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How To Lighten Pink Hair?

Do you enjoy experimenting with your hair? Are you pondering how to tone down your pink hair but afraid to take the step since you don’t know how it will affect your hair?

How to get rid of pink hair? This article provides a comprehensive reference on the dos and don’ts of toning down pink dye, from bleaching pink hair to toning down pink to blonde hair without bleach. While you may believe that this bright hair color is impossible to tone down, we can assure you that this is not the case.

It’s critical to get this right if you want to get your chosen hair color while keeping your hair’s natural texture. How do you get pink to blonde hair without bleach? Watch the video with Jess Lemos Tester.

How To Get Pink Out Of Hair Without Bleach?

It’s not difficult to tone down pink to blonde hair without bleach. To tone down your hair appropriately, you simply need to know the essential methods and techniques.

When you wash your hair daily, your hair usually fades over time. Hair dyes only last three to four weeks on average. Your pink hair will progressively fade throughout this period. Your hair will turn less pink as the days pass.

How To Lighten Pink Hair With Dish Soaps

This procedure is perfect if you wish to bleaching pink hair with widely accessible products. Dish soaps include sulfates, which might cause your hair color to fade.

The sooner you do it after you’ve dyed your hair, the better results will come. Within 72 hours of dying your hair, you should use soapy water to tone down pink hair.

On the other hand, Dish soap has the potential to make your hair dry and tangly. As a result, it is suggested that you use a conditioner in addition to it.

The conditioner will assist your hair in maintaining moisture, while the dish soap will help tone down your pink hair.

If you don’t want to use dish soap on your hair, you can use an anti-dandruff shampoo instead. Sulfates are abundant in anti-dandruff shampoos. The more you use it, the faster your hair color will fade from pink to blonde. 

How To Lighten Pink Hair With Vitamin C?

Vitamin C has been shown to speed up the fading process, making it great for toning down pink hair. You’ll need roughly 20-30 vitamin C tablets for this procedure. These tablets are easily available in any market.

Put the tablets in a Ziploc bag and pound them with a rolling pin or another hard tool. Because white powder is the active ingredient, you’ll need it for this technique.

After putting your vitamin C powder with your favorite shampoo or dish soap after putting it in a bowl, mix it all until it’s lovely and bubbly.

Apply the mixture to damp hair once it’s thoroughly combined. From the roots to the tip, make sure every strand of the hair is covered.


You should take great care of your hair afterward, regardless of which method you choose to tone down the pink color. If you use sulfate shampoos or bleach daily, your hair may lose moisture and texture. 

Ensure you’re using the correct protein and conditioning treatments on your hair to avoid this. These treatments ensure that your hair’s moisture and elasticity are restored once you’ve toned it down. 

How To Turn Pink Hair Blonde?

pink to blonde hair
Pink To Blonde Hair (Image Source: Pinterest)

If you want to transition from pink to blonde (your natural color) with bleach, the amount of developers you use is important.

Some people claim that after using 40 volume developers, they removed the pink and went from blonde to blonde without leaving any trace of the pink. This, however, is dependent on the hair dye you apply. However, getting the pink out of your hair on the first attempt is not achievable most of the time.

You should watch the video below to discover the exact steps you need to do to get the pink out of your hair.

What Color Does Pink Turn When Bleached? 

A mild lightning bath is required for this approach. Mix diluted bleach with shampoo and apply it to your pink hair.

Specialists should only use bleach if they don’t want to risk major hair damage. On the contrary, Salons can charge a lot of money for color correction services.

If you choose this technique, make sure it suits your budget and that you have enough time to complete the process.

This is a multi-stage procedure. However, it ensures that you achieve your desired outcomes and that your pink hair is toned down in the end.

How To Bleach Pink Out Of Hair?

There are four steps you should do if you’re a blonde and wish to bleach pink hair.

Some people believe that bleaching pink hair will automatically turn it blonde and that everything will be perfect after the first try. However, this is not always the case. Most of the time, you’re left with a fading pink hair color, and I understand why you’d like to get rid of it. 

You probably don’t like the vivid pink color and want to tone down the color. So, don’t worry. By following the four-step process, you get pink out of your hair.

Washing Your Hair With A Clarifying Shampoo

Make your hair moist as usual before applying the shampoo. Allow it to sit for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing it.

Now, I must warn you that you should not expect a pleasant odor. Don’t use it if you want to take a long shower because it smells unpleasant.

After you’ve rinsed out all of the clarifying shampoos from your hair, check to see if all of the pink tones are gone.

If the pink color persists after the first time of using a clarifying shampoo, repeat the process. You can use clarifying shampoo again because it is not harmful to your hair.

If there is no pink remaining, skip to the next step and apply a toner.

Remember to get clarifying shampoo rather than lightning, as the two are not equivalent.

Pink hair Dye With Bleach

Now that you’ve finished step 1, it’s time to go to step 2, which is bleaching pink hair strands. This should only be done when your hair is completely dry and tangle-free.

Combine the bleaching powder with the developer you purchased in a plastic container and stir until a creamy mixture forms. This is a simple mixture to apply to your hair.

Now that you have it, it’s time to apply this combination to your hair. Start with the ends, then move on to the middle, and finally the roots of hairs.

After you’ve applied the bleach to your hair and ensured that it’s completely covered, let it set for 10 to 20 minutes.

The most crucial thing for you is checking in every so often (every 5 minutes (for example) to see whether your hair is still looking good. After 20 minutes, rinse your hair well with lukewarm water to remove the bleach.

Ensure you don’t bleach your hair again if some pink tones remain after you’ve rinsed it all out. The bleaching procedure has damaged your hair, and you don’t want to overdo it and “kill” your hair. If there are still pink tones visible, proceed to the next stage!

Use Green Toner

After that, it’s time to apply the toner! I should also mention that toner begins working right away. So you have no choice but to keep yourself active (no Streaming at this stage!)

The first step is to blow dry your hair. By now, I hope you’ve noticed that the pink tint has faded to just a trace of pink. After your hair has been dried and detangled, combine the green toner with the 20 volume developer.

You may go ahead and start spreading the product to your hair after you’ve finished this, and it’s a nice combination. Start from the ends and work your way up to the roots. After applying the toner and developer mixture to your hair, wait 10 minutes for it to work its magic. That is no longer the case!

You can rinse all of the product out of your hair when the 10-minute period has passed. I hope you can now notice that your hair is no longer pink! When all pink has been removed, it’s time for the final step!

Wash Your Hair With Green Shampoo

You must be relieved now that you’ve removed all the pink hair strands after bleaching pink hair, aren’t you? Superb!

However, you must exercise caution since shades of pink, purple, fuchsia, and red may reappear despite your efforts! To assist you in overcoming this, you can use toning shampoo.

It’s extremely simple; simply interchange your regular shampoo for the toning shampoo, and you’ll be good. This shampoo should be used everyday or every other day to wash your hair. Allow it to rest in your hair for about 5 minutes before rinsing it off. After you’ve done this a few times, all traces of pink will be gone, and they’ll stay gone!

After completing all of these processes, it’s critical to remember to take proper care of your pink bleach hair. That is why it is important to maintain a hair care program to keep your hair healthy. Another point I’d want to highlight is that you must purchase all materials before you begin. Because if you forgot something, you won’t be able to go to the beauty store between the steps. If you are a swimming lover, so, can you go swimming after dying your hair?