

apply your lipstick
Apply your Lipstick (Image Source: Pinterest)

Applying Lipstick is the most important part of this tutorial. Always select a lip color that suits your skin tone or matches your outfit correctly. To apply nude lipstick, you must first choose a shade that is suitable for your complexion. Apply some lipstick to the bottom and top of your lips and lightly blend them together to smooth the color out if required. 

Pay careful attention to your lip line and use your lip brush or fingertip to mix the lip liner and the lipstick. Once you’re pleased with the coverage and blend, wipe your lips with a tissue, then dab a little amount of more lipstick into the middle of your lips and blend them once more.

STEP 14: Apply Makeup Fixer

apply makeup fixer
Apply Makeup Fixer (Image Source: Pinterest)

Fixing spray is one of the most effective methods to prevent your makeup from failing and smudging throughout the day. Firstly, shake your setting spray very well. Hold the bottle around 6 to 8 inches away from your face for the best results.

Holding the spray at a distance ensures that the spray falls on every cosmetic product that has to be set, and it also ensures that the coverage is even and thorough. Spray in an X formation first, then by a T formation to ensure that you cover all of the surface areas you need to.

You can then spot spray if needed (although it is unlikely you will need to do so). Before rushing out the door or putting your clothes over your head, let your fixing spray dry naturally on the surface of your skin. This helps the spray to penetrate the skin properly, keeping your makeup from smearing later on.

With the help of this article, you can avoid making a makeup blunder by practicing regularly. Depending on the situation and the weather, these measures must be carried out with extreme care. If you follow this professional advice, use the correct products, and put in some practice, you’ll be well on your way to perfecting your makeup routine.